Roblox Adventure Simulator Codes have released a new update known as the Yak Update for Roblox Islands Yaks. This patch note will fix a few bugs. We will list the official update to make things more clear for your.

Yaks have been added to Roblox Islands. You will be buying yak spawn egg and hatch it for yak. There are many uses of yak. Yak gives milk that is used to prepare many food items. Three new food items namely Bhutan butter tea, sweet rice desert, and Gondo Datshi can be seen. Consume them for different multipliers. Let us have a look at the official patch note.

Roblox Islands Yaks Update Patch Notes (March 25, 2022)

Taliyah has discovered yaks on a remote island. Talk to Taliyah to purchase a yak spawn egg and spawn a yak on your island.
???? Yaks eat radishes and other foods to produce yak milk
???? Yak milk can be churned into yak butter
???? Mount a yak to gain a 25% movement speed increase
Yak butter can be used to create new food items.
???? Bhutan Butter Tea – gain a break speed multiplier increase
???? Sweet Rice Dessert – gain a movement speed increase
????️ Gondo Datshi – gain increased seed yield
3 new types of blocks
???? Copper block
???? Red bronze block
✨ Opal Block
Other Changes
???? Fixed vending machine bug causing players to be stuck after configuring prices
⚡ Renamed Mayonnaise Maker → Churner
???? Fixed stair crafting recipes
???? Reduced Pineapple Prices (92 → 85)
???? Buffed Tomato Prices (9 → 15)
Heavy rains are expected during this season. Rice fields will be flooded and harvests will be bountiful.

Source: Discord

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