Monster Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Monster Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Monster Filler Episodes.


Monster Episode List

1Herr Dr. TenmaManga Canon2004-04-07
2DownfallManga Canon2004-04-14
3A MurderManga Canon2004-04-21
4Night of the ExecutionManga Canon2004-04-28
5The Girl of HeidelbergManga Canon2004-05-05
6The MissingManga Canon2004-05-12
7House of TragedyManga Canon2004-05-19
8PursuedManga Canon2004-05-26
9The Girl and the Seasoned SoldierManga Canon2004-06-01
10A Past ErasedManga Canon2004-06-09
11Kinderheim 511Manga Canon2004-06-16
12Modest ExperimentManga Canon2004-06-23
13Petra and SchumannManga Canon2004-06-30
14The Abandoned Man・The Abandoned WomanManga Canon2004-07-07
15Be My BabyManga Canon2004-07-14
16Wolf’s ConfessionManga Canon2004-07-21
17ReunionManga Canon2004-07-28
18The Fifth Spoonful of SugarManga Canon2004-08-04
19The Monster’s AbyssManga Canon2004-08-11
20Journey to FreihamManga Canon2004-08-18
21A Wonderful HolidayManga Canon2004-08-25
22Lunge’s TrapManga Canon2004-09-01
23Eva’s ConfessionManga Canon2004-09-08
24The Men’s Dining TableManga Canon2004-09-15

What Is Monster Filler List?

The Monster Filler list is a manga series from Japan. It is an anime series that aired from 2004 beginning to the end of 2004.

 A total of 17 Monster Filler list episodes were broadcasted. Naoki Urasawa wrote and illustrated it.

 Shogakukan published it from 1994 to 2001 in their Big Comic Original magazine.

 The manga and anime have also been licensed in North America by Viz Media for English broadcasts.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a young Japanese brain surgeon. He is operating in Düsseldorf, West Germany. He is at the Eisler Memorial Hospital.

 Tenma is frustrated with the hospital’s political partiality in caring for patients. 

 Johan and Anna Liebert are identical twins.

They are taken to the hospital after getting shot. Tenma grabs the opportunity to change everything.

 Johan has a bullet injury on his head. Anna mutters about the murder. Tenma works on Johans health.

 Johan will be rescued but Mayor Roedecker will die. Tenma sacrifices his social status to save his life.

 Agent Heinemann and the other doctors are secretly killed. The two children vanish from the hospital.

 The police are suspicious of Tenma, but they have no proof. They can only investigate him.

9 years later, Tenma became the Eisler Memorial hospital’s Director of Surgery. Junkers mutters about a “monster” after saving a suspect called Adolf Junkers.

Tenma comes with a Junker’s clock and sees the guard dead in front of Junkers’ room.

Tenma finds Junkers held at gunpoint.

She follows the road to the building of a half-finished house near the hospital.

 He is cautioned by Junkers about getting near. He pleads for him and asks him to run away.

Tenma declines. Johan Liebert is then discovered to be the man carrying the gun.

 Despite Tenma’s attempts at reasoning with him, Junkers is fired by Johan.

He walks off into the darkness, telling Tenma that he’ll never kill the man who saved his life.

Tenma is too stunned to stop him. Tenma is questioned by the police, BKA Inspector Lunge in general. He is trying to find more details about Johan.

 He soon learns that the sister of the boy is living a peaceful life as an adoptive daughter. He used to have a few dreams of her.

These were only reminders of her horrible history. Tenma meets Anna on her birthday.

Anna was later named Nina by her parents to shield her from Johan. But too late to save him from killing her foster parents.

Finally, Tenma discovers the history of this “monster”. Tenma knows the extent of this monster’s crimes. She promises to correct the error she created by protecting the life of Johan.

Last Words

So now you have the Monster Filler List that has all Monster Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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