Roblox Titan Warfare New Update And patch Notes (Mobile PVP)
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Last Updated: 4 months ago

Roblox Titan Warfare has just got its latest update that brings the exciting feature of mobile PvP.

The developers of Roblox Titan Warfare have released the new game update. In the new update you can new enjoy PvP multiplayer mode on your mobile. Other modes are free to play. In the new game mode, mobile gamers can chooses between competitive or casual gameplay. As a player now you can enter the survival mode with 2 skills. A new survival skill know as the “Super Slash” has been added to the game. You can now enjoy a new perk known as the “Resourceful”.

There are a lot of new things that have been added. Let us look at them in detail.

Titan Warfare Mobile PVP Patch Notes

To prevent casual mode from becoming a mobile player slaughterhouse for PC players, we have added a separate mobile servers place in which only mobile players can play for PvP multiplayer mode. Mobile players can still play with other platforms in survival mode, practice, private servers, etc. Mobile players with controllers connected are able to access multiplayer cross play mode where they can choose to play either casual or competitive (highly recommend casual, you will get absolutely blasted on comp unless you’re good at the game). We might add other ways of getting into cross play such as a level lock in the future for mobile players without controllers.
  • Players can now equip up to 2 skills in survival rather than only 1
  • Added perks to survival mode, these have a separate tier datastore than PvP mode. You will have the same perks if you’ve purchased from the PvP modes, however they will all be at tier 1.
  • New survival skill called “Super Slash”
    • You automatically cut the napes of 3 nearby pure titans
  • New eldian perk called “Resourceful”
    • You have more ODM gas storage depending on your perk tier
    • 1st tier = +20%
    • 2nd tier = +40%
    • 3rd tier = +60%
  • New eldian perk called “Tenacious”
    • You have more ODM blades durability depending on your perk tier
    • 1st tier = +20%
    • 2nd tier = +40%
    • 3rd tier = +60%
  • New legendary survival bloodline called “Arlert”.
    • This gives you 2x colossal titan damage, applies to the nuke and all of its moves
  • Added a teleport brick below the survival map. If you clip through the map floor, you will teleport back to spawn
  • Decreased cooldown of spin skill in survival from 1 min to 35 seconds
  • Decreased cooldown of auto nape cut in survival from 50 seconds to 45, and made the description more accurate
  • Tutorial mode now has mobile compatibility
  • Adjusted the positions of the UI in tutorial mode to accommodate for the new mobile tutorial stuff
  • Fixed green glowing bizarre particle not showing

Source: Roblox

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