GTFO Secondary Weapons Guide

By Prowler™

A fast overview of the weapons in GTFO for anybody who desires to learn it.

The in recreation descriptions are very obscure, this information ought to assist you make a extra knowledgeable alternative if you seize a gun.

Fundamental Weapons

Your major weapons in GTFO.

These weapons fill the first slot in your stock and are supposed for use towards weaker enemies.

Sometimes these weapons carry a very good provide of ammo and when refilling them utilizing ammo packs you’ll ALWAYS get well approx 20% max ammo.

In opposition to stronger enemies they usually lack the uncooked injury to cease them and can dissipate giant quantities of ammo to get the kill.

For big threats, use your SPECIAL weapon (except its empty)

Shelling Pistol (At all times out there)

The fundamental pistol of GTFO. As a default weapon it’s all the time out there to gamers.

Really offers excessive injury per shot, the third highest of any major in R6.

Options low recoil, quick reload pace, a big ammo pool of 165 whole rounds and clear iron sights. Its solely draw back is being semi computerized.

A particularly environment friendly gun that rewards correct capturing. Among the best default weapons within the recreation for newbies and veterans alike.

Do not let anybody inform you in any other case.

SMG (At all times Obtainable)

The SMG is the default shut quarters weapon that includes giant ammo pool (about 400 max), low recoil, clear reflex sight, excessive hearth price, and speedy reloads.

Not like the Machine Pistol thee SMG is all the time out there, has larger base injury and a barely longer efficient vary.

A favorite of pace runners, shortly eliminates small enemies at shut vary and in a pinch can possibly end off a large.

Assault Rifle (At all times Obtainable)

The fundamental Assault Rifle of GTFO.

Its a very good all rounder. Good ammo pool (round 340) Good injury. Good efficient vary. Good clear purple reflex sight. Good hearth price. Low recoil.

At all times out there. At all times dependable. Newbies and Veterans alike can’t go fallacious with this weapon.

Fairly presumably essentially the most completely balanced gun within the recreation.

Devoted Marksman Rifle (At all times Obtainable)

Packing a 2x T-scope the DMR is the one really lengthy vary major weapon on provide.

With fundamental injury 2nd solely to the HEL revolver and a big efficient vary of fifty meters! (most rooms within the recreation aren’t any the place close to this massive) The DMR will reward correct headshots on small sleepers with prompt kills.

After all this lengthy vary energy comes at a worth.

At shut vary you’re virtually defenceless. Heavy recoil, low ammo pool (85 rounds), weak physique shot injury and a magnified scope make the DMR poorly geared up to cope with small strikers…the commonest enemy within the recreation.

Additionally the headshot injury isn’t sufficient to tackle large enemies, quickly depleting your restricted ammo reserves. Your secondary weapon alternative will probably be crucial to your survival when utilizing the DMR.

Finally the DMR is a really situational weapon and considerably of a meme within the GTFO group.


Personally i really feel the DMR has far to many downsides and harshly punishes inexperienced gamers who take it over the fundamental pistol.

HEL Revolver (Rundown Particular)

The HEL revolver has the very best base injury per shot of any major weapon out there in R6.

Not solely does this weapon have a big ammo pool of 100 rounds, it’s pin level correct when aiming and, like all HEL weapons, has the distinctive potential to penetrate targets for full injury…buddy or foe (so do not hit your crew by mistake) The iron sights are clear and clear.

The downsides of all this energy are a heavy recoil, a brief efficient rage (injury begins to fall off quickly past 10 meters) and with solely 8 rounds within the chamber further care should be taken to not miss or be overrun by teams of enemies whereas reloading.

Presently the HEL revolver is the one major weapon out there that may penetrate a number of targets. A lot tougher to make use of than the fundamental pistol however in the best conditions, totally annihilates teams of enemies.

Machine Pistol (Rundown Particular)

The Machine Pistol has the bottom injury per shot of any major weapon, nonetheless it additionally has the very best hearth price, journal measurement (50) and ammo pool (practically 550 rounds) Its recoil may be very mild, the iron sights are merely a clear dot.

Holding the set off will dump its journal in just below 2 seconds, shredding any small enemies on high of your crew however its low injury struggles to take down giants.

Utterly ineffective for targets over 5 meters away this gun is particularly designed for level clean engagements.

The intense price of fireside causes it to “stagger” and stun lock sleepers of any measurement. Permitting a gentle handed consumer to gradual waves of enemies down and assist hold the crew secure from hordes.

An incredible help weapon for shut fight. An extended vary secondary weapon is extremely really helpful to compensate for the Machine Pistols flaws.

Bullpup Rifle (Rundown Particular)

The Bullpup is a mixture of SMG hearth price and Assault Rifle injury/vary.

That includes one of many highest hearth charges of any major weapon paired with good injury, virtually zero recoil and a yellow triangle scope. The Bullpup is a really sturdy weapon that may effortlessly remove any sleeper in seconds.

Nevertheless this causes it to quickly eat its ammo pool (350 max), additionally its reload animation takes barely longer than every other major leaving you weak in extended battles.

Use it in brief managed bursts to deal critical injury…and protect your restricted ammunition.

Carbine (Rundown Particular)

The fundamental SMG in 4 spherical burst configuration.

This makes the Carbine a extra exact weapon than the SMG, with virtually zero recoil…Nevertheless when you do miss, you will be dropping a variety of ammo.

If the default SMG does not “really feel” proper to you, strive the Carbine.

(Personally i do not just like the burst however this one is down to non-public desire)

Burst Rifle (Rundown Particular)

The default Assault Rifle in 3 spherical burst mode with a blue reflex scope.

