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The wider world of Marvel is having a second in regard to totally different variations of fashionable characters coming into play, as variants play main roles in movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home and in on going comedian collection like Variants by Gail Simone and Phil Noto. Defenders Beyond by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez can be doing this in a smaller method, because the Loki who joins the titular workforce just isn’t the principle Loki in present comedian guide canon.

Currently, Loki is Ruler of Joutenheim, and he’s removed from the villain he as soon as was with these new tasks. Distancing himself from villainy just isn’t new for Loki, as this has been the case for the character for years now. Loki: Agent of Asgard (Ewing, Lee Garbett, Nolan Woodard, Jorge Coelho, Lee Loughridge, Antonio Fabela, Andres Mossa) is a superb instance of this, because it delivers a novel tackle Loki — one who comes again into play with Defenders Beyond.

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Who Is The God of Stories in Loki: Agent of Asgard?

In Loki: Agent of Asgard, Loki makes an attempt to make ammends and rewrite his position within the bigger Marvel canon, as he not needs to be a villain. To accomplish that, he works with the All-Mother to clear his identify; nonetheless, as time goes by, Loki realizes that even his mom expects him to adapt to his traditional position. This connects to the bigger Asgardian mythology, the place all the things is cyclical and people who are a part of the parable are destined to abide by their roles it doesn’t matter what. Therefore, Loki have to be the villain.

However, issues are difficult, as this Loki killed Kid Loki and took over his physique, elevating into query the authenticity of who he claims to be. With Kid Loki being extra beloved than his previous incarnations, many in Asgard see this Loki as one more villain. Along with that, the actual fact he’s an unpredictable variable of their future doubtless makes the opposite Asgardians extra suspicious.

On high of this, King Loki is after this Loki, and at a degree, it appears as if he kills him. Thankfully, Loki, Agent of Asgard, comes again to life in a brand new physique. Along with that, they exude a extra chatoically impartial persona as a result of they died an ego-death. This is the place somebody dies and leaves behind all attachments and ignorance. This additionally breaks any cycle they had been trapped in, thus resulting in a Loki who solely strikes ahead and sees themself for who they’re — not who others need them to be. With this, they are going to not be the God of Lies; they are going to be The God of Stories.

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What Happened to The God of Stories in Marvel Comics?

Around the time of Loki’s resurection, the Asgardians are at battle with King Loki whereas Secret Wars is about to kick off. Loki needs no half on this story, although, and so they write themself out of it to complete buisness with King Loki. With King Loki discovering peace due to The God of Stories, Loki then skips forward of Secret Wars, actually drawing themself a doorway into the subsequent chapter of Marvel Comics.

Secret Wars (2015) is an occasion the place a number of realities collide throughout an Incursion, thus resulting in their destruction and the creation of Battleworld. However, in the case of the occasion’s finish, issues reset, with some modifications made to the a number of realities, so liberties could possibly be taken in regard to continuity and characters. Case in level, the present Loki performs a job in War of the Realms, runs for presidency, is briefly Sorcerror Supreme and turns into Ruler of Joutenheim. However, the Loki who enters Defenders Beyond claims to be a distinct Loki. She is The Goddess of Stories immediately from Agent of Asgard — the one who missed Secret Wars.

The God of Stories avoiding an occasion that rewrote the multiverse means they’ll transcend the established order in a post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, turning into one of many many Variants that exist in these comics. That, together with the temporary reintroduction followers acquired of this Loki in Thor #24, exhibits that the narrative The Goddess of Stories is writing for herself is totally different from the Story The Ruler of Joutenhiem has been part of. However, in a multiverse of Variants, there’s nonetheless the possiblity their tales overlap sooner or later, however for now The Goddess of Stories is on her personal cosmic path alongside The Defenders.



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