Roblox A One Piece Game Yami and Trade Update
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Last Updated: 2 months ago

The game developers have released new update for Roblox A One Piece Game. Let us see what the update brings to the game.

The new update for Roblox A One Piece Game came live on April 28th, 2022. In the new update you can now enjoy trading every day with 5 trades that you can complete on weekends. You will now have access to a new powerful fruit know as the Yami (Dark) Fruit. Let us see below what the official update has to say.

Roblox A One Piece Game Yami and Trade Update

New Kit Countdown!

The newest BedWars kit releases Saturday @ 11am PDT! A countdown has been enabled in the Lobby to celebrate the release.

Gun Game (NEW Limited Time Mode!)

Race against your enemies through a series of weapons in this new fast paced FFA mode.
Each kill grants you a new weapon. Be the first player to progress through all 15 weapons to win!

Grappling Hook Gun (NEW Limited Time Item!)

The grappling hook gun is now available in all queues for 4 emeralds. Use the grappling hook gun to quickly navigate the map!

Free Kits of the Week

  • Trinity
  • Baker
  • Lassy

New Maps

  • Added Coast (squads + doubles)

Other Changes

  • Invisible Landmine cost increased (40 → 65 iron)
  • Invisible Landmine now has a max placed limit of 6

Source: Discord

This is all we could get from Roblox A One Piece Game. To know more about Roblox related stuff visit our Roblox Page.


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