Very like the Carbine, this weapon will probably be private desire. Burst mode makes it tougher to make use of at shut vary however improves your lengthy vary accuracy.

(Personally i do not use this weapon, customary full auto hearth is way extra versatile than fastened bursts however its your desire)

Sawed-Off Shotgun (Rundown Particular)

Some extent clean vary growth stick. The one shotgun out there as a major weapon.

The triple barrelled Sawed Off is completely distinctive. With a wild pellet unfold its efficient vary is 1inch (2.5cm) however it should immediately kill all small enemies at this vary.

With injury potential excessive sufficient to kill a scout with a headshot…though if you’re getting that near them you actually ought to simply use your melee weapon.

Large enemies additionally take good injury from the sawed off however once more, you’re placing your self in nice hazard getting so near a large sleeper.

Its a enjoyable weapon with clear iron sights (not that it wants aiming) 50 max ammo and robust recoil. Not very sensible however not as unforgiving because the DMR.

Particular Weapons

The weapons that fill your 2nd stock slot.

Weapons on this class are supposed to cope with the bigger threats you’ll encounter.

For essentially the most half meaning they are going to deal massive injury and have low ammo swimming pools.

Anytime you employ an ammo pack you get well approx 30% max for secondary weapons IN ADDITION to the 20% refilled in your predominant. Any extra ammo is misplaced perpetually.

A professional tip is to strive hold you ammo pool balanced, each 20% you employ in your predominant attempt to use 30% in your secondary. This helps your crew get essentially the most out of each ammo pack.

Pump Shotgun (At all times Obtainable)

One customary situation no nonsense pump motion shotgun.

Holds 28 shells max, clear reflex sight, offers very excessive injury however solely at level clean vary the place all of the pellets will hit.

A powerful weapon able to slaying giants and teams of small strikers however harmful to make use of due to its low efficient vary, gradual reload animation and hearth price.

Additionally bear in mind that after you reload, there’s a 1-2 second delay after the “pump” animation earlier than you may hearth this weapon once more. Bug or not, this delay will get you killed when you do not anticipate it.

Revolver (At all times Obtainable)

A straight six shooter.

An odd particular weapon, the revolver solely offers “excessive” injury on head pictures. Which can immediately kill all small enemies and can tickle giant ones.

Maintain round 60 bullets, has heavy recoil per shot, clear iron sights and a very good efficient vary. This weapon excels at sniping small sleepers. Whereas its not significantly efficient towards giants it does have a very good ammo pool letting you fan the hammer when wanted.

Sniper Rifle (At all times Obtainable)

Not like the DMR that is the actual marksman’s rifle.

Able to immediately killing any large with a head shot at any distance the sniper rifle specialises in coping with harmful ranged enemies which populate the deeper missions.

Whereas it solely carries round 20 pictures max, each a type of pictures must be a head shot kill. Physique pictures and misses will value you dearly.

Totally ineffective at shut vary due to its 2.5x scope, excessive recoil and three spherical journal.

Your predominant weapon alternative must compensate for this.

Choke Mod Shotgun (Rundown Particular)

An fascinating variation of the pump shotgun.

Has a vastly longer efficient vary, tight cone of fireside and is semi computerized letting you shoot as quick as you want.

The choke mod can kill any large in lower than 1 second at a secure distance because of being semi computerized.

The draw back to that is you’ll shortly burn ammo (24 max) and you’ll be reloading quite a bit.

Personally i like this weapon however it struggles at shut ranges with its tighter pellet cone and tiny 4 shell journal. Prioritise your targets.

Scattergun (Rundown Particular)

A brand new weapon for R6. Already nerfed in a fast repair replace because of its outrageously excessive shut vary injury.

The fast nerf decreased its max ammo right down to 14 rounds and decreased the injury by approx 40%

But nonetheless nothing beats this weapon for level clean injury. At 0 distance the scattergun will immediately kill ALL non boss enemies/crew mates. Providing you with 14 pictures for 14 kills.

Nevertheless the weapons 0 efficient vary will put you in nice hazard making an attempt to attain the massive hit. If you happen to miss each pictures you’ll have to cope with an extended reload animation.

Truthfully the nerf was solely to punish pace runners as they used the scattergun to 2 shot bosses…however its additionally pointless because the booster crystal system means that you can stack injury buffs that go over 40% letting you 2 shot bosses once more.

Machinegun (Rundown Particular)

A 50 spherical drum fed machinegun with giant ammo pool of practically 300 max.

Considerably situational the machinegun offers you the power to carry again giant waves of weak enemies solo if wanted.

Has a wonky floating holographic sight, average recoil, lengthy reload animation and a half second “cost up” (do not ask why, solely the devs know)

In case you are going through giant numbers of small enemies a participant utilizing this weapon can hold capturing whereas the remainder of the crew are reloading. Not very efficient towards giants however fires quick sufficient to stun lock them.

Consider it like the fundamental assault rifle however with prolonged journal…simply bear in mind to issue within the quick “cost up” earlier than you begin capturing.

HEL Gun (Rundown Particular)

The medium sized model of the HEL Revolver.

All HEL class weapons penetrate targets, buddy or foe, for FULL injury.

In opposition to single targets the HEL gun is not very efficient, it takes 2 physique pictures to kill a small enemy…nonetheless, towards giant teams this weapon is unmatched.

That includes a transparent satan purple scope, 9 spherical journal, low recoil and 0.1 second cost up the HEL gun makes quick work of crowds. Simply in a position to kill 2-4 giants on the similar time through penetrating pictures.

Very lethal in the best conditions. Considerably underrated weapon.

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