Pokémon- Advanced Generation Episode List

Pokemon Advanced generation filler list is Pokémon’s sixth season. It is the very first part of the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Series.

It is a Japanese anime TV series known as Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation in Japan. The plot is centered in the fictional Hoenn zone.

The story follows the journey of ten-year-old Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum. It is also about his electronic bunny partner Pikachu.

They earn gym badges to participate in the battle against the Hoenn League. There is a Pokémon coordinator called May.

May wants to compete to win Ribbons in the Pokémon Games. They met along the way by Brock. Brock is the Pewter City Gym Leader.

They also met Pokémon coordinator May and her brother Max. This is because she wants to participate in the Hoenn Grand Festival.

In this series, Ash moves through the Hoenn region in a desire to compete in the Hoenn League there. He is not accompanied by Misty.

Misty was his continual companion for the remainder of the original season. But May is a Petalburg City rookie trainer who just loves to travel at first.

She finally hears of Pokémon Competitions and reveals herself to be a Pokémon Coordinator.

She reveals that she can compete in the Hoenn Grand Festival. She also says that she has been practicing to win Ribbons.

May’s brother Max also moves with the team and helps to use his PokéNav to track paths to take. However, Max is too young to have a Pokémon of his own.

Brock, who is Ash’s near-constant consultant, returns. This happens shortly after the beginning of the series. Misty makes two guest appearances in several episodes.

Ash and Brock return to Kanto. Though May and Max head to Petalburg City after Ash competes in the Hoenn League.

While on his way home to Pallet City, Ash meets Scott. Scott welcomes him to join the war field after noticing Ash’s fighting skills.

He passes through Kanto in an effort to complete the War Region. He is joined again by Brock, Max, and May. They are now preparing to compete at the Kanto Grand Festival.


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