Roboquest - All COMMANDO Perks & Upgrades
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By Lacirev

An inventory of the Commando’s perks and related upgrades.


This information outlines all of the perks and upgrades for these perks for the Commando class in Roboquest.

There are a complete of 12 perks you can select from. Every perk has 3 upgrades. The Commando itself has 7 upgrades.

This could assist for future reference mid run when deciding what to select for perks and upgrades.


That is an innate perk


  • CELL GLUTTONY Will increase well being restored by repair-o-cells by 5% and the repair-o-bot by 10%
  • FIGHT CLUB Will increase Fury bonus harm by 50%
  • HEADSEEKER ROCKET – Grants homing to Rocket.
  • SAPPER Will increase your Burn and Explosion harm by 10%, these results usually are not culminative
  • SELF CONTROL Cut back Fury fade pace by 30%
  • SIZE MATTERS Will increase weapons ammo in clip by 35% and their cooling gauge by 20%
  • SMOOTH CANNON Reduces Shorty cooldown by 1s and will increase its assault pace by 20%


Rocket and Shorty deal Burn harm, including 30% further harm over time.


  • HOT SAUCEWill increase your Burn harm by 10%
  • SCORCHWill increase all harm besides Burn by 30% towards burning enemies.
  • SECRET RECIPETaking down a burning enemy has 20% probability to set off a 3m radius Burn Explosion and to generate 2 further Fury factors.


Will increase weapons harm by 15% and their reload pace by 25%. Reduces your weapon slots by 1.


  • GOOD FORTUNEWill increase weapons fortunate important probability by 10%
  • ROBO-COFFEEWill increase your motion pace by 5% and weapons firerate by 10%
  • TOUCH OF POLISHReduces Rocket cooldown by 1s and Shorty cooldown by 0.5s


Restore 3% of your most well being and prevents Fury from fading for 8s after reaching most Fury. Your Fury drops to 0pts when this impact ends.


  • CONCRET CHIPSETWhen Fortifying Wrath impact ends, Fury drops right down to a 7 as a substitute of 0
  • MIND OF STEELWill increase your harm by 20% whereas Fury is at most. Your Fury doesn’t fade for 2 extra seconds after reaching most Fury
  • REPAIR-O-FURYWill increase Fortifying Wrath well being restored by 2%


Will increase weapons firerate by 1%, their reload pace by 1.5%, Rocket and Shorty assault pace by 1% and your motion pace by 0.5% for every Fury level.


  • BATTLE FEVERWill increase your fortunate important probability by 1% for every Fury level.
  • FIGHTING PULSETakedowns and talent hits towards bosses generate 2 further Fury factors.
  • OUTBURSTReduces Shorty cooldown by 1s and will increase its assault pace by 20%


Your important hits have 40% probability to deal 70% further Burn harm over time


  • BLOWTORCHWill increase Ignite further Burn harm by 20%
  • CHEMISTRYWill increase Ignite set off probability by 15%
  • RED POWDERWill increase your fortunate important probability by 10% and your Explosion fortunate important probability by one other 10%


Your weapons hearth further sparks dealing harm.


  • BOOM SPARK – Gentle Spark‘s sparks deal Explosive harm and their harm is elevated by 25%
  • PYRO SPARK – Gentle Spark‘s sparks deal Burn harm, including 70% further harm over time.
  • SPARK RICOCHET – Gentle Spark‘s sparks ricochet on 1 close by enemy inside 4m, dealing 50% of preliminary harm.


Will increase weapons and Shorty harm by 40% towards enemies inside 7m


  • BURNING-BONK – Headbonk offers Burn harm, including 100% further harm over time. Performing a Headbonk towards a burning enemy offers 50% of the preliminary harm to enemies inside 10m.
  • CLOSE QUARTERTaking down an enemy inside 7m generates 2 further Fury level. Will increase Level Clean bonus harm by 15% when your Fury is above 7pts.
  • SHORTY-NOSEWill increase Shorty harm by 75% towards enemies inside 7m.


Will increase your resistance by 20% and your fortunate important probability by 60% for 6s after taking harm. Taking harm generates 1 Fury factors.


  • FIGHTER SCARSWill increase Robzerker resistance bonus by 10% and its Fury era by 5pts
  • RETALIATIONDeal 8 Burn harm (+30% per degree) and 250% further harm over time to enemies dealing harm to you
  • Y.O.L.OCapturing not consumes ammo or warmth whereas Robzerker is lively


Provides 2 further Rocket to Rocket however reduces all Rocket harm by 25%


  • MINI-NUKEWill increase Rocket harm by 15%
  • MORE ROCKETSProvides 2 further Rocket however reduces all Rocket harm by 25%
  • ROCKET OILReduces Rocket cooldown by 1s


Grants you 1 Rocket cost and reduces its cooldown by 1.5s


  • BIG MAMAWill increase Rocket harm by 100% and its Explosion radius by 50% each third Rocket
  • ROCKET LOADGrants you 1 further Rocket cost
  • ROCKET OILReduces Rocket cooldown by 1s


Shorty richochet on 1 enemy inside 4m, dealing 20% of the preliminary harm. Hitting an enemy with Shorty marks it


  • BBQ PARTYMarking an enemy offers 20 Burn harm (+30% per degree) over time
  • EXTRA GUESTWill increase Shorty Scanner ricochet goal quantity by 1.
  • FAIR DISTRIBUTIONWill increase Shorty Scanner ricochet harm by 50%


Shorty offers Explosive harm and its harm is elevated by 30% when Fury is above 10pts.


  • RADICAL EXTINGUISHERWill increase Shorty harm by 75% towards burning enemies
  • SURPRISE LOADGrants you 15% probability to immediately recuperate Shorty cooldown after utilizing it.
  • UNSTABLE FURYWill increase your Explosive harm by 15% when your Fury is above 10pts


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