Hardspace: Shipbreaker Bugs And Game difficulty

By [clowns]

It is a information briefly describing numerous bugs and among the extra widespread difficulties of us might have in Hardspace: Shipbreaker and easy methods to cope with them. In case your recreation is crashing or you possibly can’t begin or play the sport I would advocate checking the discord for assist. No one there bites.


If there’s a difficulty I am lacking and you need assist, depart a remark under or be a part of the official discord and ask!

Ship misplaced after closing the sport

This is not a bug it is the way it works for now. To cite a developer “…our first makes an attempt had save recordsdata that took over 10m (minutes) to put in writing and had been a number of GB massive. Which is clearly not the place we would need it to be.”

The function is on the highway map although.

Second shift and extra

To keep away from being unable to start out a second shift or extra it is necessary to finish the present shift with the grappler outfitted. Demo expenses, split-saw, and stinger will trigger a bug stopping additional shifts from working correctly.

Repeating Dialogue

Edit: Might have been mounted.

It is a recognized bug with out a present workaround. It’s being investigated.

Black Blob

In case your display screen is being enveloped in ever rising blackness merely spin in place. It would not matter what path. Simply spin.

HAB Entry

Cannot entry HAB:

There are two separate bugs right here:

1. Swap to the split-saw and toggle it a number of occasions. This could reset no matter bug is inflicting the difficulty.

2. In the event you chosen the choice to enter the HAB and hit a key apart from that to finish the shift and enter the HAB you have got sadly damaged the menu system. To exit at this level you’ll have to abandon the shift.


1. Pressurized cockpit:

See Javelin Cockpit part

2. Reactor:

Edit: The aluminum panel could be lower safely now. If you wish to acquire it proceed slicing the constructor beams

Stinger the constructor beams surrounding the panel behind the ECU

Make a transparent path and tether the ECU to the barge.

As soon as the combo enters the barge you possibly can safely pull pipes (after draining them), aluminum, and coolant cans for those who so want.

Javelin Cockpit

There’s presently a bug with Javelin cockpits.

Stinger away this small part of glass and the cockpit will depressurize safely.

Javelin Caged gas tanks

This is an up to date video easy methods to safely take away the caged gas tanks on javelins.

Kisok Entry

1. Cannot entry console:

No choice to open the kiosk console? Whip out your Break up-Noticed and toggle it a number of occasions. The console ought to now be obtainable.

2. Console choice bugged:

In the event you can open the console however cannot choose and buy something, use your [w][a][s][d] keys to navigate the menu and [space] to make purchases. This bug happens on 2nd shifts and better.


Cable Junctions

Edit: Cable junctions can presently be grappled free, loosening any connected energy cell comparatively safely

Reduce these lower factors to free the cables. There’s a number of them so I like to recommend fastidiously aiming the split-saw one by one.

When all lower factors are lower that encompass every part of cable, the cable part will probably be indifferent and furnace-able.

Radiation Models

1. Chopping it out

Grapple pull both the interior or exterior Entry Panel from the Radiation Containment Unit.

Stinger the lower factors surrounding the Radiation Filter.

The Radiation Filter is now free, watch out although it is very fragile.

Salvage Runner:

1. Stress:

Transfer all free objects by the airlock if you wish to safely depressurize the Salvage Runner. This can take a while. The quickest choice is to just accept losses from depressurization explosions or work on a distinct vessel.

UI fast look

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