Roblox Starving Artists Update and Official Patch Note
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Last Updated: 5 months ago

Today we are going to discuss about the latest Roblox Starving Artists update. We will see what changes these updates have bought to the game. You will also have the access to the official patch note as released by the developers.

A new update has been released by the creators of the game Starving Artists. The update came live on March 25th, 2022. We can see a lot of new addons in the new update. Stamps and shapes have been added to the game to improve your artistry. Tools like shadow, eraser have also been added. In order to make your art work more attractive, you can now access different frames.

Roblox Starving Artists Update And Patch Note

Let us have a look at the official update for Roblox Starving Artists.

STAMPS & SHAPES ARE NOW HERE! Check out all the cool shapes and patterns we’ve added to make your art pop even more!
A shading tool has now been added! You can now lighten or darken your colors just by brushing over them with this tool.
An eraser tool has now been added! (Yes, you can still use right click to erase as well)
Check out our new VIP bundle gamepass! Not only do you unlock a super cool booth and a name tag, but you get a very special RAINBOW BRUSH as well! ???? ????️
New limited-edition frame and effect! Check out our cheese frame and our awesome new portal effect! (A matching cheese effect has been added to the machine)
A secret booth has appeared.. there’s a rare chance you might unlock it by buying/selling art! ???? ????

Source: Discord

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