Roblox Islands New Orbs Update
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Last Updated: 4 months ago

To make things more interesting, the developers of Roblox Islands have come up with the Orbs update.

Now you can enjoy all the features added by the new Orbs update in the game Roblox Islands. The update came live on April 16th, 2022. As part of the new update you can now teleport anywhere on the island in no time. The orbs are available in 10 colors and you can also access the Boss orb. With the boss orb you can directly get to the location where you can take on the game boss. The new pirate maps have been added so that you can locate loot and treasures across the island. There are many bug fixes and other changes. Let us see them in official update.

Roblox Islands New Update


  • New types of orbs are available for your teleporters!
  • Added Personal Orbs
  • Allows you to teleport to different locations on your island
  • Consume the orb to set the location
  • Available in 10 colors!
  • Added Boss Orbs
  • Teleports you directly in front of the boss summoning location
  • Only craftable after defeating the boss following this update
  • We are aware of a bug where this doesn’t work from your player island and are working on a fix.

Pirate Maps

  • The pirates from Pirate Island finally realized where the rest of their treasure is hidden!
  • Added treasure to all islands (except the Diamond Mines and Underworld)
  • Different treasures on different islands drop different loot
  • Fixed treasure spots that were buried too deep to dig up

Other Changes

  • Removed Taliyah from showing up on your island
  • Removed decorations from the Hub
  • Performance improvements
  • Fhanhorn balance changes:
  • Reduced pull range by 25%
  • Increased the healing cooldown (1.6s → 2.3)
  • Reduce melee damage by 20%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Xbox controls!
  • Fixed pink bunnies crashing Roblox
  • Traveling to the Fhanhorn boss island is possible again
  • Granite, diorite, and andesite now drop the correct block
  • Fixed Tai Nigiri showing up twice in skill unlocks
  • Fixed issue with Kor’s stun attack
  • Fixed Infernal Fish not able to be put in fish tanks
  • Fixed Infernal Fish, Spirit Fish, and Puffer Fish not appearing in fish tanks
  • Fixed duck and turkey eggs
  • Fixed an area in the hub where you were able to stand on air
  • Fixed lava that made its way onto slime Island
  • Fixed incomplete lake on the slime island
  • Fixed torches in the mines not having a fire
  • Fixed art frames having an exception to gravity

Earlier This Week

  • Fixed search bar on mobile devices
  • Fixed totem UI bug
  • Fixed recipe lists in workbench crafting UI
  • Level-locked the teleporter orbs and Island teleports
  • Level-locked the Underworld (Combat Level 55)
  • Fixed Orb crafting organization
  • Fixed an issue with the Underworld teleport orb
  • Fixed Kor not spawning
  • Fixed missing lightning arc from Wizard Boss
  • Updated the pirate map to use the new Hub
  • Fixed an issue with the vending machine tax display
  • Fixed tiger fridge not storing food items
  • Fixed not being able to eat baked potatoes
  • Removed extra duped items on UI inventory
  • Island visitors can no longer change animal skins

Source: Discord

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