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DC Comics has no scarcity of speedsters. From heroes like Superman and the Flash to villains like Savitar and Reverse-Flash, it appears there’s all the time one other speedster making their debut. Some use their items for heroic missions, whereas others make use of their velocity for egocentric or legal endeavors, however every relishes the possibility to place their velocity to the take a look at.

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Across 80 years of publication, DC’s best speedsters have proved their mettle in opposition to one another, whether or not competing in pleasant face-offs or laying all of it on the road throughout world-shattering occasions. By analyzing every speedster’s best feats, comics followers can lastly decide who’s the quickest speedster alive.

25 Trajectory (Eliza Harmon)

First Appearance: 52 (Vol. 1) #17, By Writers Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, And Mark Waid; Pencilers Keith Giffen And Chris Batista; Inkers Ruy José And Jack Jadson; Colorist David Baron; And Letterer Phil Balsman

Eliza Harmon dreamed of being a speedster her complete life. When Lex Luthor chosen her for his Everyman Project, she noticed it as the chance of a lifetime. In line with their efforts to usher in a brand new era of superheroes, the Project granted Eliza superpowers. She donned the mantle, Trajectory and joined Luthor’s superhero group, Infinity, Inc.

Finally the speedster she all the time wished to be, Trajectory’s solely battle was slowing down, counting on the drug Sharp to scale back her velocity. Shortly after her debut, Eliza and her teammates engaged Blockbuster in battle. To additional his schemes, Lex Luthor depowered Trajectory throughout the battle, costing the younger hero her life.

24 Reverse-Flash (Daniel West)

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 4) #0, By Writer/Penciler/Inker Francis Manapul, Writer/Colorist Brian Buccellato, Colorist Ian Herring, And Letterer Wes Abbott

Daniel West had a tough childhood and ran away from house, develop into a small-time criminal. After he stumbled upon a Speed Force battery that gave him the facility to show again time, it regarded like his luck would lastly change. Hoping to heal his relationship together with his sister Iris, Daniel determined to journey again in time and kill their father.

Taking the title Reverse-Flash, Daniel began draining these touched by the Speed Force and launched into his mission. After his youthful self and Iris had been traumatized by the occasion, he realized his error and begged The Flash to assist set issues straight. Danial seized his likelihood at redemption by becoming a member of the Suicide Squad. Boasting sufficient velocity to run on water, Reverse-Flash saved a gaggle of kids from a bomb, sacrificing his life within the course of.

23 Lady Flash (Ivana Christina Borodin Molotova)

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 2) #7, By Writer Mike Baron, Penciler Jackson Guice, Inker Larry Mahlstedt, Colorist Carl Gafford, And Letterer Steve Haynie

Looking to duplicate the Flash’s velocity, Soviet scientist carried out experiments that helped them create a trio of speedsters. Calling themselves the Blue Trinity, the group comprised Gregor Gregorovich, Boleslaw Uminski, and Christina Molotova. Following a betrayal, Christina and the others grew to become Vandal Savage’s prisoners and had been subjected to experiments involving the speed-enhancing drug, Velocity 9.

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After Vandal seemingly killed the Flash, Christina wore Barry’s costume and donned the title Lady Flash. Christina labored for Vandal Savage till she found the Flash was alive, giving her the inspiration she wanted to withstand Vandal’s affect. Despite serving to the Flash, Christina quickly returned to Vandal Savage’s facet, nonetheless closely depending on Velocity 9. While she boasted spectacular velocity, Christina could not sustain with speedsters fueled by the Speed Force.

22 Inertia (Thadeus Thawne II)

First Appearance: Impulse (Vol. 1) #50, By Writer Todd Dezago, Penciler Ethan Van Sciver, Inker Prentis Rollin, Colorists Rick Taylor And Digital Chameleon, And Letterer Janice Chiang

In the thirtieth century, Thadeus Thawne created a clone of Bart Allen (Impulse) that possessed a few of Thawne’s genetic materials. Taking the title Inertia for himself, Thadeus Thawne II discovered endurance and methodical technique from the elder Thawne.

Taught to hate the Allen household with a burning ardour, Inertia was commissioned to journey again in time and substitute Bart Allen. His genetic composition granted him unimaginable velocity, however he’d flip to Velocity 9 after shedding entry to the Speed Force. Hoping to steal Bart’s velocity, Inertia gathered a gaggle of villains to hunt him down. Before he might reap the benefits of the stolen velocity, Inertia’s allies betrayed him.

