Horizon Zero Dawn - Save Files for Collectibles and Missables

By Lord Of War

Assortment of save information for collectible and particular missions associated missable achievements

Hyperlinks and Areas

Again up your personal save information first!

1) They are often discovered at:

C:\Customers\user_name\Paperwork\Horizon Zero Daybreak

2) Obtain my information from:


3) Disable Steam Cloud sync!

4) Select no matter achievement (folder) you want => learn under what’s the place.

Substitute the folders and begin the sport

23 Grazer Dummies

Get folder Final dummy

Load up final guide save.

That is the place you’ll seem:

You possibly can truly see that final dummy standing within the left nook. Knock him down!

Downed 23 Grazer dummies

Discovered and knocked over the entire Grazer coaching dummies within the Nora area.

Final Actions (Base Sport)

Learn Fastidiously now!

This folder incorporates a number of to be unlocked trophies.

(load up final guide save.)

Test map:

Solely 4 collectibles stay.

Decide them up for:

All Historical Vessels discovered

Discovered all of the Historical Vessels.

All Metallic Flowers discovered

Discovered the entire Metallic Flowers.

All Banuk Figures discovered

Discovered all of Arnak’s figures.

All Vantages discovered

Discovered and accessed the entire Vantage datapoints.



One in all every exercise left not-cleared. Get them finished, and you’ll unlock these achievements:

(you are overpowered and have purple weapons, it is a piece of cheesecake)

Cleared all of the Bandit Camps

Took again all settlements from the bandit clans.

All Corrupted Zones cleared

Killed all of the corrupted machines in each Corrupted Zone.

All Cores Overridden

Reached the Core of each Cauldron and accessed the data inside.

All Tallnecks Overridden

Scaled the entire Tallnecks and accessed their data.

Blazing Suns in any respect Grounds

Earned a Blazing Solar mark in all trials at the entire Looking Grounds.


Who’s That Pokémon? Final Machine to Scan

Sure. Solely final machine stays to be scanned. Comply with story mission and V that Deathbringer to unlock:

All machines catalogued

Encountered and Focus scanned each kind of machine.

Final Actions in The Frozen Wilds


(additionally use final guide save)

This folder additionally incorporates a number of but to be earned achievements, that are:

Totally Improved Weapons

Acquired the improved variations of three weapons from Varga.

First Bluegleam Commerce

Traded Bluegleam for a particular weapon or outfit.

All Actions accomplished

Accomplished the Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Looking Floor within the Reduce.

All Management Towers disabled

Disabled all Management Towers by overriding or destroying them.

All Expertise realized

Realized all out there expertise.

All Quests accomplished

Accomplished all facet quests and errands within the Frozen Wilds.

Drained the Flood

Fully drained the floodwater from contained in the Greycatch.

Acquired the Defend-Weaver outfit

Recovered an historical expertise and put it to make use of.

All allies joined

Given Aloy’s actions, all attainable non-obligatory allies joined the protection.

Do the above in no matter order you fancy.

Few notes right here:

1) 3 weapons upgrades already obtained. Return them to Varga:

2) You’ve got loads of bluegleam for a commerce.

3) I left you Management Trial, as it is the quickest to beat (below 50s), for all Frozen Wilds actions.

4) Collectibles (solely 2) are close by quick journey factors.

5) Aspect quests:

5.1) Powercells already in stock. 90* is one flip clockwise.

5.2) Queen’s Gambit is untouched.

Together with your DLC weapons beating it will not be a problem.

Full the mission, begin subsequent one, converse with non-obligatory folks and when you begin watching a cutscene, the “All Allies Joined” will pop up.

5.3) Waterlogged. Very easy goal with one enemy to destroy.

End the mission for all Frozen Wilds quests, and DO the pipe puzzle to get additional achievement. Test answer under. Begin in reverse. 😉

6) Final talent. Click on-click.

NG+ Extremely Exhausting

Do not feel like replaying total sport only for NG+ achievement? You have come to the precise place!

Seize the save file earlier than the final battle:

Extremely Exhausting Accomplished

Accomplished a New Sport+ playthrough on Extremely Exhausting issue.

Set Deathbringer on fireplace, spam explosive balls to venting tubes, repeat til he is destroyed.

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