Ready or Not - Standard Operating Procedures (Karmakut)

By tRose888

The next is a doc detailing the Normal Working Procedures (S.O.P.) offered in Karmakut’s “How To Clear Rooms in Prepared or Not” Youtube video. For full context, please see the video linked inside this doc.

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Common S.O.P.

  • Don’t cross in entrance of a doorway threshold no matter whether or not it’s open or closed.
  • The two Man within the stack controls and instructions the stack.
  • The 1 Man begins working the door by peeking and checking for a wire lure. If there isn’t a lure, they swing the door. In any other case the 1 Man disarms the lure, then swings. If the door doesn’t peek resulting from being locked, the 1 Man picks the lock (if single stacked, if cut up stacked the two Man disarms/unlocks).
  • If the door fails to open from the swing, there’s a particular person behind the door. If this occurs, the 1 Man kicks the door and bails for the two Man to flashbang the doorway.
  • If there’s a time crunch, execute a dynamic entry into the doorway. If there isn’t a time crunch, pie the door, middle test, then resolve on entry route.
  • On entry, every particular person alternates route.
  • In giant open areas, execute a strongwall.
  • Prioritize open doorways first. If there aren’t any open doorways, work the closest doorway first.
  • If the 1 Man must reload {a partially} empty journal, they maintain place and sector till they’re changed because the 1 Man.
  • If the stack is cut up on both aspect of the doorway:
    • The particular person on the deal with aspect of the doorway is the two Man. The 1 Man is the primary particular person within the different stack.
    • The two Man peeks the door/picks the lock.
    • The 1 Man checks for a lure and signifies as such to the two Man.
    • The two Man disarms lure/swings/kicks the door.
    • The three Man flashbangs if wanted.
    • On entry the workforce won’t zipper. The 1 Man enters first, then the remainder of the workforce on that very same stack aspect. Then the opposite stack aspect enters.

Non-Verbal S.O.P.

  • A flashlight flicker on a doorway or space indicators for the workforce to strategy the indicated doorway or space subsequent. Anybody on the workforce is permitted to do that.
  • A flashlight strobe on a doorway or space signifies there’s hazard on that strobe.
  • When stacked, the two Man glints the door to point it is able to be labored by the 1 Man.
  • If the 1 Man holds their flashlight fixed on the doorway/threshold, the two Man flashbangs by means of the brink (or 3 Man, if the stack is cut up). The audio cue of the flashbang pin being pulled signifies to the 1 Man the door is able to be swung.
  • On a cut up stack, the 1 Man nods up and down to point to the two Man that the door is evident of traps, or shakes their head left and proper to point hazard. Alternately they will strobe the lure.


  • Stack – A single file line of individuals subsequent to a doorway or threshold in preparedness to breach it.
  • 1 Man, 2 Man, 3 Man, and so forth. – Refers back to the place of every particular person in a stack. The 1 Man is closest to the doorway and is first to enter.
  • Peek – The motion of opening a closed door solely partially.
  • Swing – The motion of opening a door absolutely.
  • Bail – Retreating to a protected place.
  • Dynamic Entry – As soon as a breach is initiated, coming into a room as shortly as attainable with out stopping to evaluate the open threshold.
  • Pie – Refers to “Slicing The Pie”, a method the place an individual evaluates an open threshold by beginning on one aspect of it and slowly edging throughout, assessing contained in the room steadily with out coming into it.
  • Heart Verify – Assessing the middle of the room from exterior a threshold, the angle perpendicular to the angle of the brink.
  • Strongwall – An entry approach the place the workforce stays on the wall that they breached from to keep away from getting too separated from one another. The workforce doesn’t advance far into the room.
  • Zipper – Refers back to the entry approach generally utilized by a cut up stack. The 1 Man enters first, then the two Man enters (the person who is first within the different stack), then the three Man enters (the person who was initially lined up behind the 1 Man within the first stack), and so forth till each stacks have entered the room.
  • Flicker – A comparatively brief flashlight sign, normally solely toggled on then off as soon as.
  • Strobe – A speedy collection of flashlight indicators on and off.
  • Fixed – A flashlight sign that’s turned on and never turned off till the sign is obtained.
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