Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Item Duplication With Merchants

By Audax

An exploit I discovered within the recreation that means that you can duplicate any merchandise that’s tradable to a service provider. The exploit means that you can earn gold quick, earn parts quick, duplicate potions like expertise potions, duplicate distinctive/set objects, and even duplicate quest objects and extra. General this exploit breaks the sport to a sure diploma and also will make your recreation simpler.

Duplication Exploit

This a part of the information is for gamers who has an present save with large quantities gold or gamers who wish to learn about learn how to do the duplication exploit with retailers.


  • large quantities of gold (Depends upon the promote/buyback value of the merchandise being duplicated).
  • A service provider to promote objects to or have reductions for.
  • Gadgets you need duplicated.


  • Don’t shut the store menu after promoting your objects, doing so stops the exploit from occurring.
  • You possibly can duplicate a number of objects on the identical time. In brief you’ll be able to promote 2 completely different objects and duplicate these 2 objects on the identical service provider.
  • You possibly can promote stacks of things like parts, potions, and shards then duplicate these stacks of things if you purchase them again.
  • Their is a bug when duplicating weapons or armor. Should you duplicate a weapon or armor it might not present up as a tradable merchandise. These things can nonetheless be salvaged although.
  • Cautious when duplicating sure quest objects they may turn into caught in your stock. It could possibly even restart the search associated to the merchandise, however the quest might be bugged.


  1. Speak to a service provider and open his store.
  1. Go to the promote tab and promote all of the objects you wish to duplicate.
  1. Return to the purchase tab and purchase the objects again as many instances as doable.
  1. Repeat steps 2 – 3 and revenue

Incomes Gold Quick

If you’re nonetheless at first of the sport or want quite a lot of gold to start out going massive, that is the half it’s worthwhile to do to turn into the richest and the strongest.


  • 5000 gold or extra.
  • Sagecrafting retailers that promote gem shards
  • Rank 3 or 6 Sagecraft talent
  • Rank 10 Mercantile talent or as excessive as you’ll be able to (Non-compulsory)


  • The very best gem to craft and promote for gold is the Gem of Bloodletting. Its a Weapon gem and the mixture for this gem is pristine bodily shard + pristine magical shard.
  • You possibly can select to solely purchase the shards you want from a Sagecrafting retailers to maximise the quantity of shards you’ll be able to duplicate along with your gold.
  • Pristine shards are elective you’ll be able to simply use lambent shards, duplicate lambent shards and switch them into gems then promote them. Know that gems made with pristine shards are extra precious.


  1. Go to every service provider that promote sagecrafting objects and purchase all of their shards.
  2. Go to a Sagecrafting station and strengthen all shards into lambent or pristine shards if doable.
  3. Exit the Sagecrafting station and go to a service provider, then duplicate your strengthened shards equally till you run out of cash.
  4. Upon getting duplicated your strengthened shards return to the Sagecrafting station and create gems utilizing your strengthened shards. Ensure you depart not less than 1 of every strengthened shard obtainable to you to duplicate once more.
  5. Upon getting created your gems, promote all of the gems you created into gold.
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 and revenue.

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