X4: Foundations - Hatikvah Plot Walkthrough

This information is an entire walkthrough of the Hatikvah Plot Missions.


The Hatikvah plot (aka the diplomacy intro story or commerce revolution plot) is, along with the participant headquarters plot, the first option to entry subsequent plot missions and is a prerequisite for beginning the Paranid Civil Conflict, Free Households Battle, Covert Operations plots. The plot can also be a requirement for finishing one final result of the Yaki Investigation plot. Its use as a gateway plot makes it typically the very first or second plot mission accomplished by gamers and resultantly is focused to new gamers with restricted funds and assets.

The plot isn’t significantly lengthy in comparison with different plots and even a number of the beginning missions and from begin to end it solely took an hour and a half for me to finish for the needs of double checking this information (for comparability the Free Households beginning mission took 2 hours for me to finish).

As a result of this can be a plot information it does comprise a variety of spoilers however I’ve executed my best possible to make it possible for it doesn’t spoil any of the outcomes or occasions of any associated or subsequent plots.

Beginning Necessities

  • Impartial relations with the Hatikvah Free League
  • Positioned inside 2 “Jumps” of Hatikvah’s Selection (all sectors in map beneath can have the mission supply)

Hatikvah Buying and selling

Alright Put together the freighter for departure” – Govt Reen Omara

With the 2 conditions met the plot could be initiated by accepting “Be part of Hatikvah’s Commerce Revolution”, upon accepting the mission supply steerage is supplied to the Hatikvah Free League Commerce Station. Dock there and navigate to Reen Omara’s Workplace (she’s the manager of the Hatikvah Free League and visiting her workplace is a daily incidence by means of this story mission). At this stage there’s a little bit of dialogue and Reen outlines how hectic all the things is earlier than providing a courier job and so they’re offering each the courier and the wares to be transported.

The courier in query is an Argon Callisto Sentinel class vessel and the Hatikvah Free League have kindly stocked it with 250 medical provides. On the ship the proprietor faction will nonetheless be label it as being owned by the Free League, getting nearer will trigger it to alter to player-owned prepared for the commerce run.

The mission at this stage will choose an acceptable station to ship to and its assured to be one pleasant to the participant so there isn’t any hasty rep-grinding required. With instructions to the station set fly to and dock on the station. As soon as docked on the station commerce with the station and promote them the total 250 medical provides (This normally reaps round 10,000Cr).

With the commerce run full Reen will ask to satisfy up once more.

Assembly Dal

He’s nothing if not assured” – Reen Omara on Dal Busta

Upon coming into Reen Omara’s workplace Reen and Dal start their greetings and provides a run-down on what the entire “Commerce Revolution” is definitely about. Because it seems the Free League has gotten slightly too shut for consolation with the Scale Plate Pact and is now unable to interrupt away with dealings with them out of concern of retribution, Dal has been employed by Reen to assist with the state of affairs. Dal in flip is searching for help together with his a part of the operation.

The following step is to satisfy Dal on his ship which is an Argon Drill Sentinel with a gray and pink paintjob. On his ship he’ll reply some questions in regards to the Hatikvah Free League and his involvement in it.

Afterwards Dal will reveal his plan to hack a Scale Plate station which would require them putting in a “worm” on a player-owned ship. Take off from the Buying and selling station and search out a Scale Plate station, any will do however there are all the time some positioned in Silent Witness XI which is simply 2 Jumps from Hatikvah’s Selection.

Upon approaching a Scale Plate station change the ship to short-range scan mode (SHIFT+2) and search for dataleaks. Dataleaks are recognisable by their static noise they make whereas in shut proximity and the glowing pink dot. Scan the leak by approaching slowly till the notification panel on the left says “Decrypting Information Stream”.

As soon as the information leak has completed decrypting be certain to get out of there as a result of the Scale Plate have picked up on the decryption and should not significantly completely happy about it.

The three Scale Plate fighters which can be despatched in pursuit needs to be fairly straightforward to destroy or escape from however it is very important keep in mind that the fighters will maintain pursuing till they get destroyed so its greatest to take them out personally or depart them to get taken out by police.

Going Offensive

That is definitely going to ship a message.” – Dal Busta

Its time to set off some explosions and do some sabotage. Dal needs to sabotage a Scale Plate supply, this can require a spacesuit bomb launcher (accessible from many NPC merchants on stations). Dal may even present some info on what’s required to construct area swimsuit bombs (2 in whole). Every bomb would require certainly one of every of the next to craft:

Distant Detonator

Usually dropped by pirates, steadily accessible at dealer’s corners on freeport stations

Safe Container

Usually dropped in conflicts

Unstable Crystal (Unlawful to many factions)

Dropped whereas close to mining ships

With two bombs crafted (Dal has additionally kindly supplied a bomb launcher) its time to sabotage a Scale Plate Pact supply. Mission Steerage will choose an acceptable station and mark the tip of a docking pier because the goal. Pilot as shut as doable to the marker and enter the area swimsuit, within the area swimsuit deploy the 2 bombs on the marked place. If steerage nonetheless says that the bombs haven’t been planted then both they’re within the flawed spot or they EMP bombs, if both of those is the case they are often disarmed and recollected earlier than making an attempt once more.

