Hayate the Combat Butler Filler List
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We are providing you with the last word and up to date Hayate the Combat Butler Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Hayate the Combat Butler Filler Episodes.


Hayate the Combat Butler Episode List

1In English, “Unmei” Means “Destiny”Manga Canon2007-04-01
2A New Beginning with Nagi Sanzenin’s EstateManga Canon2007-04-08
3The Beast, the Robot, and the Butler that Shouted, or Maybe Didn’t Shout, Love on the Heart of the WorldManga Canon2007-04-15
4My First Errand ~ This is Snake, No ResponseManga Canon2007-04-22
17For You, I Will Mow Them Down with Every Ounce of My Being!Manga Canon2007-07-22
18The Rare Cards are SwimsuitsFiller2007-07-29
19Miss Saki’s Little PreoccupationFiller2007-08-05
20I like Books, however Sing It, Great Palace of the Dragon KingManga Canon2007-08-12
26The Delivery was Made in 29 Minutes, So Please Pay the Stipulated Fee… Is a Thing of the Distant PastFiller2007-09-23
27Hayate RisingFiller2007-09-30
28Black HayateFiller2007-10-07
29Match-Making MeetingMixed Canon/Filler2007-10-14
30The Beautiful, Rich, Great, Young Detective Lady Saw It! The Case of the Murdered Female Teacher Amidst Clouds of SteamFiller2007-10-21
31Do You Like Pretty, Rich Big Sisters?Filler2007-10-28
32Devil Hunter Welcome Yoko Isumi and NabeshinMixed Canon/Filler2007-11-04
33Why?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part OneFiller2007-11-11
34Why Dead?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part TwoFiller2007-11-18
35Must-See! Complete Autumn 2007 information of the Latest Fashionable Date Spots for the Young an HipFiller2007-11-25
36Klaus is Japanese Because His Name is Written “Kurausu”Filler2007-12-02
37I Want to Go Back to Being an Ordinary Girl, however Buy My Character Songs, Okay?Filler2007-12-09
38Hayate in Peril! All Functions Shut Down!!Filler2007-12-16
39Friends of the Well-Behaved, Praise the Debt-Ridden Butler!Filler2007-12-23
40New Year’s Food is Also Good, however Enjoy Hayate, TooManga Canon2008-01-06
41Goodbye Teacher, Despair ~ Graduation SpecialFiller2008-01-13
42It’s just like the Dog, the Mouse, and the BulldogManga Canon2008-01-20
45It’s ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February!Filler2008-02-10
46His Name is Magic Ball Pitcher Wataru!!!Filler2008-02-17
47Sure, Amuro Had a Place To Return To, But…Manga Canon2008-02-24
48Hina ♥ LoveFiller2008-03-02
49Normal TalkManga Canon2008-03-09
50Quiz! Written as “Rival” however Read as “Friend”!!Filler2008-03-16
52Radical DreamersManga Canon2008-03-30
77Because It’s All About the Butler and His MistressFiller2009-09-18
101I Will Love and Be Loved in My LifeManga Canon2013-07-01

What Is Hayate the Combat Butler Filler List?

An anime sequence that aired from 2007 to 2013 was Hayate the Combat Butler Filler. In all, there have been 35 episodes of Hayate the Combat Butler Filler.

Hayate the Combat Butler Filler is a romantic comedy sequence. It is drawn by Kenjiro Hata. The story is superb.

It has nice plot twists and the characters are in-built very lifelike methods. Hayate is 16 years outdated and is basically down on his luck.

His unemployed dad and mom are good for nothing. They waste the cash on playing that they’ve.

Hayate needed to start working to assist his household at an early age. Although such expertise has created him inhumanly robust and highly effective.

He can compensate for a cycle with a bullet prepare. He may knock out a tiger with a punch to the pinnacle.

He was gifted at actions that boys should not often expert at. It has left him in an uncomfortable place as properly. His dad and mom had such a large debt that they bought  Hayate to “good males”.

Hayate tries to develop into a “unhealthy man” in a determined effort. He does this to keep away from this future and to kidnap somebody to be held for cash.

However, the lady he targets as a confession of affection fails his efforts. She takes him in and presents him a job. She presents a job of her new non-public butler till he can repay his debt.

This will take about 40 years. He helps save the super-rich 13-year-old Nagi from precise kidnappers. But Hayate is extra drawn to the beautiful younger maid Maria of Nagi.

Head butler Klaus disapproves of the boy with such a foul have a look at first. Then there’s the pet tiger of Nagi, Tama, and the a number of social pals of Nagi. Overall, it is an ideal sequence for anime lovers to take pleasure in. You’re going to have a incredible time watching it.

Last Words

So now you could have the Hayate the Combat Butler Filler List that has all Hayate the Combat Butler Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler listing of some other anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.


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