Roboquest - All COMMANDO Perks & Upgrades

By Lacirev

An inventory of the Commando’s perks and related upgrades.


This information outlines all of the perks and upgrades for these perks for the Commando class in Roboquest.

There are a complete of 12 perks you can select from. Every perk has 3 upgrades. The Commando itself has 7 upgrades.

This could assist for future reference mid run when deciding what to select for perks and upgrades.


That is an innate perk


  • CELL GLUTTONY Will increase well being restored by repair-o-cells by 5% and the repair-o-bot by 10%
  • FIGHT CLUB Will increase Fury bonus harm by 50%
  • HEADSEEKER ROCKET – Grants homing to Rocket.
  • SAPPER Will increase your Burn and Explosion harm by 10%, these results usually are not culminative
  • SELF CONTROL Cut back Fury fade pace by 30%
  • SIZE MATTERS Will increase weapons ammo in clip by 35% and their cooling gauge by 20%
  • SMOOTH CANNON Reduces Shorty cooldown by 1s and will increase its assault pace by 20%


Rocket and Shorty deal Burn harm, including 30% further harm over time.


  • HOT SAUCEWill increase your Burn harm by 10%
  • SCORCHWill increase all harm besides Burn by 30% towards burning enemies.
  • SECRET RECIPETaking down a burning enemy has 20% probability to set off a 3m radius Burn Explosion and to generate 2 further Fury factors.


Will increase weapons harm by 15% and their reload pace by 25%. Reduces your weapon slots by 1.


  • GOOD FORTUNEWill increase weapons fortunate important probability by 10%
  • ROBO-COFFEEWill increase your motion pace by 5% and weapons firerate by 10%
  • TOUCH OF POLISHReduces Rocket cooldown by 1s and Shorty cooldown by 0.5s


Restore 3% of your most well being and prevents Fury from fading for 8s after reaching most Fury. Your Fury drops to 0pts when this impact ends.


  • CONCRET CHIPSETWhen Fortifying Wrath impact ends, Fury drops right down to a 7 as a substitute of 0
  • MIND OF STEELWill increase your harm by 20% whereas Fury is at most. Your Fury doesn’t fade for 2 extra seconds after reaching most Fury
  • REPAIR-O-FURYWill increase Fortifying Wrath well being restored by 2%


Will increase weapons firerate by 1%, their reload pace by 1.5%, Rocket and Shorty assault pace by 1% and your motion pace by 0.5% for every Fury level.


  • BATTLE FEVERWill increase your fortunate important probability by 1% for every Fury level.
  • FIGHTING PULSETakedowns and talent hits towards bosses generate 2 further Fury factors.
  • OUTBURSTReduces Shorty cooldown by 1s and will increase its assault pace by 20%


Your important hits have 40% probability to deal 70% further Burn harm over time


  • BLOWTORCHWill increase Ignite further Burn harm by 20%
  • CHEMISTRYWill increase Ignite set off probability by 15%
  • RED POWDERWill increase your fortunate important probability by 10% and your Explosion fortunate important probability by one other 10%


Your weapons hearth further sparks dealing harm.


  • BOOM SPARK – Gentle Spark‘s sparks deal Explosive harm and their harm is elevated by 25%
  • PYRO SPARK – Gentle Spark‘s sparks deal Burn harm, including 70% further harm over time.
  • SPARK RICOCHET – Gentle Spark‘s sparks ricochet on 1 close by enemy inside 4m, dealing 50% of preliminary harm.


Will increase weapons and Shorty harm by 40% towards enemies inside 7m


  • BURNING-BONK – Headbonk offers Burn harm, including 100% further harm over time. Performing a Headbonk towards a burning enemy offers 50% of the preliminary harm to enemies inside 10m.
  • CLOSE QUARTERTaking down an enemy inside 7m generates 2 further Fury level. Will increase Level Clean bonus harm by 15% when your Fury is above 7pts.
  • SHORTY-NOSEWill increase Shorty harm by 75% towards enemies inside 7m.


Will increase your resistance by 20% and your fortunate important probability by 60% for 6s after taking harm. Taking harm generates 1 Fury factors.


  • FIGHTER SCARSWill increase Robzerker resistance bonus by 10% and its Fury era by 5pts
  • RETALIATIONDeal 8 Burn harm (+30% per degree) and 250% further harm over time to enemies dealing harm to you
  • Y.O.L.OCapturing not consumes ammo or warmth whereas Robzerker is lively


Provides 2 further Rocket to Rocket however reduces all Rocket harm by 25%


  • MINI-NUKEWill increase Rocket harm by 15%
  • MORE ROCKETSProvides 2 further Rocket however reduces all Rocket harm by 25%
  • ROCKET OILReduces Rocket cooldown by 1s


Grants you 1 Rocket cost and reduces its cooldown by 1.5s


  • BIG MAMAWill increase Rocket harm by 100% and its Explosion radius by 50% each third Rocket
  • ROCKET LOADGrants you 1 further Rocket cost
  • ROCKET OILReduces Rocket cooldown by 1s


Shorty richochet on 1 enemy inside 4m, dealing 20% of the preliminary harm. Hitting an enemy with Shorty marks it


  • BBQ PARTYMarking an enemy offers 20 Burn harm (+30% per degree) over time
  • EXTRA GUESTWill increase Shorty Scanner ricochet goal quantity by 1.
  • FAIR DISTRIBUTIONWill increase Shorty Scanner ricochet harm by 50%


Shorty offers Explosive harm and its harm is elevated by 30% when Fury is above 10pts.


  • RADICAL EXTINGUISHERWill increase Shorty harm by 75% towards burning enemies
  • SURPRISE LOADGrants you 15% probability to immediately recuperate Shorty cooldown after utilizing it.
  • UNSTABLE FURYWill increase your Explosive harm by 15% when your Fury is above 10pts

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