As soon as the bombs are planted its time to get again to the ship and fly away from the station and watch the motion. A Scale Plate Pelican Sentinel ought to strategy the sabotaged dock and launch its cargo drones after which the bombs will detonate in a cutscene. In an exception to the final rule for mission ships, this ship is definitely capturable and could be boarded however that’s not required for the mission and simply an possibility for making an attempt out boarding.

Comply with Ship

We’re about to chase down a lead. You and the opposite ships must be on standby for any alternative which arises.” – Dal Busta

With the sabotage shenanigans out of the way in which Dal will ask for assist patrolling a sector (normally Hatikvah’s Selection I). That is fairly mundane, after attending to the designated sector the mission goal switches to patrolling round a number of pleasant stations for 15 seconds every, no enemies are spawned or borrowed for this mission so any enemies encountered will most likely simply be misplaced Xenon.

After a couple of stations Dal will announce that he wants assist monitoring his lead which is a Teladi Kestrel Sentinel. Make sure that when following the ship to notice the steerage queues to remain ready the place the ship is shut however not too shut sufficient to evoke suspicion.

Stay alert as a result of on one event the ship will drop a lockbox and Dal will ask to analyze it earlier than resuming pursuit. This lockbox doesn’t must be opened and both manner the mission will nonetheless progress, if the lockbox is opened although it’ll trigger some ships to take offense and assault. The assault could be resolved in any of three methods: combating and killing the attackers, fleeing from the attackers or dropping the gadgets picked up from the lock field.

With the pursuit resumed after learning the lockbox there’ll be an interplay between a police ship and the suspicious Teladi vessel and steerage will advise to stay shut however not too near alert them. Lastly, the pursuit resumes for a remaining time which concludes with their confrontation. Dal will attempt to get info from this encounter and the Teladi pilot of the ship will let slip that they’re aligned with the Scale Plate and there’s a Scale Plate Lieutenant.

The Assembly

“Let’s go see the dangerous guys!” – Dal Busta

Its time to debrief with Reen again in her workplace on the Hatikvah Free League commerce station. What follows is an enormous info dump and dialogue between Reen and Dal, in abstract Dal advises Reen to allow him to interact in dialogue with the Scale Plate Lieutenant and Reen reluctantly accepts.

Dal additionally recommends bringing him some lodestone to provide as a present to appease the Scale Plate lieutenant and make negotiations go over smoother. Just one unit of lodestone is required and they are often pickup up as a list merchandise from mining asteroids whereas in excessive consideration (IS) and NPC miners may even drop them of their mining so it needs to be pretty straightforward to acquire.

With the Lodestone head over to Dal who’s already docked on the Scale Plate station and provides him the lodestone. The interactions between him and the lieutenant occur at a distance to allow them to’t be listened in upon.

Drone Cleanup

“That is Reen. I’ll ship you information on the place we’d like a hand” – Reen Omara

Whereas Dal was having his discussions with the lieutenant some rogue scale plate fighters have gone after Hatikvah freighters and Reen wants assist eliminating the attackers. She additionally needs to satisfy once more so after taking out the fighters (they need to be fairly calmly armed and might even be taken out by the merchants they’re attacking) the target will replace to talk with Reen.

By the catchup with Reen and Dal its revealed that a few of Hatikvah’s drones are malfunctioning and nonetheless pursuing Scale Plate caches and that they have to be destroyed. Fortunately there are solely 4 drones so they need to be fairly straightforward pickings except they swarm and assault in numbers (however they typically don’t, more often than not whereas attacking one the others will stay innocent). Taking out the drones additionally yields a wholesome sum of 40,000Cr.

Station Defences

This can be a big venture and we have to guarantee it is secure till we hand it over.” – Reen Omara

As a part of the take care of Scale Plate Dal has gotten the Hatikvah Free League to construct a model new spacefuel station for them in Hatikvah’s Selection I as a token of goodwill. Since development is being finalised the Free League wants 5 lasertowers (both the mk1 or mk2 variants are accepted however mk1s are cheaper and could be deployed from all ships). The lasertowers should be deployed at a selected location close to the station as indicated by steerage. Lasertower mk1s could be purchased from wharves, shipyards and tools docks (the closest choices are the wharf and shipyard in Argon Prime and the Gear Dock in Hatikvah’s Selection III) and normally value round 9,500Cr (47,500Cr whole). Typically when deploying the laser towers it’ll nonetheless say 4/5 deployed after 5 have been deployed, that’s okay, the sport is aware of that 5 have been deployed it simply doesn’t replace the worth for no matter cause and the following stage will nonetheless progress.

