Hellenica - Tips + Mechanics + Achievements Guide

Tips, Achievements, Mechanics and a Hard Objectives checklist, all uncovered on your planning pleasure 🙂


I really like tactic video games and achievements so i simply needed to go for 100% on this one.

Man, what a trip! This game was tremendous enjoyable and the story was extra fascinating than I anticipated!

Dude! Werebadgers!

(Credit: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E5JXquBWUAMTBNl?format=jpg&name=4096×4096)

Well, yeah, possibly she is a werebear however for me, she is a werebadger!

From the intro, I actually fell in love with it and then she got here.. and broke the spell.

Well, wonderful, I suppose. The game had me actually pumping there as Epic however that is enjoyable too!

Anyway, the type and mechanics remind me of the previous Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics video games of previous and I actually like Hellenica for it. This is a quite simple game however the pushing/tossing mechanics are very enjoyable!

Those operating animations are tremendous humorous too!

Each stage has little challenges so that you can attempt and do which provides to each battle.

One factor I didnt like was that there was no “Speed Up” possibility for animations, each battle is slowed down by trying on the enemies stroll round. There isnt a tutorial both however most issues are fairly apparent, I’ll add a Mechanics part for individuals who need assistance on this.

There isnt any choice to remap the game hotkeys both.

And and the AI is fairly dumb generally, however’s its wonderful.

If this game ever will get a Hard mode it might be enabling the AI to Toss/Push you off, man, lethal!

Storywise, this game has branching paths however you may return and take one other path while you’d like so youre probably not lacking something and on this, the game could be very versatile. I do suggest you keep on with a path till you get to a recruit THEN begin once more on Day 1 and take one other route, it is extra enjoyable that approach, I believe.

Game is round 20 hours, 30 should you go for all achievements (Hard Objectives take time).

Mechanics and Interface

The game autosaves, you may replay fights, dont fear about it.

This is the primary battle display screen:

Yellow Arrow: Here you may click on the PC portraits to shortly go to them and begin giving them orders.

Red Rectangle: Switches the Isometric View (Can even be moved with Q and E)

*The digicam itself may be moved with WASD keys or click on and drag the map.

*Zoom In: R, Zoom Out: F

Yellow Rectangle: PC Info and the Orders you can provide them.

Red Arrow: How many PCs nonetheless can transfer/take actions and while you hover your mouse on it OR no extra PCs can transfer, you End your Turn right here.


To transfer, when you will have a PC chosen, simply click on on a yellow sq..

The little arrow beneath the character mannequin tells you its dealing with after you progress, you get much less broken from the entrance and extra from the perimeters and specifically from the again. (Well, thats how I really feel)

After you click on on an assault, you need to choose a Target, solely targets inside Red Squares may be focused, the crimson squares seem after clicking on the motion.

During your motion resolution, you may click on on an Enemy to see how far they will stroll (Blue squares) and how far they will assault (Red Squares)


After transferring, deciding on an motion, then a goal (if relevant), just a little Arrow to the best aspect of the character information panel will seem, that can verify that character’s actions for the flip.

To cancel an motion, simply click on on the motion you chose once more.

If you already confirmed each motion and motion, to cancel, click on on the X on the backside proper nook, the place the PC portrait is now.


Pushing is a giant game mechanic, sure actions will push enemies or objects about and you’ll be notified of it, if it might occur.

Here, the barrel will fall, bounce, then fall once more!

The Fall harm goes from 4dmg if its just one sq. and it grows exponentially, if enemies bounce, they obtain much more harm.


Before battle, you may click on on the SKILLS button (its beneath the START button) to spend your talent factors and re-assign abilities to characters.

Click on Change and right here you should purchase new abilities and equip them within the slots.

PCs dont get new talent slots so select properly!

Skill Points are shared between all characters!

