The following accommodates spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39, “Contagion Island,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

For probably the most half within the Digimon franchise, a Digimon’s evolution is a welcome change. However, in some uncommon instances, they may evolve right into a type they don’t need. Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 explored this chance by way of Ryudamon, which advanced right into a Gyukimon, a violent spider-like Digimon. With the group’s intervention, Ryudamon was capable of devolve again into his Ryudamon type, a conclusion that opens up new prospects as they proceed to face new Digimon sooner or later.

Episode 39 started by establishing Ryudamon as a hazard to the group and society at giant. In a flash ahead, Hiro Amanokawa watched in horror as a lady become a spider-like creature earlier than his eyes. Back within the current, Kiyoshiro backs away from Hiro’s laptop in horror as he hears Angoramon warn Hiro to get away from Gyukimon. While Kiyoshiro’s terror was par for the course since he has all the time been simply frightened, Angoramon’s concern was extra out of character. He additional defined that Gyukimon have been feared and hated as a result of they’re violent and multiply by injecting their venom into their victims, altering them into Gyukimon, too. All of this occurred earlier than Ryudamon spoke, setting the viewer as much as distrust the brand new Digimon from the start.

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Ghost Game Shows How Evolution Can Change a Digimon’s Core Self

Once Ryudamon spoke, nonetheless, the episode made it clear that he was not the kind to willingly hurt anybody. He was even understanding of Angoramon’s fears since he shared them. Ryudamon frantically defined that his evolution to Gyukimon occurred as soon as he entered the human world. Unfortunately, Ryudamon’s transformation was in all probability triggered by his fears; when the transformation occurred, he was excited about how a lot he didn’t wish to evolve into Gyukimon. While Digimon Ghost Game not often labels any Digimon as inherently evil no matter their kind, the present additionally revealed that damaging feelings and fears may nonetheless result in undesirable transformations.

Throughout Episode 39, Ryudamon was proven to be a tragic determine even because the Gyukimon evolution started to completely take over. Unlike many different Digimon evolutions the place they keep their core self, the Gyukimon evolution was proven to be extra monstrous, with the Gyukimon facet subsuming Ryudamon’s true character and needs. While Ryudamon tried to retain his true self, he was unable to cease himself from happening a rampage, infecting many individuals earlier than the group was capable of cease him. Thus, whereas most Digimon have distinct personalities no matter type, the Gyukimon evolution confirmed that some transformations can intrinsically change a Digimon and rewrite who they’re.

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Episode 39 Was Another Example of Digimon Ghost Game’s Callbacks

Despite the ability of the Gyukimon code, Bakumon and Ruli Tsukiyono work out a option to save Ryudamon in one other instance of Digimon Ghost Game‘s refined callbacks. On their option to the island to assist the remainder of the group, Bakumon reminded Ruli that Bokomon had theorized that the digivices had been the primary software serving to the group management Gammamon, Angoramon and Jellymon’s evolutions. Therefore, Hiro may theoretically use the digivice to assist Ryudamon as properly. This energy is an extension of a capability hinted at again in Episode 17 “Icy Hell,” when Ruli helped Jellymon evolve regardless that they weren’t companions. While this episode was not explicitly referenced right here, Ruli being the one to make the connection might be a subtextual reference to her previous expertise.

Hiro and Gammamon had been certainly ready to make use of Hiro’s digivice to succeed in the a part of Ryudamon that remained regardless of the Gyukimon code taking on. The friendship that Hiro and Gammamon had constructed with Ryudamon over the course of the episode allowed them to attach. Psychically, Gammamon linked with Ryudamon and said, “You are Ryudamon,” affirming Ryudamon’s true type and permitting him to return to his earlier type. With the victims additionally cured, Ryudamon was free to maneuver ahead as himself and change into the Digimon he needed to be.

While it was a heartwarming conclusion to Ryudamon’s struggles, this evolution additionally has bigger implications for the remainder of Ghost Game. Since Hiro and Gammamon had been capable of assist Ryudamon evolve into a distinct type, additionally they may use this capability to assist different Digimon change kinds sooner or later, powering up their allies within the course of. Thus, Ryudamon’s undesirable evolution confirmed a distinct facet to Digimon progress and transformation. However, Ryudamon additionally could have served an essential goal for the group as properly — to develop their talents and be taught new methods to assist the Digimon they encounter sooner or later.


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