Time Loader - 100% Achievements Guide

By Lord Of War

Revealing secret achievements. Explaining varied endings. Instructing on particular actions.

Story Associated, Can’t be Missed


Meet the cat

Act 1

Full Act One

Act 2

Full Act Two

Act 3

Full Act Three



Get Improve No.1


Get Improve No.2


Get Improve No.3

Soldering iron

Get Improve No.4


Get Improve No.5

Entry protocol

Get Improve No.6

improve 6 is likely to be missable, work together with Adam’s laptop in Act 3

Secret Indicators

Check with the aims as an additional clue.

These 10 indicators listed within the order of their look.


Act 1


Discover the key signal on the wrench

(drive to the proper)


Cleaning soap

Discover the key signal on the cleaning soap

(in a basket)



Discover the key signal on the cassette

(behind a soccer ball)


Act 2


Discover the key signal on the mug

(identical place as №1, watchout for a canoe)



Discover the key signal on the picture

(when trying to find a path to laundry)


Time Capsule

Discover the key signal contained in the time capsule

(identical as earlier, go all approach to the proper)



Discover the key signal on the contract

(on a path to basement, discover left part of a kitchen)



Discover the key signal on the baseball

(when in search of a radio, drive to the proper facet)


Act 3


Discover the key signal on the ticket

(when opening the basement door, in entrance of a automotive)



Discover the key signal on the flyer

(pingpong ball space – go to the left facet)

Particular Actions

It’s within the Vault

Learn the notice contained in the vault

(Act 2, Kitchen space, 5591)

Dr. Antivirus

Obtain the anti-virus software program

(Act 2, set up antivirus in Adam’s Room)

VHS blogger

Watch the video tape

(defend the tape from overwriting, watch it later)

Act 1 Storage, then Act 2 Attic 2)

Robotic Bros

Save the toy robotic

(Act 3 transfer it away)

Out of the loop

Exit the time loop

Reprogram the secure in Act 3, improve 6 required

Endings C, B, A

Common rule is: the extra you work together with previous objects – the higher ending you will get.

You needn’t replay whole recreation for an additional ending. Choosing a chapter in required Act, and amending just a few gadgets is sufficient.

New Daybreak

Get to Ending A

(defend the tape, drop a sci-fi journal, repair a crane,

save the robotic, sort the textual content file, set up antivirus, pin a reminder,

ship a time capsule)


Right here we go once more

Get to Ending B

(2-3 much less interactions from above)


Depart me alone

Get to Ending C

(acknowledge the tape, the robotic, ignore different objects)

Secret Ending

Secret ending

Uncover the Secret Ending


You will have:

1) Sci-Fi journal with the password,

2) Improve 6,

3) All 10 secret indicators collected.

4) And Adam’s laptop.

Wish to know extra? Click on the spoilers under.

Spoiler trace 1:

Spoiler trace 2:

01010011 01100101 01100011 01110010 01100101 01110100 00100000 01110000 01100001 01110011 01110011 01110111 01101111 01110010 01100100 00111010 00100000 00100010 00110101 00110010 00111000 00110100 00111001 00110001 00100010

Spoiler trace 3:


Spoiler trace 4:

Get improve 6 from Adam’s Room, then Work together with the outdated laptop

Spoiler trace 5:

Act 3, within the Shed work together with the server

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