Teocida Key Puzzle Guide

By CoopaTroopa

This information describes methods to full the assorted key puzzles in Teocida. Whereas I’ve tried to maintain this information as spoiler-free as doable by spoiler tagging just about every part, I might advocate avoiding it except you are actually caught.

Key One

The primary key puzzle has you enter in to a diagram with 4 squares, with every of their sides being a unique part. Should you head up or down, yow will discover different diagrams. The room to the appropriate has 4 totally different units, every with a sq. with separate sides just like the room earlier, and a button that cycles by way of which strains are white and that are black. There are two eyes which blink pink for those who attempt to enter the door under them with out fixing the puzzle.

HINT:Examine the diagrams, and look above the eyes within the room with the buttons.

SOLUTION:The diagrams, when mixed, present which squares needs to be displayed on the units with the buttons. For instance, for those who mix the diagrams the top-left sq. has a gray C. Above the eyes, there’s an icon that claims “gray strains = black strains” Press the button on the primary gadget, which corresponds to the top-left sq., till it exhibits a black C, with a white line on the appropriate. Second gadget wants the highest and left strains to be white, third gadget wants solely the highest line to be white, and the fourth gadget requires the underside and proper strains to be white.

Key Two

Key two does not have a puzzle to it. You will obtain it in your first journey to stage six.

Key Three

The third key puzzle has three home windows, every with three buttons beneath them. Should you place a totem whereas standing earlier than a button, it will get pressed.

HINT:Look across the hub space for someplace related.

SOLUTION:Within the hub space is one other set of three home windows, every with skulls beneath them akin to which button must be pressed. The primary window has solely the center button pressed, the second window has all buttons pressed, and the third has the buttons on the left and proper pressed.

After this, all you need to do is soar over a pit of spikes.

Key 4

The fourth key puzzle is a 3×3 grid of squares, every particular person sq. having symbols on all sides. Making a totem in entrance of one of many squares rotates it. After wanting on the puzzle, the room you stroll by way of to get there now has one thing that retains popping up and down which has three symbols which cycle every time it seems.

HINT:The symbols on the edges of every sq. must be touching the identical image. For instance, if the top-left sq. has a yellow circle on the appropriate, the top-middle sq. must have a yellow circle on the left, in order that they contact

HINT 2:The symbols proven by the factor that retains popping up level in the direction of one of many squares on the 3×3, and one of many icons on it. The orientation of the icon it exhibits is vital

SOLUTION:The pink “4” image on the bottom-right must be on the underside. It’s best to be capable of determine it out from there. Click here for Key Five

SOLUTION:Look down to seek out the pink creature. If you look again up, the door shall be open

The following room has a door locked by three buttons, and a pill dude.

HINT:Bear in mind, partitions aren’t essentially strong, and the buttons make sound when one thing stands on them

SOLUTION:Bounce from the door to the top-left of the display screen, and you will undergo the wall. Stroll in a bit till the sound and impact performs for the button being pressed, and put down a totem. Bounce from the door to the top-right and do the identical. Lastly, stroll by way of the wall beneath the door (solely the aspect with the pill man will be walked by way of) and place the third totem on the final button. Click here for a diagram of where the buttons are.[imgur.com]

Key Six

The door to the sixth key puzzle is in a room with no entrance.

HINT:Bear in mind, partitions aren’t essentially strong.

SOLUTION:The platform closest to the door is above a wall that may be handed by way of. Click here for the path to the door.[imgur.com]

The sixth key puzzle is a room with a pill man within the center, who says “Please make it cease!”.

HINT:What on this room can you cease?

SOLUTION:Open the choices menu and switch the music quantity all the best way down.

Key Seven

The door to the seventh key’s hidden in stage two. Within the big room with the pillars that go up and down and kill you on contact, there is a door near the bottom-right most nook with no path to it.

HINT:The room does not have a roof.