Agora (Waypoint#1)

After the primary battle, you’ll enter the Agora, converse to the NPCs concerning the world to unlock new Paths (Missions), after speaking to the vital, confronted NPCs, you would possibly get paths from regular folks. (Right hand circle turns into accessible)

On the higher left, you will have settings, your journal(story) and abilities.

You can revisit battles from the Journal in order for you.

Its from the Travel Log (Journal) the place you may choose your subsequent battle.

These I name waypoints and from right here, you may speak to NPCs and/or click on on background objects to seek out new paths or dialogue.


Tossing/Pushing is essentially the most enjoyable this game had for me. I liked it.

  • You can kill ghosts by hitting them with magic harm or ethereal harm.
  • Everyone does extra harm when attacking from the perimeters/again and from above.
  • Everyone does much less harm when attacking from the entrance or from beneath.
  • Above does extra harm than again assaults (besides backstabs).
  • On missions the place you’ll want to exit, the mission wont finish should you kill each enemy, you gotta exit.
  • When you bounce one thing, solely the factor bounced on takes harm except the factor falls at the least a bit after the bounces.
  • Heavy characters do extra bounce harm when tossed.


Stay elegant

She’s not unsuitable about Zeus

Everyone’s loopy besides my boi Mark

Storyline Achievements

The story has branching paths however you may return utilizing the Travel Log and attempt different paths, dont fear about your selections, benefit from the game!

If you see an unknown path that you simply can not unlock, it should be as a result of it comes from one other earlier route, dont despair, you may be wonderful when you play one other route in a earlier Day.

There aren’t any missable paths!

If you need to attempt completely different dialogue choices to attempt to unlock paths, you are able to do a struggle proper earlier than attending to the placement, profitable it and the placement will reset.

You can get to the completely different areas from other ways, with some exceptions.

Philosophy Central

Visit the Agora at Athens.

Looks identical to Nashville

Visit the Acropolis at Athens.

*In Athens, select to go to Socrates with Plato.

Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life For Me

Visit Crete, the pirate’s stronghold.

*Help the Desperate Man in Athens then win the Luddite struggle, you’ll sail to Crete.

It Can’t Rain All the Time

Visit Corinth.

*Decide to go to Sparta whereas in Athens OR assist Castor in Acropolis.

Under the Sea

Visit Atlantis.

*In Crete, discover out what Pollux is as much as and he’ll take you to Atlantis.

Legend of Lysithea

Learn the complete story of Lysithea.

*In Atlantis, click on the middle statue 4 instances till all the reason is finished.

Home of the Minot-arrrrrrr

Get thrown within the Labyrinth.

*In Crete pester the massive dangerous man till he throws you to the Labyrinth.

Ay ay Aeaea

Visit the Isle of Circe.


Rescue Brasidas from Circe.

*Island of Circe

Hic Salta

Visit Rhodes.

*Go go to King Evagoras.

Came and Got it

Visit Sparta.

*From Crete or Corinth, resolve to go to Sparta.

Ticket to Ride

Visit Thebes.

*From Acropolis, resolve to go to the Oracle.

The Celestial Fang

Learn of the origin of Scylax’s sword.

*Get to the Island of Ceres on Day 4.

Like a Fox

Spring the entice in Egypt.

*From Circe->Egypt

Ol’ Giza

Visit Egypt.

Of Dice and Men

Learn Makarios’ Ship identify.

*In Egypt, speak to him till you discover out.

Up, Up and Away

Visit Anaxagoras’ airship.



Learn concerning the founding of the Theban Shadows.

*Talk to Scylax on the Airship.

What occurred right here?

Visit the Agora at Athens after the autumn.

*After escaping Hades by yourselves, meet Scylax then go to Athens on Day 5.

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away…

Visit Hades.

*At the Isle of Ceres, after speaking concerning the God-King, click on on the Bird to get the concept to get to Hades.

Pithy Pythia

Visit the Oracle at Delphi.

Can you dig it?

Visit Cyrus’ conflict camp.

