My Hero Academia Filler List
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We are providing you with the last word and up to date My Hero Academia Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all My Hero Academia Filler Episodes.


My Hero Academia Episode List

1Izuku Midoriya: OriginManga Canon2016-04-03
2What It Takes to Be a HeroManga Canon2016-04-10
3Roaring MusclesManga Canon2016-04-17
4Start LineManga Canon2016-04-24
5What I Can Do for NowManga Canon2016-05-01
6Rage, You Damn NerdManga Canon2016-05-08
7Deku vs. KacchanManga Canon2016-05-15
8Bakugo’s Start LineManga Canon2016-05-22
9Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida!Manga Canon2016-05-29
10Encounter With the UnknownManga Canon2016-06-05
11Game OverManga Canon2016-06-12
12All MightManga Canon2016-06-19
13Upon Each of Their HeartsManga Canon2016-06-26
14That’s the Idea, OchacoManga Canon2017-04-01
15Roaring Sports FestivalManga Canon2017-04-08
16In Their Own Quirky WaysManga Canon2017-04-15
17Strategy, Strategy, StrategyManga Canon2017-04-22
18Cavalry Battle FinaleManga Canon2017-04-29
19The Boy Born With EverythingManga Canon2017-05-06
20Victory or DefeatManga Canon2017-05-13
21Battle on, Challengers!Manga Canon2017-05-20
22Bakugo vs. UrarakaManga Canon2017-05-27
23Shoto Todoroki: OriginManga Canon2017-06-03
24Fight on, IidaManga Canon2017-06-10
25Todoroki vs. BakugoManga Canon2017-06-17
26Time to Pick Some NamesManga Canon2017-06-24
27Bizarre! Gran Torino AppearsManga Canon2017-07-08
28Midoriya and ShigarakiManga Canon2017-07-15
29Hero Killer: Stain vs. U.A. StudentsManga Canon2017-07-22
30ClimaxMixed Canon/Filler2017-07-29
31The Aftermath of “Hero Killer: Stain”Manga Canon2017-08-05
32Everyone’s InternshipsAnime Canon2017-08-12
33Listen Up!! A Tale From the PastManga Canon2017-08-19
34Gear up for the Final ExamsMixed Canon/Filler2017-09-02
35Yaoyorozu: RisingManga Canon2017-09-09
36Stripping the VarnishManga Canon2017-09-16
37Katsuki Bakugo: OriginManga Canon2017-09-23
38EncounterManga Canon2017-09-30
39Game StartFiller2018-04-07
40Wild, Wild PussycatsMixed Canon/Filler2018-04-14
41KotaManga Canon2018-04-21
42My HeroManga Canon2018-04-28
43Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!Manga Canon2018-05-05
44Roaring UpheavalManga Canon2018-05-12
45What a Twist!Manga Canon2018-05-19
46From Iida to MidoriyaManga Canon2018-05-26
47All For OneManga Canon2018-06-02
48Symbol of PeaceManga Canon2018-06-09
49One For AllManga Canon2018-06-16
50End of the Beginning, Beginning of the EndManga Canon2018-06-23
51Moving Into DormsManga Canon2018-06-30
52Create Those Ultimate MovesManga Canon2018-07-14
53The TestManga Canon2018-07-21
54Shiketsu High LurkingMixed Canon/Filler2018-07-28
55Class 1-AMixed Canon/Filler2018-08-04
56RUSH!Manga Canon2018-08-11
57Rescue ExercisesManga Canon2018-08-18
58Special Episode: Save the World With Love!Filler2018-08-25
59What’s the Big Idea?Manga Canon2018-09-01
60A Talk About Your QuirkManga Canon2018-09-08
61Deku vs. Kacchan 2Manga Canon2018-09-15
62A Season for EncountersManga Canon2018-09-22
63UnrivaledManga Canon2018-09-29
64The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-AFiller2019-10-12
65OverhaulManga Canon2019-10-19
66Boy Meets…Manga Canon2019-10-26
67Fighting FateManga Canon2019-11-09
68Let’s Go, Gutsy Red RiotManga Canon2019-11-16
69An Unpleasant TalkManga Canon2019-11-23
70GO!!Manga Canon2019-11-30
71Suneater of the Big ThreeManga Canon2019-12-07
72Red RiotManga Canon2019-12-14
73Temp SquadManga Canon2019-12-21
74LemillionManga Canon2019-12-28
75Unforeseen HopeManga Canon2020-01-04
76Infinite 100%Manga Canon2020-01-11
77Bright FutureManga Canon2020-01-18
78Smoldering FlamesManga Canon2020-01-25
79Win Those Kids’ HeartsManga Canon2020-02-01
80Relief for License TraineesManga Canon2020-02-08
81School FestivalManga Canon2020-02-15
82Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest PartManga Canon2020-02-22
83Golden Tips ImperialManga Canon2020-02-29
84Deku vs. Gentle CriminalManga Canon2020-03-07
85School Festival Start!!Manga Canon2020-03-14
86Let It Flow! School Festival!Manga Canon2020-03-21
87Japanese Hero Billboard ChartManga Canon2020-03-28
88His StartManga Canon2020-04-04
89All Hands on Deck! Class 1-AAnime Canon2021-03-27
90VestigesManga Canon2021-04-03
91Clash! Class A vs. Class B!Manga Canon2021-04-10
92Make It Happen, Shinso!Manga Canon2021-04-17
93Operation New Improv MovesManga Canon2021-04-24
94ForesightManga Canon2021-05-01
95Match 3Manga Canon2021-05-08
96Match 3 ConclusionManga Canon2021-05-15
97Early Bird!Manga Canon2021-05-22
98That Which Is InheritedManga Canon2021-05-29
99Our BrawlManga Canon2021-06-05
100The New Power and All For OneManga Canon2021-06-12
101Have a Merry Christmas! Manga Canon 2021-06-19
102Off to Endeavor’s Agency! Manga Canon 2021-06-26
103One Thing at a Time Manga Canon 2021-07-10
104Long Time No See, SelkieFiller2021-07-17
105The Hellish Todoroki Family Manga Canon 2021-07-24
106The Unforgiven Manga Canon 2021-07-31
107More of a Hero Than Anyone Manga Canon 2021-08-14
108My Villain Academia Manga Canon 2021-08-21
109Revival Party Manga Canon 2021-08-28
110Sad Man’s Parade Manga Canon 2021-09-04
111Tenko Shimura: Origin Manga Canon 2021-09-11
112Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Manga Canon 2021-09-18
113The High, Deep Blue Sky Manga Canon 2021-09-25
114A Quiet Beginning Manga Canon 2022-10-01
115Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Manga Canon 2022-10-08
116One’s Justice Manga Canon 2022-10-15
117Inheritance Manga Canon 2022-10-22
118The Thrill of Destruction Manga Canon 2022-10-29
119Encounter, Part 2 Manga Canon 2022-11-05
120Disaster Walker Manga Canon 2022-11-12
121League of Villains vs. U.A. Students Manga Canon 2022-11-19
122Katsuki Bakugo: Rising Manga Canon 2022-11-26
123The Ones Within Us Manga Canon 2022-12-03
124Dabi’s Dance Manga Canon 2022-12-10
125Threads of Hope Manga Canon 2022-12-17
126Final Performance Manga Canon 2022-12-24
127Hellish HellMixed Canon /Filler2023-01-07
128Tartarus Manga Canon 2023-01-14
129The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Manga Canon 2023-01-21
130The Wrong Way To Put Out a Fire Manga Canon 2023-01-28
131Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Manga Canon 2023-02-04
132Full Power!! Manga Canon 2023-02-11
133Hired Gun Manga Canon 2023-02-18
134The Lovely Lady Nagant Manga Canon 2023-02-25
135Friend Manga Canon 2023-03-04
136Deku vs. Class A Manga Canon 2023-03-11
137A Young Woman’s Declaration Manga Canon 2023-03-18
138No Man Is an Island Manga Canon 2023-03-25