SOLUTION:Near the exit of the room is a pink multi-jump image. Bounce as excessive up as you possibly can with it and drop a totem to reactivate it in mid-air, then proceed to leap excessive of the extent and to the appropriate. Maintain proper and you will finally fall all the way down to the key door. Click here for a diagram of exactly what to do.[imgur.com]

Somewhat tip: Within the room with the infant, take note of the image above it. Perhaps take a screenshot, it’d come in useful 😉

Key Eight

The eighth and ultimate key puzzle is the toughest and longest by far, requiring a number of puzzles to be accomplished beforehand. To start with, you should get entry to the room with no entrance above the trail to stage six.

HINT:Bear in mind, partitions aren’t essentially strong.

SOLUTION:Earlier than you drop all the way down to the door for stage six, stand on the platform with a door on it. Double soar to the wall on the left, as excessive as doable, and you will enter a hidden pathway within the wall. Head left till the digital camera stops shifting, then double soar to the appropriate in the direction of the world above the door. Move by way of this small part and preserve heading proper, which’ll lead you to the room with the primary puzzle. Click here for the path to the door.[imgur.com]

Now you are in a room with one thing pretty lewd within the background. Should you head to the appropriate, you will re-enter the room from the left.

HINT:You might have already seen a touch within the sport for what to do subsequent.

HINT 2:Verify the picture on the trail to key seven on stage two.

SOLUTION:The picture on the trail to key seven appears to point out an space with an analogous form within the background, however there’s an additional path above the place you entered. Bounce into the wall above the best way out of the room and go into a brand new room. Click here for the exact location.[imgur.com]

Take a screenshot of what you see now. From this level on it would be almost unattainable to keep away from spoiling so if you wish to try to determine this out your self, cease studying right here. That is essentially the most enjoyable a part of the sport for my part, so I might counsel you’re taking your time to strive every part else earlier than studying additional.


As you possibly can in all probability inform, the background of the brand new room has some textual content written with symbols, extra particularly textual content telling us the subsequent a part of the puzzle. Now you should learn to learn this image alphabet. An vital factor to level out right here is that this textual content is in Portuguese, so after decoding the letters themselves you will have to translate the textual content. For those who can’t be bothered to save a screenshot, here’s mine.[imgur.com]

HINT:Have you ever seen any of those symbols earlier than? We have to discover 26 of them.

HINT 2:This sport does have meta components: The answer to this half cannot be discovered throughout the program.

SOLUTION:Every achievement has one of many symbols as its icon, and there are 26 of them. The order of the achievements in steam dictates which letter is which: the primary achievement within the listing is A, the second is B, and many others. One other vital factor to notice is that one of many achievements is definitely gained after completion of the subsequent step, so you will solely have at most 25 symbols to work with, that means you will be lacking a letter and a few of the letters should be shifted to the subsequent (ie what may appear to be an M could also be an N because you won’t have L). SOLUTION 2 will inform you which image and letter is lacking, however you need not realize it and you’ll nonetheless decode it with out an excessive amount of issue.

SOLUTION 2:The image you are lacking is from the Infinity achievement and appears like an m with horns. The letter it interprets to is M.

SOLUTION 3:For those of you too lazy to make your own, here’s a chart showing which symbols mean which letter.[imgur.com]


Should you’ve translated the textual content it’s best to be capable of work out what to do subsequent, and whereas I might actually advocate you do the entire decoding factor for your self this would not be an excellent information except I helped out a bit of, so…

HINT:Should you’ve translated the textual content however are nonetheless a bit of caught, you should go to one of many rooms beneath the door to stage six.
SOLUTION:“Num lugar calmo e escuro, encontre a arvore reversa e descance abaixo de seus galhos.” or, in english, “In a quiet, darkish place, discover the reverse tree and relaxation beneath its branches.”. Within the second room under the door to stage six is a limitless hall with the kabbalistic tree of life the wrong way up. Stand beneath that tree and wait.

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