Roblox A One Piece Game Update 6 And Patch Notes
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Last Updated: 4 months ago

Today we will have a look at the update number 6 for Roblox A One Piece Game. There is a lot of cool stuff that has been added in this update by game Developers.

The developers of the game have released the latest update number 6 for Roblox A One Piece Game. Quite a few things have been added to the game through this update. New Ope Ope Fruit has been added to the game. You can get the fruit in raid system. There is also the laws sword that you can get from new raid system. New raid systems and daily rewards systems have also been introduced.

For more info read the below official update.

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Roblox A One Piece Game Update 6 (Official)

  • New Ope Ope Fruit
    • Obtained by Merchant Spin (Low Chance) or Raid System (Small Chance)
  • Laws Sword: Kikoku
    • Obtainable from the Law Boss or Found from the new Raid System
  • New Daily Rewards
    • Earn rewards by logging in everyday. Must be a member of the a 0ne piece game Roblox Group to claim! Rewards include Beli, XP Boosts, and on Day 7 a free Fruit!
  • Accessory System
    • You can gain accessories from bosses in the game, which provide boosts for stats.
  • Raid System
    • Survive against waves of strong enemies that spawn all over the map.
    • Rewards include: Beli, Bounty, Ope Fruit, Kikoku Sword, and Marine Hats
    • NPCs and bosses in the raid system drop the accessories, all the bosses in the main game drop the accessories as well.
    • The final wave in the raid is wave 30 where Law has an 1% to drop the Operation Fruit or the Kikoku.
  • Level Cap Increased: 1800 –> 2000
  • Can now delete fruits from inventory

Source: Roblox

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