Roblox Reaper 2 The Los Lobos Update and Patch Note
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Last Updated: 4 months ago

Today we will have a detailed look into what the Los Lobos Update brings in for the game Roblox Reaper 2. Many of the bugs and errors in the game have been removed with this update.

On 9th April, 2022 the game Roblox Reaper 2 received its latest Los Lobos update.

Let us see all the major and minor bug fixes and changes.

Roblox Reaper 2 The Los Lobos Update and Patch Note


  • Primero Rework; Los Lobos
  • New Z and X move
  • New Hakka no Togame X move
  • Heavily optimized game skills

Major Bugs

  • You can no longer walk out of m1s by facing your back to them and walking forwards (or at least it’s harder to do so now)
  • Bankai transformation now has a much longer cooldown to prevent multi-heal.


  • Wabisuke’s passive does not apply Depress when hitting an opponent’s block or when blocking an opponent’s hit. (FIXED)
  • People will not auto-spawn in Ranked, allowing them to just delay the match.
  • Vastocar/Arrancar’s exp buff does not seem to be applying to them. (Fixed)


  • Zanka no Tachi (Fire Bankai)
    • Increased windup of Z move by 1 second. Reduced damage of each hit by 20%.
    • Increased windup of X move by 1.25 seconds. Reduced damage by 20%.
    • Reduced damage of C move by 15%. — Bombe —
    • Concussion Blast’s Upgrade Node does not apply (guardbreak)(Fixed?)
  • Hakka no Togame (Ice Bankai)
    • Increased the windup of Z move by 0.7 seconds.
    • Increased windup of C move by 2 seconds.
    • Decrease freeze time by 2 seconds. — Benihime Shikai —
    • Fix Z move not blocking attacks; now blocks all attacks for 1/4 of damage.
    • Increase X move stun time on opponents by 1.25 seconds.
  • Pantera Resureccion
    • Increased “Roar” spherical hitbox by 2 studs. Added 0.3 seconds of endlag to the move.
    • Decreased Grand Rey Cero’s damage by 10%.
    • Increased Hitbox of Desgarron by 1 stud.
  • Kreisel Vollstanding
    • Removed unique m1 wait time, or remove ragdoll(?)
  • Sword Moves
    • Removed hyper armor on bisect. Reduced windup by 15%. Nerfed damage by 4%.
  • Hakuda Moves
    • Added hyper armor to double jab again(?); Increase the windup by 10% and reduce damage by 5%.
  • Arrancars
    • Increased the minimum charge time required for MOUTH CERO by 1.25 seconds.
    • Increased the Knockback stun of HEAVY BALA by 2 studs. — Soul Reapers —
    • Increased range of “BYAKURAI” move by 15 studs.
    • Reduced range of “SABAKU” move by 15 studs.
    • Haien is now blockable.
  • Quincies
    • Reduced BOW m2 minimum charge time. Increased Bow m1 attack speed.
    • Buffed “Swap Weapons” switch speed.

QoL Changes

  • Change Primero Res ceros to match Reiatsu color.

Minor Quality of Life

  • Reroll masks, weapons, clothing price have been reduced in shop and for cash.

Source: Discord

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