House Flipper - How to Restore a Savegame backup

By Reilsss

Step by Step information that explains how one can restore a savegame from the automatical created savegame backups that the sport creates, as you play.

Easy methods to restore a savegame

Hey, Home Flipper

has within the Fundamental Menu a possibility known as “New Sport”, if it occurs to you that you just accidently press it. It takes only one Auto save to lose all of your beforehand made recreation progress.

Luckly Home Flipper has backup savegames you may revert to.


This tutorial describes how you can change a savegame.

In case you not sure on what you do, make a backup of the profile listing described in step 16. earlier than you copy / previous any knowledge.

I am additionally not accountable in the event you destroy your savegame on this course of. Please concentrate on what you do, and think about to make backup of your profile listing.

Additionally in the event you not know what you do, please don’t mess with another listing in %AppData% you could find yourself inflicting hurt to your Home windows profil and or system.

This Tutorial is taken into account as a “final resort” earlier than dropping your savegame progress completly.

1. In case you accidently began a brand new recreation in your savegame, and a Autosave already happend. Return to the Fundamental Menu.

2. Click on in your Title (above “Proceed Sport”). You might be on the Profil Choice display.

Right here Memorize on with profil your overwrite Savegame is. (For this Tutorial we presume its Profile 1)

3. Shut the sport.

4. Open Home windows Explorer, sort into the handle “%appdata%” with out “”.

5. You’ll be navigated into your Window’s account utility knowledge’s Roaming folder.

Instance: “C:\Customers\<your home windows consumer identify>\AppData\Roaming”

6. Navigate to the Software Knowledge Root Folder

Instance: “C:\Customers\<your home windows consumer identify>\AppData”

7. Navigate now to “LocalLow” -> “Empyrean” -> “Home Flipper Sport”

Instance: “C:\Customers\<your home windows consumer identify>\AppData\LocalLow\Empyrean\Home Flipper Sport”

8. Inside right here the 2 imporent folders are “Profiles” and “Profiles.backup”

Profiles Folder incorporates the profiles to your present savegames.

Profiles.backup Folder incorporates for the Profiles backup of your savegames.

9. To revive a backup savegame go into Profiles.backup -> The Profile Quantity you memorized in Step 2.

For this instance its “Profile 1”

10. Within the Profile folder it is best to see a number of backups. Open the Backup you want to restore.

11. Within the Profil Backup Folder you select are a number of Folders and Recordsdata

like ArchivalSaves, CatchedTextures…, UserSaves, and 4 dat information.

12. Choose all the pieces (management + A on keyboard) then copy it to your clipboard (management + c on keyboard)

13. Navigate to the “Profiles” Folder you save in Step 8.

14. In Profiles there needs to be 4 Profile Folders, Choose the one you wish to restore.

On this Tutorial its Profile 1 (rember step 2.)

15. Inside this Profile folder it is best to see the identical File / Folder construction as in Step 11.

16. Choose all the pieces (management + A on keyboard) and delte the information.

CAREFUL, in the event you not 100% positive that is the appropriate profil, delting the information and folders will delte this profiles savegame.

(In case your not sure I extremely recomment you to make a backup of the Profile’s listing earlier than you carry out the deletion.)

17. Insert the information and folders you copyed in step 12. (management + v on keyboard)

The Copy course of might take a second relying on recreation progress and laptop.

18. Open the sport, Steam will inform you that your native knowledge is diffrent from the cloud. Please select to maintain your native knowledge,

for this single time.

19. Ingame choose the profile you simply up to date. And press “Proceed Sport”, the sport ought to load you now with the progress you toke

from the Profiles.backup.

If its the mistaken progress, repeat the method and select a diffrent backup.

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