*From Atlantis in Day 5, board the Corinthian Ship.

Usurper, He Wrote

Learn the story of Darius’ fall.

*Talk to him in Hades

Ashes Finally Buried

See Scylax and Agesilaus’ redemption.

*Do the 2nd path from left to proper, go to Sparta to recruit Agesilaus.

End of the Road(s)

Visit Destroyed Rhodes.

*Day 8

I Have the Power!

Help Scylax uncover the True Fire.

*Day 9, pre-struggle.

*Im undecided should you at all times get the fireplace, since I first got here right here with everybody recruited.

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

Defeat Gaia.

Seasoned Fighter

Complete all fight encounters.

*You have to do all fights from all branches together with the ultimate 2 eventualities.

*Read the part Hard Objectives for an inventory of all fights.


At the top of a path, at Day 7, you’ll recruit somebody, to proceed additional, you need to recruit all of them. See the image beneath to determine which paths to take for a particular recruit.

There could also be a number of methods to get to the top of a path, these are simply those I discovered first.

For My Brother

Recruit Pollux.

*Go to Crete, then Atlantis then Airship then click on on the telescope within the background.

The Crippled King

Recruited Agesilaus.

*From the Airship go to Sparta and assist quench the civil conflict.

Attic Muse

Recruit Xenophon.

*From Cyrus’s Camp in Day 6, go struggle Persians.

Walk Like a Jackal

Recruit the Jackal.

*From Cyrus’s Camp in Day 6, go to Egypt.

By the Stars…

Recruit Nyx.

*From Fallen Athens or the Airship on Day 5, go to Thebes to warn them about an assault.

Want to Buy a Doll?

Recruit Makarios.

*From Hades, dont belief the ghost, then Fallen Athens to Acropolis.

Battle Achievements


Shoot an enemy with Nephele’s steambow with an excessive top benefit.

*You can do that within the very first battle, run your approach to the highest and shoot an enemy that is beneath, you may insta kill them just about. Not certain what number of top squares you want, however its round 5 or 7.

Right within the Kidney

Backstab an enemy with Diona or Nyx.

*Again you are able to do this within the very first battle, simply wait till Diona turns into human, be near one of many enemies, transfer behind it, backstab! Remember that you’ll want to be on the alternative aspect of the place the enemy’s little compass arrow beneath them is pointing!

It Wasn’t Me!

Kill an ally.

*Use Steam Push to make an ally fall and die or allow them to die by collision.


Create a 5-bounce chain.

*I did this within the Athens Docks struggle, line up your characters right here for the bounce, I purchased the increasing barrel talent, so I used it.

Konging It

Destroy 5 barrels or pots in a single flip.

If you handle to assemble pots and barrels within the Dock struggle, you may handle to destroy 5 of them by making some bounce to destroy others and your different characters destroy others with weapons or maul.

Feel the Burn

Affect three completely different characters with a single use of Scylax’s blue-flame Cauterize.

*You want to make use of skills 3 instances earlier than his flames change into blue.


Damage an enemy utilizing steam pipes on the battlefield.

*I did this on the airship in Egypt, the pipes are those by the propeller within the again and on the roof, they seem like steam chimneys.

Brassball Special

Use Diona’s Bear Toss talent to toss Brasidas onto an enemy.

This is Sparta!

Push three enemies to their dying in a single fight encounter utilizing Brasidas.

*You can do that in [Crete: Kidnapping]

*Remember that the enemy should die from the autumn not from the protect bash harm.

Stat Achievements

Achievements associated to statistics and issues aside from Story or Battle.

Starting Out

Unlock a brand new talent.

*Once you get 1000XP, you may get your first skillpoint and can unlock a brand new talent and get this.

The More You Know…

Read a glossary entry.

*While studying dialogue, some textual content shall be highlighted crimson, click on on it for further lore and this achievement.


Unlock all celebration abilities.

