Let's Build a Zoo - Gameplay + Utilization And Visitor Icons

By WelshPixie

Quite a lot of useful data to hopefully make your zoo (and your play time!) a bit happier ^.^

Customer Icons

(Simply to notice, each time I point out ‘we’ on this information, I am referring to myself and different Discord customers who contribute to figuring stuff out ^.^)

Largely hypothesis, however these are what we expect the varied icons guests show over their heads imply. Whereas a few of them are self-explanatory, some are greatest guesses based mostly on the icon picture and what the customer is doing on the time. The queue ones, particularly, are ‘greatest guesses’.

Be aware that the ‘dangerous’ results from issues like an excessive amount of caffeine/sugar/warmth in your meals have not been carried out but, so you’ll be able to crank up that warmth stage with out having to fret about giving your visitors coronary heart assaults – for now!


That is once more largely theorycrafting however it’s how a bunch of us have skilled this working, so it is a’greatest guess’.

In the event you see a constructing or employees member at 100%, it means (we expect) that they are working at most capability, and you must most likely think about hiring extra employees or constructing extra buildings as a way to ease their load. Employees at 100% utilization appear to lose work ethic extra rapidly.

Rosia has about as a lot work ethic as I might anticipate for somebody who will get bombarded by folks day-after-day

Inhabitants Supervisor

The Inhabitants Supervisor will, as soon as a day firstly of day-after-day, go to any of their zoned enclosures which can be crowded, and auto-donate extra animals, from oldest to youngest, till that enclosure is again inside acceptable house limits. Be aware that they are going to solely do that at the beginning of the day, so any enclosures that develop into crowded on a Tuesday will probably be handled on the next Wednesday morning.

The Inhabitants Supervisor’s technique of operation additionally conveniently solves the issue of your aged animals dying in your zoo and your guests yelling at you for *daring* to ‘let’ the traditional decrepit animal die, you monster.

Your inhabitants supervisor constructing must be enabled, and enclosures must be zoned. You may additionally want to verify your enclosure is sized appropriately to the variety of animals you wish to hold in that enclosure.

Enclosure Area Calculator


That is to accompany the inhabitants supervisor, since that constructing depends on having correct enclosure sizes particular to the variety of animals you wish to hold in that enclosure.

To make use of it, simply change the quantity within the ‘# of animals’ column, and the ‘Area Required’ quantity will replace to indicate you what number of squares huge your enclosure must be as a way to comfortably home that many animals.

How To Even Sandbox??!?!!

There are two Sandbox modes obtainable; the ‘in-universe’ mode that’s in line with the narration of the sport, and the ‘cheat mode’ model.


Open your world map, and click on the blue Transport icon top-left.

You may see a second zoo obtainable on the map, and on the prime, the quantity of ‘Funding Funds’ you’ve gotten. You get $1 of Funding Funds for each $1000 you accrue in your regular zoo (cumulatively – not how a lot cash you’ve gotten in your account at anyone time).

It prices $2500 Funding Funds to purchase the sandbox zoo. After buying and deciding on to journey there, you will play out the remainder of your day in your regular mode zoo, and on the finish of the day after the sport has saved, an excellent cute little aeroplane will fly you over to your new sandbox zoo.

This non-cheat sandbox zoo has all the pieces you have researched, and all animals from zoo transfers you have unlocked, out of your most important zoo. Something you’ve gotten NOT unlocked in your most important zoo will NOT be included in your sandbox zoo, however WILL unlock there when you analysis it in your most important zoo.

Be aware that you simply won’t be able to analysis, or unlock new zoo animal transfers out of your sandbox mode zoo, so to progress with any unfinished analysis/animal transfers you will have to return to your normal-mode zoo.


See this video from Springloaded on learn how to allow cheat-mode sandbox;

Cheat-mode sandbox has all the pieces obtainable from the get-go while not having to analysis something.

Assist, My Janitors Are Allergic To Trash

A number of of us have skilled issues with janitor zoning the place sooner or later they’re going to begin struggling and trash will begin to pile up.

We have discovered that disabling janitor zoning, and letting your janitors run wild and free as nature supposed, solves this drawback.

Busses and customer numbers

Only a fast tip on this. At all times have the largest busses you’ll be able to afford operating your routes, and *substitute* the small busses with huge ones, taking the small ones out of service. The small busses really maintain up your huge ones, which ends up in your guests getting dropped off extra slowly, which in flip ends in much less cash for you as there are fewer guests coming via your gates.

It is also value maintaining a tally of your trash ranges too and burning/recycling as a lot trash as you’ll be able to, as a result of the rubbish assortment vehicles equally maintain up the busses.

Can Has Neat Zoo Structure Pls?

Posting this simply as a bonus; often folks ask for easy-to-manage grid-based zoo layouts, so this is how I do mine.

Every sector of land is totally enclosed – which means that subways are important, however that in flip signifies that your guests will spend much less time strolling, and thus have extra vitality to spend in your zoo.

So, every sector has a subway, a rest room, a water pump, a garbage bin, and a bench, This covers the fundamentals. You’ll be able to then break up your enclosures into 4 nook enclosures for animals with small house necessities, two half-size enclosures for the larger animals, and one wrap-around three-quarters enclosure for the largest animals.

It is MUCH simpler to put the paths down first after which construct the enclosures within the empty house across the path. I normally set the tile brush to 3×3 (with the + key) and draw the essential cross;

Then drop again all the way down to a 1×1 brush measurement and fill within the center bit;

Then it is simple to make use of the trail as a suggestion on your enclosure;

As you analysis extra decorations and your ornament bonuses kick in, you will have loads of room to get 100% lighting and decor per zone, together with the decorations positioned inside your enclosures.

For 100% lighting, I place two both facet of the subway and bathroom entrance for 4 lights, 4 across the greater center bit, and one within the very center.

Be aware that some lights give off the next proportion of illumination, just like the glowing winter ice statues, so you might not want as many lights in your sector ^.^

A bonus of utilizing this design is that it is *very* straightforward to maneuver enclosures, since all of them observe the identical fundamental building structure. This makes it straightforward to begin arranging your enclosures by sort (like grouping all of the arctic enclosures collectively) while you unlock new species.

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