Roblox BedWars Boba Blaster Update And Patch Notes

Today we will have a detailed look into what the Boba Update brings in for the game Roblox BedWars. We will also list the official patch note for the game.

The latest update for Roblox BedWars is out and it can rightly be said as Boba update. You can now get the boba blaster from the item shop. The Ranked BETA Season is over and all the ranks and stats have been reset so that players can have a fresh start.

Let us have a look at the detailed official patch for Roblox Bedwears.

Roblox BedWars Boba Patch Notes

Boba Blaster (NEW ITEM!)
A new ranged weapon is available from the Item Shop in all modes!
Ranked Season 4
The Ranked BETA Season is finally over and Season 4 is officially underway. This means all BETA Season ratings have been finalized and everyone gets a fresh start for Season 4.
Going forward, ranked seasons will be synced with Battle Pass seasons.
Ranked Season Rewards
Everyone who finished the BETA Season as Nightmare has received special rewards!
⚔️ Nightmare: Victorious Barbarian Skin
???? Nightmare: Victorious BETA Season Emote
✨ All ranks: Lobby title for your final rank
These rewards will never be purchasable or obtainable ever again. Congratulations to everyone who made it to Nightmare!
Nightmare Rank Changes
Nightmare has been changed to only include the top 200 players on the ranked leaderboard. The list of Nightmare players is updated every few hours. This means you can now go above 100RP in Diamond 4 and will only rankup to Nightmare once you’re in the top 200.
Nightmare Emote
A new Nightmare Emote has been added for all players who are actively have the Nightmare rank. If your rank falls below Nightmare, you immediately lose access to the emote.
Other Changes
???? Lucky Block: Added Head Growth Potion (NEW ITEM!)
???? Added a damage hit effect
???? Renamed Rapid Regen to Rapid Heal
✨ Moved Rapid Heal II and Shield Gen II into the basic research type
♻️ Removed Rapid Heal III, Shield Gen III, and Updraft II
???? Added spawnable Bedrock block to Custom Matches (only breakable by Hosts + Cohosts)
???? Fixed ranked issue where you’d sometimes get an RP loss when winning the game
???? Alchemist: Fixed dupe glitch
???? Fixed balloons anticheat bugs

Source: Discord

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