To Love Ru Darkness Filler List
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We are providing you with the final word and up to date To Love Ru Darkness Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all To Love Ru Darkness Filler Episodes.


To Love Ru: Darkness Episode List

1ContinueManga Canon2012-10-06
2Doubt and DishManga Canon2012-10-13
3Each SpeculationManga Canon2012-10-20
4True Smile ~Peace and Anxiety~Manga Canon2012-10-27
5A Man? Woman ~The Changing Ones~Manga Canon2012-11-03
6Metamorphose ~Time for a Change…~Manga Canon2012-11-10
7Sisters ~The Invention of Happiness~Manga Canon2012-11-17
8Bad Mood ~Bonds of Happiness~Manga Canon2012-12-01
9True Self ~True Face within the Darkness~Manga Canon2012-12-08
10Past ~Memories Leading to Tomorrow~Manga Canon2012-12-15
11The Right Thing ~What is a Way of Life?~Manga Canon2012-12-22
12Room ~A Maiden’s Feelings~Manga Canon2012-12-29
13Unconsciously ~Light Head☆Beating Heart~Manga Canon2015-07-07
14Uneasy ~Hesitant Heart~Manga Canon2015-07-14
15After a storm comes a peaceful~Friends~Manga Canon2015-07-21
16Summer competition~Beginning of the Festival~Manga Canon2015-07-28
17New Move~Two of a Kind?~Manga Canon2015-08-04
18Manservant~Competition~Manga Canon2015-08-11
19Resistance 〜I Know, But Still〜Manga Canon2015-08-25
20Danger 〜Danger 〜Manga Canon2015-09-01
21Kiss 〜What Lies Beyond a Kiss〜Manga Canon2015-09-08
22True character 〜Identity Revealed!?〜Manga Canon2015-09-15
23The starting of darkness 〜That Time〜Manga Canon2015-09-22
24Prediction is unimaginable 〜Rampaging Darkness〜Manga Canon2015-09-29
25Power and energy 〜Protector and the Protected〜Manga Canon2015-10-29
26Bright future 〜Thank You〜Manga Canon2015-10-29

What Is To Love Ru Darkness Filler List?

To Love Ru Darkness filler listing is the sequel of To Love Ru anime. The story of To Love Ru Darkness filler listing adapts from the identical Japanese manga.

This collection can also be written and drawn by the identical author of To Love Ru, Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki.

This collection facilities on Lala’s little sister, Momo Belia Deviluke. She has a twin sister named Nana Astar Deviluke.

Since then, she and her twin sister have come to stay in Rito’s home with Lala. Rito stays impatient.

This is between his long-time crush on Haruna and his rising love for Lala. Momo has fallen in love with Rito as effectively. But she did not wish to take Rito from her sister.

Instead, Momo intends to create a harem of women round Rito. She plans to turn out to be the King of Deviluke if Rito marries Lala.

Any woman who’s in love with him will legally marry him. Even Momo herself. Momo works within the background and works with Rito as a matchmaker.

A mess of gorgeous women be a part of the lifetime of Rito steadily and heat as much as his kindness. 

Golden Darkness is included.

She has lived fortunately on Earth since then however continues to flee her troubled historical past. Thus the otherworldly romantic woes of Rito stay indefinitely.

Last Words

So now you’ve gotten the To Love Ru Darkness Filler List that has all To Love Ru Darkness Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler listing of another anime collection, do tell us within the remark part.


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