21 Baroness Blitzkrieg

First Appearance: Justice Society of America (Vol. 3) #2, By Writer Geoff Johns, Penciler Dale Eaglesham, Inker Ruy José, Colorist Jeromy Cox, And Letterer Rob Leigh

Baroness Blitzkrieg was a member of the Fourth Reich, a terrorist group Vandal Savage fashioned for killing the descendants of patriotic heroes from the Golden Age. Loyal to Vandal’s depraved trigger, Baroness used her velocity to focus on and homicide a number of of Commander Steel’s descendants.

Before Baroness Blitzkrieg might goal Stripesy’s son, Mike Dugan, Jay Garrick prevented any extra bloodshed. While the villainous speedster’s fame wasn’t as notable as some others, she proved quick and ruthless sufficient to make an impression within the transient time she appeared within the comics.

20 John Fox (Jonathan Fox)

First Appearance: Flash Special (Vol. 1) #1, By Writer Mark Waid, Penciler Mike Parobeck, Inker José Marzan, Jr., Colorist Glenn Whitmore, And Letterer Tim Harkins

John Fox is the Flash from the twenty seventh century. Fox began out as a historian for the National Academy of Science, however he went above and past the decision of responsibility when the villain named Manfred Mota got here to his metropolis. The Academy despatched him into the previous to get assist from one of many Flashes. Although he failed, he gained powers from the radiation he was uncovered to throughout his journey.

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Fox defeated Mota and took on the Flash codename. Shortly after, Fox joined Wally West in his period to cease Polaris and Abra Kadabra from starting a brand new Ice Age. Becoming the official Flash of his timeline, Fox’s classification as a Speed Force Conduit nodded towards his sturdy hyperlink with the Speed Force and evidenced his functionality as a speedster.

19 Max Mercury

First Appearance: National Comics (Vol. 1) #5, By Writer Will Eisner And Penciler/Inker Lou Fine

During the Golden Age, Max Mercury glided by “The Whirlwind of the West” and teamed up with fellow speedsters ay Garrick and Johnny Quick. Mercury battled Dr. Morlo and Savitar, a who would antagonize speedsters for generations to return. Just a few a long time later, Mercury took on the accountability of mentoring Impulse, however after a run-in with Rival, “The Whirlwind” discovered himself imprisoned within the Speed Force.

Max Mercury would not return till Infinite Crisis, the place he helped the opposite speedsters battle Superboy-Prime. As a basic speedster, Mercury’s expertise proved as worthwhile as his superpowers. While not as well-known as his colleagues, Mercury proved himself a dependable and succesful teammate in any circumstance.

18 Johnny Quick (Jonathan Allen) – Earth 3

First Appearance: Justice League of America (Vol. 1) #29, By Writer Gardner Fox, Penciler Mike Sekowsky, Inker Bernard Sachs, And Letterer Gaspar Saladino

Jonathan Allen was the Flash’s evil Earth 3 counterpart and core member of the Crime Syndicate of America, an evil model of the Justice League. During DC’s “Forever Evil” storyline, Johnny and his comrades invaded Earth 1, hoping to make it their new house.

The Crime Syndicate of America efficiently captured a number of members of the League earlier than the Injustice League stopped them of their tracks. Johnny performed an instrumental position in “Forever Evil,” his superspeed permitting him to catch his enemies off guard and single-handedly take down the Teen Titans. While the New 52 model was killed by Mazahs, an absence of velocity wasn’t his downfall.

17 Dark Flash (Walter West)

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 2) #150, By Writers Mark Waid And Brian Augustyn, Penciler Paul Pelletier Inker Vince Russell, Colorist Tom McCraw, And Letterer Gaspar Saladino

Walter West got here from a unique timeline than Wally West, but a lot of their lives appeared the identical. Their futures diverged when Kobra killed Linda Park. After shedding Linda, Walter lower unfastened, did not maintain again on criminals anymore, and ventured into morally questionable territory.

Becoming extra anti-hero than hero, Walter earned a violent fame because the Dark Flash. After believing Wally West and Wally’s Linda had died, Walter used his superspeed to journey to Wally’s actuality, hoping to exchange him. His presence created an imbalance, forcing him to return to his personal actuality.

