Clannad is nice drama anime, well-known for its well-written characters, hidden depths, and supernatural components. It’s additionally one of many saddest anime individuals can watch, inducing tears in a whole bunch of followers by means of a number of the most melancholic scenes in all of anime. However, simply because one thing is gloomy doesn’t suggest it is not value watching.

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There are few anime on the market as tear-jerking as Clannad;any Clannad fan can guarantee a newcomer that the sequence will make them cry their coronary heart out. With components like self-doubt, character dying, and misplaced love, there is no such thing as a scarcity of heartbreaking, gut-wrenching scenes in Clannad.

10 Everyone Forgot Fuko Ibuki

Prior to the beginning of Clannad, Fuko Ibuki was in an accident and fell right into a coma. Due to Clannad’s supernatural components, Fuko’s spirit was in a position to work together with others, and she or he gained many buddies and even a fan membership. However, everybody steadily forgot who Fuko Ibuki was.

As individuals began forgetting who Fuko was, additionally they turned unable to see her. Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa tried desperately to maintain remembering and seeing Fuko, who liked them essentially the most out of all the scholars in class. Ultimately, each Tomoya and Nagasa forgot about Fuko, too, however she was fortunately in a position to say goodbye.

9 Tomoya’s Father Made Things Worse

Tomoya had a strained relationship along with his father, Naoyuki Okazaki. After the dying of Tomoya’s mom, Naoyuki fell right into a deep despair, turned an alcoholic, and uncared for his son.

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Naoyuki was a hindrance to Tomoya’s life, with the previous even completely dislocating Tomoya’s shoulder and hurting Tomoya’s probability for a job promotion. Tomoya deeply resented his father and could not forgive him till a few years later. Tomoya and Naoyuki’s relationship is immensely relatable for these with troubled father-son circumstances, making the ache Tomoya goes by means of all too acquainted.

8 Yunohei Sunohara Was Well-Developed

Yunohei Sunohara was Clannad’s main comedian reduction character, ceaselessly getting himself beat up and rejected because of his overarching rashness. However, Clannad shocked many viewers by giving Yunohei surprising character growth.

Clannad: After Story confirmed that beneath all of Sunohara’s stubbornness was an consciousness of his flaws. There was a way that he wasn’t glad with how his life was turning out and he was in a worse temper due to it. Many individuals have been there in life, with the sensation that one is not adequate, however they nonetheless do their finest to have a shiny future.

7 Tomoya Had To Choose Between One Of The Twins

In an alternate world, Tomoya received along with Ryou Fujibayashi. Unbeknownst to him, although, Ryou’s twin sister, Kyou Fujibayashi, additionally had romantic emotions for Tomoya. Fans turned actually unhappy seeing Kyou endure in silence, repressing her love for Tomoya so Ryou could possibly be comfortable.

Tomoya discovered that Kyou was in love with him and realized that he had to decide on between one of many twins. Tomoya concluded that he liked Kyou and thus needed to break up with Ryou. Ryou additionally realized that Tomoya liked Kyou extra, which was upsetting as a result of Ryou felt inferior to Kyou, making her break-up all of the extra painful for viewers who might relate to her sibling troubles.

6 Nagisa Died In Childbirth

Nagisa Furukawa suffered from periodic bouts of sickness since she was 5 years outdated, resulting in her dad and mom dropping their theatre jobs and Nagisa repeating a 12 months of highschool. Nagisa’s battle along with her yearly sickness had been a horrible pressure on her life, however she and her household at all times did their finest to take care of it.

When Nagisa was sick once more, she needed to give beginning to her and Tomoya’s baby. Nagisa, her dad and mom, and Tomoya tried their hardest to efficiently ship the newborn. They succeeded, nevertheless it tragically got here at the price of Nagisa’s life, that means the newborn misplaced her mom, simply as Tomoya had misplaced his mom years in the past.

5 Nagisa’s Parents Had To Give Up On Their Dreams

Although Akio Furukawa and Sanae Furukawa had been robust comedian reduction dad and mom who acted extremely goofy, that they had a tragic backstory the place they each gave up on their aspirations. Before Clannad, they uncared for their daughter, Nagisa, to deal with their jobs as theatre performers.

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Against Akio and Sanae’s needs, they each left an sick Nagisa alone one evening to satisfy their occupations. Their negligence led to Nagisa virtually dying, so each dad and mom deserted their desires as actors to deal with caring for their daughter. It emotionally harm each Nagisa and the viewers that the dad and mom had to surrender on their objectives to make sure their daughter’s future.

4 Tomoya’s Daughter Was Lonely Without Him

After Nagisa’s dying, Tomoya turned depressed and withdrawn from their daughter, Ushio Okazaki. Similar to Naoyuki, Tomoya turned an alcoholic and left Ushio within the care of her grandparents.

It was upsetting for followers to see Tomoya make the identical errors as his father; followers hoped desperately that Tomoya would rise above his grief and be there for his daughter. Ushio was additionally extremely lonely, wishing that her dad was along with her. Fortunately, in a tear-inducing scene, each Tomoya and Ushio reconciled, with Tomoya lastly selecting to satisfy his position as Ushio’s dad.

3 Tomoya Was Still Emotional Over Nagisa’s Death

Although Tomoya had lastly made peace along with his daughter, Clannad could not let the episode finish with out one final intestine punch. As Tomoya and Ushio rode the practice, Tomoya began remembering his time with Nagisa, together with her dying. Tomoya began crying and his daughter adopted swimsuit.

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The scene was gut-wrenching for followers to observe, however then the episode ended with Nagisa seemingly taking a look at them from the afterlife. It was a bittersweet ending; though issues had been extraordinarily unhappy as a result of Nagisa wasn’t bodily with them, Tomoya and Ushio had been lastly going to have a correct father-daughter bond.

2 Tomoya & Ushio Died

It appeared that issues had been lastly shiny once more after Tomoya reconciled with Ushio; nonetheless, Ushio received struck with an identical sickness that her mom needed to undergo. The previous was repeating itself, and it seemed like Ushio would not make it.

Like with Nagisa, Tomoya tried his finest to assist his daughter fight the sickness. This time, although, Tomoya uncared for his personal physique and job, slowly turning into weaker and weaker. He stored holding onto hope, however Ushio died. To actually rub salt within the wound, Tomoya himself succumbed to his immense grief, dying along with his lifeless daughter in his arms.

1 Tomoya Felt That He Was Holding Tomoyo Back

In an alternate world, Tomoya and Tomoyo turned a pair. Although they received alongside nice, Tomoya felt he was holding Tomoyo again from her future, so he broke up along with her. It harm Tomoya rather a lot, however he thought it was finest for Tomoyo. Seeing the characters divided and alone actually saddened followers of the couple.

After commencement, Tomoya encountered Tomoyo once more. He was melancholic as a result of he thought her life had completely separated from his, however Tomoyo needed to be with him once more. Tomoya tried to speak her out of it, nonetheless believing that he would not profit her future. However, Tomoyo declared that she needed a future with him. They tearfully received again collectively, leaving a contented ending for Tomoyo-Tomoya followers.

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