Roblox Islands 2 year Anniversary Update
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Last Updated: 2 months ago

It has been 2 years since the game Roblox Islands 2 cam live on the Roblox. On the 2nd anniversary of the game, developers have released a new update. Let us have a look at the things that this update brings to the game.

You will get a “2 Year Anniversary Cake” for the current week in this update. The workbenches have been upgraded. Just by clicking a button you can upgrade workbench. A suggestion box has been added so that you can decide what item will you craft. A new teleoperation device comes in play that can teleport you to 5 new locations. There are more bug fixes in this update.

Let us see the official update.

Islands 2 Year Anniversary Patch Notes

April 10th is the 2 year anniversary of Islands! Happy birthday to Islands! Claim your “2 Year Anniversary Cake” during this week only!

New Hub

With this update comes a complete rework of the Hub! In the coming weeks, we will be adding even more content to the Hub. There will be several more updates to this island to get everything in its final state, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback on this!

Workbench Upgrades

  • Workbenches received a huge improvement in this update, see the list below:
  • Added a button to directly upgrade your workbench
  • Added a recommended tab to suggest items to craft next
    • We will continue to add suggestions to this feature. Send us your feedback on what we should be suggesting!
  • Added a search bar
  • Added a toggle to only display the items you have the resources to craft
  • Added an option to choose how many items to craft at once


  • A new transportation device appeared on the islands around the Hub!
  • Added teleporters to the game! Add up to 5 locations to your island’s teleporter with Island Orbs!
  • Locations added to your island’s teleporter are available to you on the hub teleporters
  • Added Island Orbs – Craft them with special ingredients from each island!
  • Added a Stand to display Island Orbs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed animals that refused to eat from the trough
  • Timed chests now correctly wait before outputting items
  • Fixed tooltips in the workbench being cut off
  • Fixed bug with spawning multiple bosses at the same time
  • Fixed custom number input in trading being blocked by the tooltip
  • Fixed bug with the Wizard Boss static attack not disappearing
  • Removed the 2 songs from the Jukebox that no longer work in Roblox
  • Fixed bug where you would eat 2 food items instead of 1
  • Fixed bug where you could not milk the yak with a bucket

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