16 Rival (Edward Clariss)

First Appearance: Flash Comics (Vol. 1) #104, By Writer John Broome And Penciler/Inker Joe Kubert

Scientist and college professor Edward Clariss believed he’d re-created the formulation that gave Jay Garrick his velocity. When the skeptical scientific neighborhood rejected his findings, Clariss determined to check the formulation on himself. Expressing his anger and resentment by means of legal actions, he donned a darker model of Garrick’s Flash costume and took the title Rival.

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After going toe-to-toe with Garrick’s Flash, Rival found his velocity wasn’t everlasting. He continued to trigger speedster critical hassle all through the years, and whereas his velocity was manufactured, he proved quick sufficient to vanish into the Speed Force.

15 XS (Jenni Ognats)

First Appearance: Legionnaires (Vol. 1) #0, By Writers Tom McCraw And Mark Waid, Penciler Jeffrey Moy, Inker Ron Boyd, Colorist Tom McCraw, And Letterer Pat Brosseau

The granddaughter of Barry Allen, Jenni Ognats was focused by Professor Zoom shortly after her beginning. Her household relocated to a different Earth, and years later, her powers emerged in response to a disaster. Taking the codename, XS, Jenni joined the Legion of Superheroes, met up together with her cousin Bart Allen, and united with the Flash household.

As a descendant of Barry Allen, Jenni shares the Allen household’s affinity towards superheroics and nice energy. She teamed with the Flash household and took on Savitar throughout the occasion, “Dead Heat,” proving herself amongst DC’s high speedsters. Like different spectacular speedsters, Jenni was additionally a Speed Force Conduit.

14 Black Flash

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 2) #138, By Writers Mark Millar And Grant Morrison, Penciler Ron Wagner, Inker John Nyberg, Colorist Tom McCraw, And Letterer Gaspar Saladino

The Black Flash serves because the Grim Reaper for these related to the Speed Force. Whenever a speedster is near loss of life, they’re going to catch a glimpse of the Black Flash as he prepares to whisk them away into the Speed Force. The Black Flash has had a number of run-ins with Wally West, evidently eager on taking the previous Kid Flash.

As the Flash-equivalent of Death, the Black Flash proved undeniably quick. He was rumored to return for Barry Allen earlier than the hero’s loss of life in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and revealed himself to Max Mercury on a number of events. Black Flash’s pursuit of Wally West pressured the notable speedster to hunt others for help.

13 Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)

First Appearance: Justice Society of America (Vol. 2) #1, By Writer Len Strazewski, Penciler Mike Parobeck, Inker Mike Machlan, Colorist Glenn Whitmore, And Letterer Bob Pinaha

The daughter of Golden Age speedster Johnny Quick, Jesse Chambers quickly discovered how one can faucet into and use power from the Speed Force. Jessie lent her talents to groups just like the Justice Society and helped Wally West tackle Savitar, even when Savitar had stolen her powers.

While Jessie regained her velocity, she misplaced one thing much more valuable; her father sacrificed his life to guard her from Savitar. Jessie could have had a slower studying curve in comparison with her heroic friends, however she might run with the perfect of them. Whether performing as a solo hero or serving on the Justice Society, Teen Titans, and JLA, Jessie proved she was as much as any problem.

12 The Flash (Jay Garrick)

First Appearance: Flash Comics (Vol. 1) #1, By Writer Gardner Fox And Penciler/Inker/Letterer Harry Lampert

After a laboratory experiment at his University went improper, Jay Garrick discovered himself with superpowers. He fought as a core member of the Justice Society of America and battled with the likes of the Shade, the Fiddler, and the Thinker. After Barry Allen stepped into the Flash position, Garrick took on a mentor position and educated up youthful heroes.

Having been a speedster for many years, Garrick possessed knowledgeable information of and a robust connection to the Speed Force. Considering the missions he participated in throughout his later years, like battling Professor Zoom with Max Mercury and Johnny Quick, one can solely think about how briskly Garrick was in his prime.

11 Kid Flash (Wally West II)

First Appearance: The Flash Annual (Vol. 4) #3, By Writers Van Jensen And Robert Venditti, Pencilers Ron Frenz And Brett Booth, Inkers John Livesay And Norm Rapmund, Colorist Andrew Dalhouse, And Letterer Taylor Esposito

The son of Daniel West, Wally acquired his superspeed from a future model of himself and determined to comply with within the Flash’s footsteps. After Godspeed killed one in all Wally’s associates, Barry mentored Wally, and the 2 stopped Godspeed. Adopting the codename, Kid Flash, Wally briefly helped the Teen Titans.

