In 2005, Square Enix launched a tech demo showcasing the facility of the PlayStation 3 that may be mentioned all through the last decade. This tech demo fully recreated Final Fantasy VII’s opening cutscene. From the second that tech demo debuted, Final Fantasy followers had their coronary heart set on seeing a remake of the enduring, however growing old, FFVII. Ten years later, Square Enix lastly introduced Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was launched 5 years later in 2020.

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Remake is just the primary of three video games masking FFVII’s story, at the very least in principle. In reality, Remake wasn’t an actual recreation of FFVII’s story. Remake launched quite a few deviations to FFVII’s narrative leaving FFVII followers clueless about what path Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the third recreation will go. While some modifications and retcons have been seen as controversial, every gives some stage of intrigue for the 2 video games that can observe.

This record comprises spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake

10 Shinra Was The One To Blow Up Mako Reactor 1

One of the primary notable modifications FFVII followers observed comes through the bombing mission on the very starting of each FFVII and Remake. During the bombing mission, Cloud joins the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE to explode one in every of Shinra Electric Power Company’s Mako power reactors.

Cloud and Barret place a bomb on the core of Mako Reactor 1, however the explosion brought on by the bomb is way greater than the characters anticipated, leading to civilian deaths. Common interpretation within the unique model of FFVII attributed this to the inexperience of AVALANCHE member, and bomb-maker, Jessie. In Remake, nevertheless, it is proven that Shinra themselves set off the massive explosion to color AVALANCHE as an evil terrorist group. It’s a minor retcon to the FFVII, however one which does nicely to arrange Shinra’s evil nature.

9 Whispers Ensure That No One Leaves Their Predetermined Path

The widespread theme of Remake facilities round discovering free will in a predetermined world, not in contrast to the Disney+ collection Loki. In the world of FFVII, each occasion, motion, excessive, and low is established upfront. In some respects, this can be a meta-reference to a participant enjoying via FFVII a number of occasions, with the story Remake serving to interrupt that cycle.

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In Remake, the correct order of the timeline is depicted via Whispers – ghosts that guarantee every character sticks to their predetermined paths and do not die forward of time. Whispers are seen blocking pathways and saving characters from deadly falls. Remake is when FFVII characters turn into conscious of Whispers’ existence for the primary time.

8 Remake Introduces New Characters And Integrates Compilation Characters

A remake of a traditional online game, particularly one designed to take the story down a unique highway than the unique, makes for the proper alternative to introduce new characters and broaden on minor characters. Two notable new characters embody Chadley, a technical wizard who aids Cloud’s occasion via his analysis, and Roche, a third Class Soldier who battles Cloud on his bike.

Remake additionally took this chance to combine characters who initially debuted in later Compilation of Final Fantasy VII titles, such because the Deepground group from Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and Kyrie Canaan from the novel The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story.

7 Yuffie Makes A Visit To Midgar

When gamers realized Remake would happen fully within the early Midgar portion of FFVII, followers assumed they would not get the chance to see characters like Yuffie till the sequel. However, sq. Enix subverted these expectations by introducing a DLC titled “Episode INTERmission,” starring the energetic Wutai ninja Yuffie in a totally unique story.

Through this DLC, Remake establishes that Yuffie made a visit to Midgar through the early occasions of FFVII. Yuffie aligns herself with one other Wutaian in Sonon in hopes of taking down Shinra herself. “Episode INTERmission” is a implausible DLC that gives a deep dive into who Yuffie is earlier than Cloud’s occasion will get an opportunity to satisfy her.

6 Fort Condor Is A Board Game In The Remake

Font Condor was a quick part of FFVII, which entails Cloud needing to guard an enormous condor and her egg from a Shinra assault. This condor rests upon a Mako Reactor that homes the Huge Materia, which is wanted by each Cloud’s occasion and Shinra.

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Fort Condor makes an look in “Episode INTERmission” within the type of a method tower protection board recreation the place each gamers should shield three condor stations from the opposing participant’s assault. Players can problem characters of various difficulties and construct up their assortment of items for loads of replayability. It’s unknown if the unique Fort Condor part of the story will make its manner into Rebirth.

5 Underground Test Site Is A Brand New Area

Remake recreates many memorable areas from FFVII. Whether it is cities like Sector 7 Slums or the large Shinra constructing, every space seems to be extra attractive than ever. Yet one space, specifically, was a wholly new space inside FFVII’s world: the Underground Test Site.

The Underground Test Site is a analysis facility discovered beneath Sector 7 and is found by Cloud’s occasion after Shina drops the large Sector 7 plate onto the Sector 7 Slums. In this Underground Test Site, Cloud’s occasion encounters quite a few grotesque creatures, distinctive to Remake, that have been failed experiments of Professor Hojo.

4 Biggs And Wedge Survive The Sector 7 Tragedy

One of the saddest parts within the early levels of FFVII was the collapse of the Sector 7 plate onto the Sector 7 Slums. In the method, three allied characters in Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge have been presumed lifeless. None of these three returned in FFVII or another portion of the Compilation, lending credence to the assumption that every one three did, in reality, die.

With how way more depth and characterization all three characters acquired, it will’ve been much more heartbreaking if that remained true for Remake. Still, Square Enix went in a unique path. Wedge survived the collapse of the Sector 7 plate and is discovered within the Underground Test Site, whereas Biggs was injured, solely waking up through the ending of Remake. Jessie’s destiny stays unknown, however given the circumstances of her departure in Remake, it is unlikely she survived.

3 Sephiroth Is A Force From The Very Start

Sephiroth is one in every of gaming’s most iconic and recognizable villains. He even made a playable look in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as one of many ultimate DLC characters. So it was comprehensible that Square Enix sought to incorporate Sephiroth in Remake.

In FFVII, Sephiroth would not seem till after Cloud’s occasion leaves Midgar in what could be the start of Rebirth if that recreation follows the identical story beats as FFVII. They are nonetheless conscious that Sephiroth viciously kills President Shinra, establishing that he is a villain to be feared. In Remake, nevertheless, Sephiroth debuts a lot earlier to interrupt the predetermined circulation of time.

2 Remake’s Ending Changes Everything

Sephiroth’s purpose is realized via the ending of Remake. The ultimate chapter of Remake takes Cloud’s occasion to what’s often called Singularity, represented by a combination of Midgar throughout its destruction because of Meteor and Aerith’s imaginative and prescient of the Lifestream.

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Within Singularity, Cloud’s occasion fights an onslaught of bosses culminating with a battle towards the Whisper Harbinger, a large being that controls the circulation of time. After its defeat, and Sephiroth’s proper after, the time cycle is damaged, resulting in many opposed results. Cloud’s occasion returns to actuality the place, just like the participant, they don’t know what the longer term holds.

1 Zack Fair Is Now Alive And Well

Remake’s ending despatched a large ripple impact on this planet of FFVII, with many of the ramifications but to be explored. One stunning second through the ending was that Zack Fair has now survived his heartbreaking final stand.

Zack is briefly seen carrying an injured Cloud towards Midgar. In “Episode INTERmission,” there’s a scene the place Zack is knocking on the door of Aerith’s church in hopes that Aerith continues to be there. It’s fascinating to think about what Zack’s newfound survival may imply for the way forward for the remake trilogy, and the way it might have an effect on Cloud and Aerith’s story arcs. All the extra purpose to be excited to revisit Zack’s story in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

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