Sally Face Episode 4 Walkthrough and Achievements

A text walkthrouh of the 4th episode Sally Face, including how to get all 7 achievements and the explanation behind the solution to various puzzles (while the actual solution will be hidden, I will give the reasoning that led me to the answer as “hints”).

There are spoilers here if you read ahead (eg for achievements, that’s why I explain them along with the story).

I’m sorry if the guide isn’t too pretty, I’m not very used to manual text formatting..

You’re absolutely welcome to make any remark or contribution, I wrote the guide with the notes I took while playing so there might be slight inaccuracies in parts I couldn’t recall very well.



There are, like the 3 previous episodes, 7 achievements to get. Below is a list of them, and throughout the walkthrough I will explain how to get them along the game.

Suffer : this achievement is unmissable, it is obtained upon completion of the game.

Teeth : this one is also unmissable, it pops when you have all of the teeth.

Catching Up : talked to everyone in the apartments.

Dark Melodies : Never failed any of the barrier songs.

Her Fate : collected all VHS tapes.

Brothers : had all optional conversations with Larry.

Destroyer : destroyed the Endless One without failing.


– Sally wakes up to an ear-shattering alarm clock in a strange version of his room. Exit to the left.

– Talk to “Bubs” standing on your right: he wants you to admire his art in the rooms to your left. Rooms 1,2 and 3 are enough to progress, but you need room 4 to obtain 2 VHS tapes, if you’re gunning for Her Fate you should get all 4 doors. In the 3 first doors, simply enter and talk to each pieces of “art” and notice the nordic letters on the opposite side of each room.

Puzzle: The 4th door is locked, it requires a 3-symbol code. The symbols are also nordic letters, there are 10 of them: there isn’t a direct link between your symbols and those ones since some would be missing on either side like the “F” looking one. If you assign a value to each symbol on the dials (0, 1, 2, 3, etc) and pay close attention to each symbol in order you’ll notice that they grow more complicated as you go up: 0 is a dot, 1 is a line, 2 is a circumflex accent…  simply punch in the corresponding symbols on the keypad and ta-daa!

– Enter room 4, on your immediate left you get another number: take a screenshot or write it down exactly as it is (very important). You should also remember how you solved the puzzle that led you to this number. On the right side of the room is a 4th piece of “art”, talk to it (notice the name of this piece of art is “Her Fate”: sound familiar?).

– Return to Bubs, tell him about the art you’ve just seen and ask him to let you through. You find the first VHS tape (1/9).

In the House

– You wake up as an adult, your hair gloriously floating free. Notice the charger on the shelf next to the door: you’ve lost your phone.

– Explore the house if you want, there is no missable content here (although interacting with the TV is interesting).

– Talk to Neil upstairs twice, exhaust all dialog options, he gives you your phone back. Don’t charge your phone yet!! . Interact with the cabinets at the far right of the room: the new shed code is 4035364, it is located through the basement in the backyard. Once inside, interact with all of the interesting stuff: they’ve been busy! Pick up the VHS tape (2/9) on the far right.

– Finally charge your phone, wait for a short while (you wish your phone would charge that fast!) and then use it.

Return to Addison Apartments

– Talk to Larry. There are 3 different dialogs that happen on their own, you have to wait (the second one starts with “are you all packed up?” and the third is about other people being happier than they are). Some people say you have to go back to the screen with the house and even interact with the front door, so if you’re missing a piece, try to do that..

Goal: search the appartments

You have to go though all of the apartments, I’ve explained everything room by room:

– 104: Larry Dialog (I will refer to them as LD), talk to him a second time.

– 103: Talk to Mr. Addison.

– 102: LD. Interact with Rose’s chair twice. Pick up the tooth (1/5) on the floor on the right side of the door.

– 101: Talk to Mrs Gibson, get the door slammed in your face.

– (B) Secret apartment: Pick up the tooth (2/5) in bedroom 1. Interact with the trap door in bedroom 2: Larry’s lost the key (and no, it’s not in the lost&found, unfortunately).

– (B) Larry’s apt: LD. Interact with the stereo twice (feel the feels). Go to the treehouse, LD (you can lie or not it doesn’t matter, but the truth is more fun).

– 201: interact with the goat blood stain in the kitchen. Go in the bathroom (LD). In bedroom 1, interact with the life support machine and with the strange square rip in the carpet (remember it’s there). In bedroom, interact with the death machine twice.

– 202: In the bathroom, pick up the tooth (3/5) on the toilet tank. Talk to Janis on the couch and to Ray in their brand new “garden” (Todd’s old room).

– 203: pick up the pocket knife at the far end of the kitchen.

– 204: LD.

– 301: Talk to CJ.

– 302: Talk to David.

– 303: Talk to Chug, Maple and Soda (admire her wonderfully nostalgic Furby).

– 304: pick up a tooth (4/5) on the first kitchen counter.

– 401: Talk to Robert.

– 402: Talk to your Dad and Stepmom.

– 403: Talk to Mr Sanderson, and try to walk back into the appartment three times.

  • Achievement: Catching Up

– 404: Use the knife on the VHS tape lying on the floor to fix it (is Sally McGyver’s long lost son?). Pick up the VHS tape (3/9).