When the Flash was affected by the Negative Speed Force, Wally saved Barry from being torn aside. Kid Flash would rejoin the Teen Titans and saved the Flash’s life on a couple of extra events.

10 Kid Flash (Bart Allen)

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 3) #92, By Writer Mark Waid, Penciler Mike Wieringo, Inker José Marzan, Jr., Colorist Gina Going, And Letterer Gaspar Saladino

The offspring of Meloni Thawne and Don Allen (Barry Allen’s son), Bart Allen was born with super-speed and aged at an accelerated fee. He then traveled again by means of time so Wally West might educate him how one can grasp his powers.

Taking the codename, Impulse, he labored alongside different speedsters like Max Mercury and helped discovered the group, Young Justice. Bart Allen would develop into Kid Flash whereas a member of the Titans, and he suited the Flash after Infinite Crisis, turning into solely the fourth hero to tackle that mantle.

9 Superman (Clark Kent)

First Appearance: Action Comics (Vol. 1) #1, By Writer Jerry Siegel And Penciler/Inker Joe Shuster

Superman all the time boasted spectacular talents, however his energy fluctuated from period to period. In the Golden Age, his powers had been comparatively modest, displaying power nearer to the tremendous soldier Captain America than future variations of himself. As the years went on, Superman’s powers grew and new ones developed, together with superspeed.

In Superman (Vol. 1) #199 — by Jim Shooter, Curt Swan, and George Klein — Superman raced Barry Allen world wide, and the 2 of them tied. Years later, in World Finest Comics, Barry lastly beat Superman and constantly did so ever since.

8 Godspeed (August Heart)

First Appearance: The Flash: Rebirth (Vol. 2) #1, By Writer Joshua Williamson, Penciler/Inker Carmine Di Giandomenico, Colorist Ivan Plascencia, And Letterer Steve Wands

August Heart began out as Barry Allen’s detective associate and witnessed the occasion that granted Barry his powers. Sometime later, Heart acquired his personal powers after a Speed Force storm hovered over his metropolis and lightning struck him. For a time, Heart acted as Flash’s associate. Unbeknownst to Barry, Heart was additionally the vigilante often known as Godspeed, an anti-hero desperately looking for vengeance for his brother’s loss of life.

When Barry found the reality, he confronted Godspeed. The latter would’ve escaped if Kid Flash hadn’t intervened. Godspeed proved a formidable opponent, however over time, he started reforming his methods, progressively aligning himself with the facet of the angels.

7 Savitar

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 2) #108, By Writer Mark Waid, Penciler Oscar Jimenez, Inker José Marzan, Jr., Colorist Tom McCraw, And Letterer Gaspar Saladino

After his airplane obtained struck by lightning, Savitar acquired superspeed. He devoted time to honing his powers, and shortly, he achieved talents no different speedster had mastered. Savitar might switch velocity into objects and other people and will nearly instantaneously heal his accidents. ​​​​​​

A cult often known as the Thunderbolt Agents emerged round him, and utilizing them to his profit, Savitar as soon as granted them superspeed as nicely. When Barry Allen was corrupted by the Negative Speed Force, he brought about Savitar to disintegrate, seemingly killing him. Awaking in a darkish void, Savitar regained entry to the Speed Force, fought his method out, and discovered how to attract extra energy from the Speed Force.

6 Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne)

First Appearance: The Flash (Vol. 1) #139, By Writer John Broome, Penciler Carmine Infantino, And Inker Joe Giella

Eobard Thawne was born in 2451 and his obsession with the legendary Barry Allen led him to check the Speed Force. He acquired an operation to make himself appear like Barry and traveled again in time to Barry’s time interval. Posing because the Flash, Wally West uncovered the ruse and despatched Thawne again to his personal period.

Fueled with a brand new hatred for Barry Allen and his Flash household, Thawne grew to become the Reverse-Flash. The unpredictable and evil genius ultimately developed a capability for damaging Speed Force era. Allowing him to applicable velocity from different speedsters, this method granted him godly ranges of energy and velocity. Thawne’s mastery over the Speed Force made him one of the crucial terrifying villains within the DC Universe.



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