Roblox Islands Quality of Life Update And Patch Notes
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Last Updated: 2 months ago

Today we will have a detailed look into what the Roblox Islands Update (released on 1st April) brings in for the game Roblox BedWars. We will also list the official patch note for the game.

The developers of the game Roblox Island have released a new update know as the Quality of Life. They want all the players to have a better gaming experience. With this update up can add some extra items in all machines. The mailman has also been removed from the game. There are a lot of other changes in the game that you will find in the below official update.

Roblox Islands Quality of Life Update And Patch Notes

System Changes

All of the manual machines now work while you are in the hub or visiting other islands

Increased the number of items you can put in all of the following machines:

  • Campfire
  • Cheese Maker
  • Stone Cutter
  • Honey Press
  • Sawmill
  • Composter
  • Cloth Loom
  • Churner
    • Adjusted the smelting time of various recipes

General Changes

  • You can now more easily see which totem you are buying from Arius
  • Removed the mailman – Thank you for your feedback!
  • Decreased opal spawn rate
  • Decreased ruby drop rate from the desert boss
  • Changed industrial trough recipe
  • Changed furniture recipes
  • Changed drops rates for some entities
  • Changed many more recipes to be more balanced

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed update logs mistakenly being from last year
  • Fixed “Back To Island” button being behind the player list
  • Fixed settings menu being cut off
  • You can now drink potions instead of eating them
  • Added a food category to the inventory
  • Fixed chili seed collisions
  • Fixed combat and other animations
  • Fixed wheat tiling issue

For more info related to this game bookmark this page. To know more about Roblox related stuff visit our Roblox Page.

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