– 501: After the bum leaves, go left to find the last tooth (5/5) on the boarded window’s sill.

– 502: Interact with the birdcage. Use the knife on the birdcage.

Puzzle: The teeth need to be placed in the sockets, they each represent a cardinal point. Notice the “made in China” sticker (lol) is upside down, . You automatically get the key.

– 503: Interact with Larry. Move right until you see a sort of hole in the wall at Sal’s height, interact with it 3 times to get a VHS tape (4/9).

– 504: go into the bathroom. Go into the bedroom, interact with the mattress twice. Go through the whole and interact 3 times with the noose hanging all the way to the left.

– Now there is just one thing to take care of:

  • Go back to room 201 and use the knife on the ripped piece of carpet. Oh glorious day, another code puzzle!
  • Puzzle: Remember the numbers you found in the introduction? This is where they come in handy. They were 342 697. And you got them by… yep, counting lines. Since you have copied exactly the numbers, they are written in a digital fashion which makes things easier. You’ll get 435542 (it is important to do this with the original police they were written in, otherwise you will count 9 as 5 since it was purposefully miswritten)
  • You get another VHS tape (5/9).
  • Achievement: Brothers

Goal: check the temple

This is pretty much self-explanatory, no secret content.

Goal: check on Larry

– Get to the tree-house, read the note.

– Todd gives you the revamped electric guitar, asks you to play the notes. Use the guitar by typing G, then choose which line you want with the directional arrows and the note with JKL.

Fighting Back with Music

Goal: destroy the barrier seals

This part of the game involves switching characters often, each paragraph below corresponds to the active character (L or S)

This is also where you will be able to obtain the Dark Melodies achievement, which requires you to make no mistakes on any of the barriers. If you do make one, exit immediately to your desktop and re-launch the game: if it’s not too late you’ll have another try at it (although having gone through the guitar parts twice, I have to say it was pretty easy to get this achievement, so if you’re having a hard time you might simply want to play the game over a 2nd time).

Throughout this part of the story you can talk to everyone you encounter but they won’t do anything remarkable.

– L: pick up the floating stone on the left, use it next to the first barrier.

– S: use the guitar next to the barrier, play the song and hop down once it’s destroyed.

– L: use the stone in front of 501, go in and use the stone again next to the bum.

– S: enter 501 and pick up the key to 504, open room 504.

– L: go through the hole in the bedroom of 504, use the stone on the black rectangle lying on the floor, it is thus sent to the “other side”.

– S: pick up the VHS tape (6/9) that presently “appeared” on the floor. Drop down to fourth floor. Enter room 402 and notice the TV is on static.

– L: enter 402 and notice the TV is making sparks. Use the rock in front of the sparks. The rock absorbs this energy and “recharges”, allowing Larry to activate the barrier on Sal’s side. However this is still not enough. Enter 401 and absorb the energy sparking from the radio, before heading to the barrier and activating it.

– S: have a jam session and destroy the barrier.

– L: enter 403, have a chat with Herman (if you enter as Sal, something different shows up). Enter 404, walk right through the darkness until you find another tape on the floor. Use the rock to send it to Sal.

– S: pick up the VHS tape (7/9). Drop down to the third floor. Enter 301, the radio is playing music (if you switch characters you’ll notice there are no sparks). Change the frequency to hear static.

– L: there still aren’t any sparks, but the radio in this “dimension” is still playing music. Change the frequency to match Sal’s side. Absorb the energy and go activate the barrier.

– S: play a tune and destroy the barrier.

– L: enter 303 and pick up the Dark Pony plush toy in front of the toy box. Drop down to the 2nd floor.

– S: enter room 202 and interact with the toilet.

– L: go to the same toilet and interact with it, you get the key to room 201. Go unlock the door, enter bedroom 1 and charge the stone on the life support machine. Activate the barrier.

– S: emulate Jimi Hendrix and destroy the barrier.

– L: in room 204, place the Dark Pony in the middle of the pentagram.

– S: go pick up the VHS tape (8/9) that appeared in the same spot (although I’ve no idea why…*shrug*). Drop down to the first floor.

– L: activate the barrier.

– S: play a gnarly solo and detroy the barrier.

Achievement: Dark Melodies


– S: pick up the carrot on the floor at the far right of room 104, on top of a cabinet (why would it even be there???) and place it in front of room 101 (the door must be cracked open I believe, you can interact with it).

– L: pick up the lighter at the right end of the corridor, it’s not very obvious but it’s there. Use it on what used to be a carrot.

– S: pick up the VHS tape (9/9). (you will not get another chance to watch the tapes)

Achievement: Her Fate

– S: enter room 103 and destroy the boss with your mad guitar skills. Don’t make mistakes because you’re just that awesome. If you do make a mistake, immediately exit to desktop and relaunch the game, it should save you from having to replay all of the game for just one achievement.

Achievement: Destroyer

Then just follow the instructions and enjoy the heartwarming ending!

Achievement: Suffer

Thank you for reading! Please rate 🙂


Thanks to Snake and DK for pointing out mistakes and making the guide better!

By Laksya

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