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The following accommodates spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 2, “The Rogue Prince,” which debuted Aug. 28 on HBO.

On HBO’s House of the Dragon, the primary focus has been the approaching civil conflict in Westeros. King Viserys Targaryen I appointed his daughter, Rhaenyra, as successor after the heartbreaking deaths of his spouse, Aemma, and new child son, Baelon, leading to key people eyeing the Iron Throne. While Viserys has been skeptical of his brother, Daemon, he did not even know Ser Otto Hightower was maneuvering like Littlefinger, positioning his daughter, Alicent, because the king’s future spouse.

With Corlys, Master of Ships, offended that the king spurned an opportunity to unite with House Valeryon, it is protected to say King’s Landing is enduring a number of cleaning soap opera drama proper now. However, there are exterior threats lurking too, particularly the nautical terrorist, the Crabfeeder — who’s wreaking havoc in opposition to ships meant to make Corlys richer. Off the cuff, he is being formed as a cerebral, intimidating killer, very like Game of Thrones‘ Night King; nonetheless, after the disappointing finale with that icy enemy, HotD can truly repair what went flawed.

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Now, after the Night King was launched, followers had been anticipating some epic showdown between him and Jon Snow. The collection set all of it up, particularly after Jon’s resurrection, suggesting he’d be the flame to douse the frigid enemy and his White Walkers from past the Wall — a fable Viserys coincidentally instructed Rhaenyra would come to cross. Unfortunately, Jon’s massive rivalry resulted in underwhelming style when Arya bought the killing blow as each armies collided.

Not to take something away from Arya, but it surely was anticlimactic because the king was Jon’s enemy and his important motive for returning. Thus, to deal with Jon’s sense of goal, obligation and what ought to have been an excellent victory so flippantly actually took away from the feud that earlier seasons puffed up. Had Arya been the prophesied savior, it’d have made extra sense. But, it was Jon who everybody was duped into pondering would kill the king and turn out to be an emblem of hope, cementing that he, not Daenerys, deserved the throne.

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That missed payoff can now be attained because the Crabfeeder has religious components of the Night King. He has a really terrifying look, with disfigured pores and skin (which could be Greyscale), in addition to an eerie disposition in how he is mutilating Corlys’ folks. He maims them, then leaves these of us for crabs and the tide to finish, nodding to the torture and cruel genocide the Night King enacted. The icing on the cake is, the Crabfeeder has been formed as a significant focus in Daemon’s future by changing into a destroyer, not of ice, however the seas.

Corlys instructed the prince that not solely would killing the marauding mariner deal the Free Cities a blow, it’d clear the transport lanes and strengthen the Seven Kingdoms. But most significantly, Daemon slaying the Crabfeeder would present doubters he is the messiah who ought to lead, not Viserys. Sure, the Crabfeeder does not have supernatural powers, however the pirate is certainly that comparable image whose dying might push ascension.

It’s why, with out even assembly, he is mechanically somebody that might politically sway everybody into pondering Daemon’s the hero of the story. Ultimately, this has followers desperate to see Daemon go to the Stepstone islands, take the pirate’s scalp and do what Jon did not get to do: take management and present Westeros who they need to unquestionably be following because the savior of the realm.

House of the Dragon airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams on HBO Max.



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