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With every passing page of the Black Clover Anime is the curiosity to know more. Be it adventures, superpowers, magic spells or a new character introduction, it is indeed captivating.

So let us brief you about interesting happenings in Chapter-261 of the Black Clover Manga.

In the latest chapter, we are familiarized with the Blackberry Bulls Vice-Captain namely Nacht.

The earlier chapter has ended up in the fight between Dark Triad and White Triad. Here in this chapter, we see the destruction that is being caused aftermath of the fight. Everyone is distressed. Captain Yami is kidnapped; Asta and Gauche are severely injured. They are all worried but the healer suggests they take a rest. Everyone went to sleep.

Asta abruptly wakes up from his sleep and what he sees shocked him. He sees Captain Yami’s Katana coming out of the Grimoire. Seeing this, he immediately decides to run to save him. But all his efforts seem futile, he is not able to do anything. There is a stronger force present in the room which prevents him from saving the captain. The person is none but Nacht Vice-captain of Black Bulls.

He comes into appearance and talks about the defects of Yami which sets Asta in fury resulting in calling the Demon Destroyer Sword. Even the Demon-Destroyer sword is unable to withstand the power of this man named Nacht, it is overpowered by him. Asta gets very disheartened. He informs Asta that the captain has not yet succumbed to death. He also says that he can teach him(Asta) to take hold of Devil powers. So here we find another character who possesses Devil Powers.

The chapter was fascinating. Nacht is indeed a very powerful character. To know more about the enchanting powers of Nacht captain, let us wait for the next chapter to be released.


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