*You want to succeed in stage 20, you will have possibly about half the exhausting aims to get to twenty.

But possibly you simply want the medium ones, undecided, its simpler than you suppose.

Hard Objectives

Objectively Pro

Complete all exhausting aims.

*Every battle has little challenges so that you can attempt, the exhausting aims are hidden the primary time you enter a brand new battle, so good factor I’ll let you know about them so that you dont should replay that a lot.

You can replay battles later, so dont fear an excessive amount of.

I attempted to checklist the battles from Day to Day, from Left to Right.

In levels with a number of fights, PCs will often respawn when the subsequent struggle begins.

Medium aims are completely non-compulsory, they could assist get to L20 faster.

Day 1


Win with out taking any harm.

Just begin the battle with a steam push and a maul to the Archer above.

Beware the opposite archer, avoid him till you kill him with steam woman.

Stay on the elevator, it’ll go up earlier than the enemy’s flip.

Day 2

Athens: Ship Fight

Push 3 barrels into enemies.

Athens: Bandit’s Revenge (To Corinth)

Deal >100 harm from a single fall.

*Lure an enemy to the highest of the waterfall then push him off.

Athens: Luddites vs Statues(Plato)

Push/Toss a statue into 3 luddites.

*Keep them surprised with Plato and use the opposite two to bounce the statue into the primary enemies, you’ll want to KILL them with the statue for it to depend. It’s difficult however with expansive barrel and maul you may pull it off, they die fast if the statue bounces off them.

Day 3

Crete: Kidnapping (Pullox)

Complete the extent with out doing fall harm.

Crete: Labyrinth

Complete the extent with out anybody dying.

Crete/Corinth: vs Spartan Rebels

Deal 2500+ Fall Damage

*Easy simply ensure they fall from the very best factors, all of em.

Corinth: Map pirates! (To Circe)

Deal greater than 200 dmg with Nephele

*This path is kinda hidden, after speaking to the person, have a look at the provides, statue then storm.

Corinth/Acropolis: Makarios Mutiny (Evagoras)

Toss ALL the Pirates off the Boat.

*You can use Bear Toss, one of many enemies doesnt depend.

Acropolis: Train Fight (Oracle)

Push ALL enemies off the prepare.

*Bear Toss is a lot enjoyable.

Acropolis: vs Slavers (Castor)

Finish all of the enemies utilizing “Toss Rocks” assaults.

Day 4

Egypt: Sprung Trap

Do over 100 Bounce Damage in a single motion.

*Get rid of the archers then put everybody up right here so the enemies line up.

*You can bounce this vase or Brass in the event that they line up horizontally.

*It says flip however actually its in a single motion.

Circe: Platforming to Hades

Survive for at the least 15 turns earlier than exiting.

Atlantis/Sparta Big Ship Fight (Trade Route)

Deal over 100 harm with falling rocks.

*Lure enemies to the place the rocks will fall or push them into the X spots.

*Only harm completed to enemies depend.

*Big guys solely damage for 15dmg, the others for 30.

*If you kill one earlier than the rock falls, if the cranium is in goal zone, it counts.

Atlantis/Sparta/Thebes: Warning Anaxa

Win with out shedding any anchors.

*You can heal the anchors, they somewhat backstab you than hit the anchors.

Push enemies onto gears and steam chimneys, these do respectable harm.

Rhodes/Sparta/Thebes Driving the Autokineton (To Sparta)

Do over 90 Bounce Damage in a single motion.

*Easy to do, they line up most superbly.

Circe/Thebes/Corinth:Oracle Defense

Finish the boss with bounce harm.

*Who knew statues had been so bouncy?

Thebes: To Hades!

Defeat all 21 ghosts.

Day 5

Egypt: Airship

Win with out shedding any anchors.

*You can heal the anchors, be careful for backstabs.

*Push enemies onto gears and steam chimneys, these do tons of harm.

*Tossing a harpy into the massive propeller on the again is insta-kill.

