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Marvel is celebrating Spider-Man’s sixtieth anniversary with the discharge of Amazing Fantasy #1000. The one-shot dived into Peter Parker’s historical past as Spider-Man to focus on a few of his best traits and most heroic moments. However, Spider-Man isn’t the one costumed id that Peter Parker has used over the past 60 years.

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Parker has stepped into the function of different heroes to assist them in instances of want or throw off their best enemies. He’s created new identities when Spider-Man turned a goal, and he’s even been cosmically altered into a brand new hero on a couple of event. Spider-Man could also be Peter Parker’s most well-known alias, however it’s removed from his just one.

10 Parker Debuted As The Masked Marvel In A Wrestling Match With Crusher Hogan

Peter Parker’s very first costumed id appeared shortly after he bought his powers in highschool. Hoping to win some cash from an area wrestling competitors, he donned an outdated sweatshirt and pants. However, realizing he wanted to disguise himself, he added a remaining contact that may earn him his first alter ego.

Parker wore a thick nylon masks to the wrestling match, the place he challenged Crusher Hogan for the $100 prize. The bigger wrestler taunted Parker by calling him the Masked Marvel. The title caught after Parker humiliated the wrestler within the ring. He quickly designed his Spider-Man alter ego to switch the Masked Marvel, but it surely stays an vital chapter in his story.

9 He’s Pretended To Be Both Daredevil And Deadpool By Wearing Their Costumes

Spider-Man has helped out his superhero allies a few instances within the comics by masquerading as them of their costumes. He helped out his outdated buddy Matt Murdock by pretending to be Daredevil within the courtroom whereas Murdock carried out a trial. Spider-Man and Daredevil every helped the opposite hold their id secret this fashion on a couple of event.

Deadpool was initially a Marvel character that Spider-Man hated, although they finally developed a friendship. Deadpool as soon as stole Spider-Man’s costume so he may drawo out The Chameleon and kill him Parker was left with no selection however to put on Deadpool’s costume and cease the Merc-with-a-Mouth from going too far and ruining his title as Spider-Man.

8 He Briefly Became The Bombastic Bag-Man After Human Torch Gave Him A Suit

One of Parker’s most hilarious costumed identities got here after his temporary time with the alien symbiote that may develop into often known as Venom. After the Fantastic Four helped Spider-Man separate from the alien costume, Johnny Storm loaned him a spare Fantastic Four costume to put on residence.

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However, Parker nonetheless wanted to cover his id, so Human Torch offered a remaining piece to the costume. Parker tried to swing residence carrying a bag on his head with out anybody seeing him. Instead, he witnessed a criminal offense on the best way and had to assist. He hilariously made his debut because the Bombastic Bag-Man for a quick however unforgettable second in his crime-fighting profession.

7 Parker Created The Heroic Prodigy Identity With MJ To Continue Helping People

Norman Osborn has used a couple of costumed identities over time as effectively. He as soon as managed to publicly discredit and body the wall-crawler previous to the Identity Crisis occasion. With Spider-Man’s title tarnished, Parker determined to create a brand new costumed id to proceed working as a superhero. To keep away from additional suspicion, he determined to make use of 4 totally different identities.

Mary Jane was his spouse at the moment, and he or she helped him create the id of Prodigy. She designed the costume and Parker allowed his heroic persona to run wild as the final word superhero. He additionally wore a cape and particular gauntlets that allowed him to glide. Richie Gillmore later took on the Prodigy id with a mystically-enhanced go well with when he joined the Slingers.

6 He Used The Villainous Ricochet Identity To Work His Way Into New York’s Underworld

MJ proved she was Spider-Man’s greatest girlfriend when she helped him create the id of Ricochet. She helped Peter select the leather-based jacket that allowed him to hold weaponized discs. He was capable of make the most of his excessive spider agility within the id of Ricochet, which he attributed to mutant skills when questioned.