What Is My Hero Academia Filler List?

My Hero Academia filler listing is an impressive anime sequence that started in 2016. So far, 88 My Hero Academia filler listing episodes have been broadcasted.

My Hero Academia Filler is an action-comedy anime sequence. It is written and drawn by Kōhei Horikoshi.

It is a Japanese superhero manga sequence. The manga was translated by Bones into an anime TV sequence.

The manga has acquired the Harvey Award for Best Manga of 2019. The manga has round 26 million copies in print as of December 2019.

 The manga and anime model have each acquired an overwhelmingly constructive response from critics and viewers. My Hero Academia is considered among the best anime sequence.

Over the years, the emergence of “quirks,” just lately found superpowers. It has been regularly rising.

80 % of mankind has totally different talents from element manipulation to form change.  This makes the remainder of the globe completely helpless.

One such individual is Izuku Midoriya. The aspiring center schooler has wanted nothing else than to be a hero. He had this aspiration since he was a child.

 The unfair future of Izuku leaves him complimenting heroes and taking notes every time he can.

 But his dedication appears to have yielded some fruits. Izuku encounters the primary hero and his private icon, All Might.

 The quirk of All Might is a uncommon talent that may be handed. Surprisingly, he has picked Izuku as his successor!

Izuku is enrolled in UA High, a preferred highschool famend for its excellent hero coaching course.

 After a number of days of grueling coaching, his freshmen look turns into extraordinarily spectacular.  Izuku will quickly uncover what it actually means to be a hero. He will do it along with his unusual but expert pals and with the rising menace of a villainous group.

Last Words

So now you’ve got the My Hero Academia Filler List that has all My Hero Academia Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler listing of every other anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.


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