Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - How to Break Animatronic Ankles

By Jet

Animatronics are likely to chase you round, and studying learn how to trick them into falling or making their A.I. fail to find you location for a sufficient time so that you can get away could be very useful and I shall train you the way. \/\/ ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS!! \/\/



– Chica tends to construct up her tempo at you over a average size of time.

– you possibly can inform this by listening for her footsteps get sooner and louder behind you.


1. When she is roughly 5 ft. away from you, use your working pace to carry out this glitch: bounce a tad to your left or proper, and instantly if you hit the bottom, crouch and bounce backwards and to your left/proper (the place ever your preliminary bounce was) so your behind Chica.

2. Get round a nook or by a door when you can.

3. Run away whereas Chica struggles to note how your 10 miles away from her dumb palms.

Roxanne Wolf !KINDA HARD!


– Roxy cannot discover you when you cover.

– Roxy is kind of quick, and sprints at you upon seeing you.


1. When she sees you, run instantly.

2. Discover a hiding spot when you can.

3. If not, get behind a nook whereas she continues to be working at you.

4. Upon that, transfer ahead however do not dash.

5. when she is shut, transfer again to the sting of the nook.

6. When she walks/runs by the nook, lunge proper again to the room or hallway you began at.

7. If she nonetheless is aware of the place you might be, do it once more.

Montgomery Gator !HARD!


– Monty is kind of stoopid.

– He is sluggish.


– When Monty is about to leap at you, be sure you can see him and that you’ve got someplace to maneuver to your left or proper.

– When he leans again earlier than he leaps, merely do the glitch from Chica’s half. (crouch and bounce again)

– RUN and get someplace secure.

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