While most of Parker’s different personas have been heroic, he determined to develop into a villain throughout his time as Ricochet. He used the brand new id to work his approach into the legal underground to research the brand new Rose. An precise mutant named Johnny Gallo finally took over the Ricochet function. He joined a workforce often known as the Slingers who every wore certainly one of Parker’s identities.

5 Parker Wore A Mysterious Suit From The Negative Zone In His Identity As Dusk

Spider-Man encountered a gaggle of rebels in certainly one of Marvel’s most terrifying alternate dimensions, the Negative Zone. The insurgent chief wore a darkish costume with glider wings. Spider-Man inherited the go well with after the chief died in battle, and he led the rebels to victory. He took on the id of Dusk throughout Identity Crisis and pretended to be a employed mercenary.

He managed to assist clear Spider-Man’s title as Dusk by convincing his short-term associate Trapster to admit to his function within the frame-up. Cassie St. Commons finally inherited the Dusk costume when she joined the Slingers. Unfortunately, she died early of their coaching. The costume resurrected her and gained superior Darkforce skills that allowed her to totally develop into Dusk.

4 He Used The Hornet Identity That Was Created By Hobie Brown During Identity Crisis

The fourth id utilized by Peter Parker throughout the Identity Crisis occasion was truly created by a former villain of Spider-Man They first met when Hobie Brown was working as The Prowler. Brown designed a strong jetpack and wing harness, but it surely was too heavy for a standard human to put on. Spider-Man is without doubt one of the strongest Marvel heroes, so he may simply put on the harness.

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He caught together with his normal insect theme and have become the high-flying Hornet, thanks to a different go well with design from MJ. He rapidly mastered the harness, however the Vulture ended up exposing his id throughout a battle. Eddie McDonough later gained a brand new model of the go well with and joined the Slingers. Hobie Brown finally reclaimed his tech, upgraded it and debuted as the brand new Hornet.

3 Parker Briefly Operated As Doctor Octopus After Octavius Switched Their Bodies

Doctor Octopus efficiently carried out his remaining plan earlier than his physique failed him throughout the “Dying Wish” storyline. Octavius created a tool that allowed him to change minds with Spider-Man so he may take over his outdated foe’s highly effective physique. He gained management of Spider-Man’s physique, whereas Parker was left to die inside Octavius’ outdated kind.

Of course, Parker wasn’t prepared to only lay down and die. He determined to make use of his new function as Doctor Octopus to collect different villains to his aspect in a last-ditch effort to realize his physique again from Octavius. Unfortunately, he failed in his try and died in Octavius’ physique. Thankfully, he managed to later reclaim his physique from Octavius’ Superior Spider-Man.

2 He Operated As Scarlet Spider When Ben Reilly Took His Place On Trial For Murder

Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly turned up throughout the ‘90s Clone Saga. He designed a new costume and became known as Scarlet Spider. Parker and Reilly didn’t initially have the closest relationship. However, a homicide from Reilly’s previous led to his arrest and trial for homicide. The clone stepped in for the trial whereas Parker tried to clear each of their names.

He didn’t have his common Spider-Man costume, so he wore Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume after they switched locations. He continued to make use of the Scarlet Spider id whereas he tried to find the true killer. He finally satisfied one other clone named Kaine to admit to his crimes within the courtroom so Parker may reclaim his title and authentic costumed id.

1 Peter Parker Bonded With Cosmic Powers As Captain Universe And Spider-Phoenix

Spider-Man has even had his common costumed id altered by cosmic entities a few instances over time. One of probably the most well-known got here when the Enigma Force chosen him to wield the Uni-Power throughout the Acts of Vengeance occasion. Spider-Man turned Captain Universe and gained unbelievable powers throughout his battle with a few of Marvel’s most evil villains.

During an journey with Captain Britain and Excalibur, they discovered themselves trapped in what gave the impression to be an other-dimensional realm. Spider-Man was capable of empower himself with what gave the impression to be the Phoenix Force to develop into Spider-Phoenix. However, he actually simply tapped into the ability of Arcade’s robotic that he had used to idiot the heroes in a scheme for revenge.

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