The Settlement

“Simply smile, make the change and get out of there.” – Reen Omara

After the lasertower deployment Reen asks for a chat on how the negotiations are progressing with Scale Plate. Upon chatting with her in her workplace she asks for a supply of a datapad to the Scale Plate Lieutenant, the lieutenant is on the identical station because the preliminary one which Dal wanted that lodestone for.

The lieutenant delivers a brief spiel on how ashamed he’s that Reen despatched a mere messenger to ship the datapad moderately than making the settlement in individual. He concludes with a menacing risk, this can be a good time to flee the station.


However there appears to have been a misunderstanding. The biggest debt was respect” – Lieutenant Mustris Gisnos Yolious II

The Scale Plate Pact are significantly incensed by Reen’s determination to get another person at hand over the information pad, having wished that she had been there in individual. Consequently the stop in hostilities has ended and this time the Scale Plate Pact shouldn’t be holding again.

After the disastrous finish to a gathering Reen will get involved and asks for assist defending sure property because the League is unfold too far skinny and are contemplating calling in Argon Federation assist. The primary safety element is in guarding a big freighter just one soar away.

Upon reaching the freighter it turns into evident that issues have already taken a flip for the more serious with the ship broken and the crew evacuating. Defend the escape pods for this era. Issues start to go much more sideways with the Scale Plate boarding and stealing the freighter (there’s no option to forestall this and the freighter can’t be boarded by the participant). Destroy the Scale Plate ship that boarded the freighter (there needs to be solely the one and its only a fighter).

As soon as the Scale Plate fighter has been taken out of fee a collection of voice messages will set off notifying of the Argon Federation’s intervention within the matter. Reen broadcasts that she’s being taken into custody however will nonetheless observe by means of with the phrases of the settlement however the place is Dal?

The following goal is to find Dal, he needs to be in his ship in the identical sector because the one with the hijacked freighter. Sadly for Dal it appears to be like like he’s been taken out by the Scale Plate as a result of his ship is a burnt-out wreck. Get inside 4km to have the ship pc learn out what occurred. There’s additionally a black field close by to be picked up with the container magnet to disclose extra about Dal’s unlucky encounter with the Scale Plate.

This concludes the majority of the Hatikvah mission chain with the ultimate chapter needing the participant headquarters to finish. Sadly for Govt Reen Omara and the remainder of the Free League their commerce revolution was bungled however no less than they now have damaged with the Scale Plate Pact and might get better assist from the Argon Federation.

At this stage the plot achievement will unlock:

That Might Have Gone Higher:

Do all you’ll be able to to assist Hatikvah’s aspirations


Intruder, would you be so sort as to take two steps again in order that I can enact the purge protocols?” – Boso Ta

Chapter Necessities

  • Participant Headquarters with Boso Ta

Chapter Particulars

After the drastic escalations of aggression between the Scale Plate Pact and Hatikvah Free League that noticed unprecedented Argon Intervention all the things has quietened down. After a ten or 20 minute wait Boso Ta will ask for an pressing dialogue on the Headquarters. When coming into the room Boso makes it obvious that there’s an intruder, because it seems Dal was capable of escape in certainly one of his ship’s escape pods though sadly his crew didn’t make it.

At this level the plot achievement will unlock:

Did I Overlook To Lock The Door:

Obtain an uninvited visitor at certainly one of your stations.


Rewards Abstract

The Hatikvah Plot doesn’t have an excessive amount of in the way in which of economic, asset or faction-altering rewards however its nonetheless fairly acceptable for the way it appeals to newer gamers the place the rewards are extra vital. Most significantly in fact it opens up additional, extra concerned missions.

Rewards Checklist:

  • Courier Sentinel
  • Gross sales of medical provides (10,000Cr roughly)
  • 40 000Cr from destroying drones (That is typically depleted by shopping for the lasertowers)
  • Entry to Paranid Civil Conflict, Free Households Battle, Covert Operations plot missions
  • Capability to decide on “Coronary heart for Pirates” final result of the Yaki Investigation
  • “That Might Have Gone Higher” achievement
  • “Did I Overlook To Lock The Door” achievement (requires Participant Headquarters with Boso Ta)


  • md/story_diplomacy_intro.xml
  • me taking part in the plot to ensure I learn the md proper and snap some screenshots

By manoeuvring with difficulty

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