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The Teen Titans’ distinctive personalities often put them at odds with each other. Fans have seen Cyborg and Robin argue, awkward conversations between Starfire and Raven, and Beast Boy continuously needling Raven about her powers and introverted character. However, whereas they often butt heads, they care about one another simply as a lot as they care about defending Jump City.

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The group’s differing personalities are a part of the explanation they work so effectively collectively. They bounce off each other and make up for one another’s weaknesses. Because of their various personalities, it is easy to see which Titan suits underneath which zodiac signal.

Updated by Matthew Z. Wood on 8/30/2022: DC’s superhero groups are all the time altering so AnimeFillerLists all the time tries to maintain up with the present incarnations of groups and characters. While the animated Teen Titans sequence is not at present energetic, precisely reflecting the heroes and their tales remains to be value doing.

12 Speedy


Speedy is mainly an ideal Aries. He is sort of just like Robin, albeit a bit much less methodical. Speedy is tremendous prepared to roll with the punches and bounce into motion every time he’s wanted. He is fearless, decided, and assured in all his actions.

On the draw back, Speedy has a brief mood and he likes to tease his fellow teammates in Titans East. He’s additionally conceited at occasions and might chunk off greater than he can chew in consequence.

11 Slade Wilson


Slade is possessive, affected person, and tremendous sensible. He is dedicated to his evil trigger and his personal success. The Titans’ essential antagonist, Slade constantly tries to regulate his apprentices, which all the time appears to be his downfall.

When Slade obtained management over Robin in season one, he was blinded by the concept that he owned his former adversary. As a consequence, he could not see his looming downfall. He bumped into comparable hassle with Terra. Slade has a behavior of making an attempt to regulate everybody by drive and whereas he is a grasp tactician he is additionally cussed and obtuse.

10 Beast Boy


Beast Boy performs an enormous function as Teen Titans comedy reduction however that does not imply he cannot even be severe when he must. His multifaceted nature makes him a stable consultant of the Gemini signal, also called “The Twins.” Beast Boy has a humorous, conceited, and carelessly humorous aspect However, he additionally cares deeply about his associates and their well-being.

Sometimes Beast Boy makes inappropriate, and even hurtful, jokes. However, he also can apologize for his errors and take his place on the group. Beast Boy’s powers make him adaptable, like a Gemini, and require him to be quick-witted sufficient to know what function he must play.

9 Kid Flash


While Kid Flash had a restricted time on Teen Titans, followers obtained to see lots of his character, particularly by the budding romance he shared with Jinx. Kid Flash is totally caring. He’s a goofball who generally says the flawed factor, however he by no means means to harm anybody.

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Kid Flash cares about his associates and his group. Like most of the different metahuman boys on the Titans’ group, he can come throughout as conceited, however he stops at nothing to assist his associates. He’s additionally open about his emotions and is a pure caregiver, taking good care of teammates emotionally and bodily.

8 Blackfire


Blackfire is unquestionably courageous however she makes use of her braveness in extremely unfavorable methods. Blackfire basically defines Leo’s unfavorable, aggressive character traits slightly than their many constructive ones. She’s a superb Leo however solely within the worst methods attainable.

Blackfire’s stuffed with herself, so self-centered that she constantly tries to attract everybody’s consideration to herself. She’s bold and thinks that she should not simply be the Grand Ruler of the planet Tamaran however the chief of each group she encounters. When Blackfire first met the Titans, she tried to ingratiate herself with the group so she might push Starfire out and change her. However, Blackfire lacks Leo’s loving, joyful nature, which Starfire exemplifies.

7 Cyborg


Cyborg is the hardest-working member of the Titans. While Robin has educated endlessly to be nearly as good as he’s, Cyborg’s the one who’s made all of his personal gear. Vic Stone protects the tower together with his safety system and is consistently in his workshop, crafting devices and weapons for his group, together with autos just like the T-Sub.

Cyborg is extraordinarily loyal to his group and is notably methodical, all the time considering in details and figures. Unlike most of his teammates, he is additionally humble, and he is identified for his kindness and fast considering.

6 Bumblebee


As a Libra, Bumblebee fights for justice and peace and she or he has some killer sass. She believes so as and, when she helps set up Titans East, she’s fairly irritated on the boys’ gross habits and common laziness.

Bumblebee is extraordinarily fairminded and cooperative. She can completely work alone however she thrives in a group. Libras are usually in search of companionship, like Bumblebee, they usually additionally are typically sensible and pleasant. As a personality identified for her intelligence, Bumblebee suits the Libran function completely.

5 Raven


Raven’s most likely obtained it the toughest out of all of the Titans. Her powers are fueled by her feelings and she or he’s needed to study to regulate lots of unfavorable emotions to maintain them underneath management. She’s additionally a supernatural empath, which makes this job even more durable for the half-demon enchantress.

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Scorpios are pushed by their feelings and discover new options primarily based on how they really feel. This is ideal for Raven, even when her feelings can betray her. Raven can appear offended, even along with her associates, however she additionally strives to reveal her caring nature. She desires to guard the group, however she can also carry a severe grudge, particularly in opposition to monsters like her father, Trigon.

4 Terra


While Terra is a fairly advanced character whose alliances shift all through the Teen Titans sequence, she shares Sagittarius’ beliefs. Before assembly the Titans, she was continuously on the run from herself. However, the best way she spoke about her time alone and her travels with Beast Boy made it look like she actually treasured these components of her life.

Terra cherished the concept of assembly new individuals in new locations. She needed a house however cherished the outside and the connections she made alongside the best way, and these traits, alongside along with her emotional autonomy, match properly with Sagittarius.

3 Robin


Robin is as methodical and accountable as any Titan. He is the Titan’s planner and chief, all the time developing with new options. He is a little bit cussed and infrequently thinks he’s proper. As a consequence, he has a tough time counting on others when he appears like he’s the one one who can repair the group’s issues.

This Capricorn trait is clear throughout Robin’s time as Red X and as Slade’s assistant. He could not inform the opposite Titans what he was doing as a result of he felt like nobody else might assist him obtain his objectives. Unsurprisingly, this was misguided and harmful and broken the group’s belief of their former chief.

2 Aqualad


It’s a bit on the nostril, however Aqualad makes the right Water Bearer. His character is fluid and might match any scenario. He could be calm, collected, and methodical, or enjoyable and aggressive. He’s additionally unbiased and given to touring and combating alone.

Once Aqualad meets the Titans, nonetheless, he isn’t so cussed that he refuses their assist and he is canny sufficient to ask for help when he wants it. He’s a problem-solver who’s humble sufficient to ask for assist, from sea creatures as usually as from individuals.

1 Starfire


Starfire loves making associates and loves connecting with individuals on a deep degree. She’s continuously making an attempt to determine a reference to Raven, and she or he’s shut with all the boys within the Titans and all the time makes associates simply when she meets new individuals.

Starfire can also be in contact along with her feelings; which she wears on her sleeve. She feels issues deeply and might inform when one thing is flawed along with her associates. She additionally takes criticism harshly as she feels that associates ought to carry one another up. A fish from the star, Starfire is the right Pisces.

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