Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~: All-Ages and 18+ Content Guide (Steam Version)

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NOTE: This information is assuming you are supporting the model immediately from Steam. If you happen to get this VN from elsewhere, I am unable to assist you there.

Many individuals will inform you to simply learn the All Ages/Steam model for the story associated functions and because the H-scenes aren’t obligatory. That is not dangerous recommendation if that is all you care about.

Nonetheless, if you need each the story stuff AND have an interest within the 18+ content material that is locked away in a secondary ‘patch’ (otherwise you a type of anti-censorship of any form folks), it may be complicated/annoying to determine the proper solution to view all of the content material on a primary playthrough. It may take a lot of guessing given how Mild launched the content material, particularly of the unique method you needed to even entry the 18+ content material.

For individuals who need a easy information on methods to learn all of the content material and you have not learn Dies but, by no means concern for I AM HERE.

If you happen to gonna be a type of peeps that remark to JUST READ THE ALL AGES VERSION, get that noise outta right here and into another thread.

When you’ve got constructive criticism or one thing I want so as to add/edit/delete to this record I am all for that.

Anyway, hope this information is useful to some folks.

Amentes Amentes [All Ages] vs Acta Est Fablua [18+] variations

Now for many who do not know the variations between 18+ and AA variations:

Amentes Amentes/All-Ages model

  • Rea route 1st ending has an extra scene on the finish
  • Rea’s route has a 2nd ending
  • Has aspect tales that unlock after finishing Chapter 1, Chapter 6, Kei’s route, Marie’s route, and Rea’s 2nd Ending
  • There’s an choice to have the sport auto put you on a route by way of a ‘route choice’ when clicking New Recreation.
  • Totally different title display BGM

Acta est Fabula/18+ model

  • H-Scenes
  • Totally different title display BGM
  • Further alternative within the frequent route that locks you onto Kasumi’s route it doesn’t matter what for those who select it

For what it is price, the 18+ model was launched first in Japan. The All-Ages model got here after with extra content material that expands on issues that weren’t coated as a lot within the unique.

H-scene Info

For individuals who’ve already learn the AA model, or for anybody who simply desires to know the place they’re put within the VN… it’s possible you’ll know that along with the same old vanilla H scene dialogue everyone knows and love… there is a small handful of H-scenes which might be bit darker, uncomfortable, or simply straight up “nicely okay then” ones. I pointed all of them out for folks to be careful for if you wish to really know.

I separated the vanilla vs the bizarre stuff if you wish to search for both particularly.

Vanilla H scenes

  • Frequent Route Chapter 3 Select “….a girl who meant lots to me” (be certain that to decide on Kasumi favorable selections) – In direction of the tip
  • Kasumi Route Chapter 11 – Center/Finish
  • Kei Route Chapter 7 – In direction of the Finish after a alternative
  • Kei Route Chapter 10- Within the center
  • Marie Route Chapter 11- Center/Finish
  • Rea Chapter 11- Within the center

Doubtlessly Uncomfortable H-scenes

  • Kasumi/Kei Route Chapter 7 (It is the identical actual chapter however just for these two and NOT for Marie/Rea) – Within the center
  • Kasumi Route Chapter 8 – In direction of the tip?
  • Kasumi Route Chapter 9 – Within the center
  • Marie Route Chapter 7 – Means starting
  • Rea Route Chapter 7- Means starting

18+ CGs that are not H-scenes

  • Rea Chapter 10 – In direction of starting?
  • Rea Chapter 11 – On the method starting?

Major Information

For ensuring you get all of the endings/routes, it is fairly useful for following the primary walkthrough on Steam.

Preliminary Steps

  • Purchase all Amantes Amantes routes on Steam. That is essential for getting the hottest 18+ patch to work.
  • Set up All-Ages model (Amentes Amentes). In Amantes Amantes model go to Menu > Textual content Settings, change Skip Settings = “All”
  • Set up ‘patch’ for Acta Est Fabula. You’ll find it within the Kickstarter web page for Dies Irae localization by Mild. A “malie_fabla.exe” ought to’ve been copied to \steamapps\frequent\Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~. That is the way you entry the 18+ model of the sport. Make certain to make a shortcut or one thing since you’ll be able to’t open this .exe immediately by way of Steam.
  • For Acta Est Fabula, we are going to all the time have Menu > Textual content Settings, Skip Settings = “Pre-read Solely”
  • One of many points with Acta Est Fablua launch by way of Steam is that it is probably you’ll be able to’t open malie_fabla.exe till you learn at the least 1 route in Amentes Amentes. If you cannot, open Amentes Amentes, press skip and end Kasumi’s route.

Kasumi Route

  • Open up Acta Est Fabula
  • End Kasumis route
  • Open up Amentes Amentes
  • Press Skip and end Kasumi’s route
  • Go to “Different Story” on title display and skim Facet Story “Wehrwolf”

Kei route

  • Open up Acta Est Fabula
  • End Keis route
  • Open up Amentes Amentes
  • Press Skip and end Keis route
  • Go to “Different Story” on title display and skim Facet Story “Die Morgendammerung”
  • Go to “Different Story” on title display and skim Facet Story “Verfaulender segen”

Marie route

  • Open up Acta Est Fabula
  • End Marie’s route
  • Open up Amentes Amentes
  • Press Skip and end Marie’s route
  • Go to “Different Story” on title display and skim Facet Story “Omnia vincit Amor”

Rea route

  • Open Up Acta Est Fabula
  • End Rea’s route
  • Open up Amentes Amentes
  • Press Skip
  • Attain the “…danced to the mercurial tune” vs. “…sought the reality” alternative choice
  • Save at Selection
  • Select “…danced to the mercurial tune”
  • Proceed Skip till you attain the Ending Credit
  • Do NOT press Skip after Credit end rolling. Learn the final scenes.
  • Load the Save on the above alternative
  • Open Settings
  • In Menu > Textual content Settings, change Skip Settings = “Pre-Learn Solely”
  • Select “…sought the reality”
  • Press Skip till you get to the unread textual content
  • End Rea’s Second Ending
  • Go to “Different Story” on title display and skim Facet Story “Nihil difficile amanti”

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