Egypt/Oracle: Underwater Pyramid

Deal over 125 harm with Scylax.

Acropolis: Makarios vs Pirates (To Rhodes)

Finish 5 enemies with bounce harm

Oracle: Band of Heroes vs Bandits (To Rhodes)

Finish 4 enemies with one Scylax assault.

*Kill 4 enemies directly with an assault, in the event that they die by bounce, collision or fall, it wont depend.

*Hardest goal for me, making them align up and have simply sufficient HP left for 4 approach kill was powerful.

Ceres/Acropolis/Airship (To Crete)

Push a Barrel onto 5 enemies.

Hades: Dinner Fortune

Defeat Atreus final.

*Throw them to the fires and sure, you must play this twice, no roundabout.

Acropolis: To Thebes

Finish 3 enemies with gears.

Hades: Forest Bandits

Deal over 100 harm with a Scylax assault.

*Use blue fireball on 5 or 6 enemies.

*Heavies are weak to magic.

Airship: Athens’ Docks

Finish off Syphilis with the large ship gear.

*The gear does round 5 harm to him, plan accordingly.

Day 6

Atlantis/Airship: Helping the Twin Bros

Defeat the Boss utilizing the Steam Pipes

*You have to deal the ending blow this manner, steam does 12-15 harm to him.

Airship: To Sparta!

Finish each enemy with Scylax

Atlantis: Two tanks and a child

Finish each enemy(12) with Funny woman. (Nephele)

*Be affected person, very annoying stage.

Crete: Labyrinth

Escape in 12 turns or much less.

*There are 3 levels on this one, be fast.

Airship/Fallen Athens: Shadows HQ

Deal over 250 harm with Nyx

Fallen Athens: Acropolis

Finish 8 enemies with Plato

Day 7

Corinth: Escape From Hell

Escape in 10 turns or much less

*2 fights, you dont have to put the ghosts within the exit squares.

*Its higher for PCs to die if it’ll take too lengthy to take him/her to the exit.

Sparta: Rebel Leader

Only harm the boss with Spartans

*King and Mechs solely (possibly Brass idk), bounce/fall/collision dmg okay provided that completed by them.

Cyrus’ Camp: Artaxerxes Fight

Finish Artaxerxes in 5 turns

*2 fights and you solely have 5 turns to get there and kill him.

*If you are taking greater than 4 turns within the first struggle, restart.

*You can kill Arty in a single flip with planning: tanks&maul from behind, spears from diagonal behind, explosion behind him, xbow charged shot with flanking.

Cyrus’ Camp: Egypt Fight

Deal over 100 bounce harm to Syphilis.

Thebes: Pittacus Longship

Win with out tossing any pirates off the boat.

*You have to toss 5 pirates off the boat for medium problem.

Acropolis: Jail break

Deal over 100 Bounce Damage to Syphilis

*Deal with different enemies, stun him with Plato, bear toss/explode brass into him 3 instances.

Day 8

Welcome to Rhodes

Complete all 3 fights with none losses.

*Watch out for backstabs, avoid the massive guys.

*This struggle has three elements, lethal fall harm within the 2nd.

*third struggle: Get on the roof with a blast and they wont be capable of contact you.

Day 9

Final Fight

Win with out ending any masks.

*Two half struggle.

*Fight ends when Gaia goes down, deal with her.

*Stun Gaia (w/Nyx and Diona) and she wont be capable of summon any.

*2nd struggle has 2 masks in the beginning although.

*Get Syx Cauterize and heal that masks harm they deal you.

*If enemies kill a masks by chance, it will likely be invalidated.

*If a masks dies, restart proper there.

*You should do the entire two fights should you wait till the top and restart.


Hey! If you favored pushing enemies round to kill them, do this game:

Its neat and I made a information for it too 🙂

Hope you had enjoyable with Hellenica, I certain did!

Until subsequent time!

By Shindragan

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