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Thor, particularly Marvel’s incarnation of the Norse deity as a veteran of the Avengers and main hero in his personal proper, is usually portrayed along with his iconic Mjolnir. The magical hammer is such a elementary a part of the character that even his Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation is outlined considerably by it and what it represents.

However Marvel has lastly bucked that custom by introducing a Thor who outright refuses his most well-known device. Avengers Eternally #8 (by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Cam Smith, Guru-eFX, and VC’s Cory Petit) introduces a timeline the place Thor not solely embraced martial arts as a type of fight, he additionally renounced one of many parts which have at all times outlined the character.

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Avengers Eternally continues to chart out a multiverse ripped aside by the Doom Supreme and the Masters of Evil — who’ve been proven breaking and corrupting worlds that ought to have been meant for greatness. This consists of Earth-56337, the place one of many final survivors alive is a variant of Thor. On this actuality, Thor by no means proved worthy sufficient to raise Mjolnir, leaving him unable to avoid wasting Asgard or Earth when the villains razed his timeline.

Left alive in a world managed by the Masters of Evil, Thor went into hiding. Making issues worse, Mjolnir continued to comply with him, virtually mocking him for his incapability to carry it. After years of wandering the world a damaged man, this Thor ended up within the Himalayas and was discovered by the spirit of the Thunderer. The final ghostly piece of a model of Iron Fist’s Ok’un-Lun that had additionally been decimated, the Thunderer was capable of persuade Thor to coach underneath his tutelage.

Utilizing Mjolnir as a coaching gadget, Thor struck the hammer repeatedly and once more to boost his endurance and would possibly. This model of Thor honed himself right into a weapon, finally hanging the hammer sufficient that it tried to dodge his assaults and reply in variety. However this solely additional helped the Thunder God practice, as he gained the velocity and endurance wanted to carry down the mighty weapon by himself. After discovering there is no such thing as a extra Iron Fist left to boost him additional, Thor accepts his new position because the God of Fists over thunder.

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All of this coaching additionally lastly defeats Mjolnir, one thing that the Thunderer notes might permit him to lastly raise it. However after a second, Thor decides towards it. This offers the God of Fists a side that just about no different variant of Thor possesses. In virtually all realities within the Marvel multiverse, Thor is sure to Mjolnir in spirit and goal. Nearly each Thor will get their very own model of the hammer, and it involves outline them in some ways.

It is why durations the place Thor lacks Mjolnir come as such blows to the hero. However this Thor, one really humbled by his experiences, actively chooses to not take it up. Even after lastly breaking the spirit of the hammer, he has no cause to select it up himself. It is a Thor who has grown past the expectations and perception that comes with the hammer, leaving a much more hardened and calm model of the Asgardian.

Mjolnir represents a lot of Thor’s lineage and supposed place on the earth, and it is fascinating to see a model of the character who refuses it not out of spite or anger, however with a peaceable and quiet resolution to maneuver previous it. It is a distinctive imaginative and prescient of Thor, who not solely lacks his trademark weapon however actively selected towards it. Mjolnir should still exist in his life, however now a silent companion because the God of Fists appears poised to hitch the multiversal Avengers on the coronary heart of the sequence.



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