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It’s onerous to think about a time when children did not have entry to complete apps’ price of cartoon programming at their fingertips. However, again within the 80s, that was precisely the case. If a child needed to look at their favourite cartoons, they’d need to get up early on Saturday mornings and sit in entrance of the TV to catch the,

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Throughout the 80s, networks would throw a wide range of reveals on the market to see what labored – the ensuing success spawning comparable reveals. Many of those reveals additionally spawned franchises which have lasted a long time. Conversely, different reveals had been gone manner too quickly, and forgotten from widespread tradition.

15 M.A.S.Ok.

2 Seasons, 75 Episodes (1985-86)

Many 80s cartoons had been reverse-engineered from concepts for toy traces. M.A.S.Ok. is one such present. Developed by DIC and Kenner, the collection is a few particular job pressure referred to as the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. Together, M.A.S.Ok. squares off in opposition to the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem, aka V.E.N.O.M.

The gimmick with this present was that the members of M.A.S.Ok. all wore masks. The collection was a blatant money seize, taking part in ripping off G.I. Joe and Transformers in equal elements. Still, the collection had ridiculous motion, attention-grabbing costumes, and loads of senseless enjoyable for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, the collection solely ran from 1985 to 1986.

14 Silverhawks

1 Season, 65 Episodes (1986)

Coming scorching off the heels of the success of Thundercats, collection creators Rankin and Bass determined to tweak their components barely and create Silverhawks. Instead of following catlike humanoid aliens, the collection follows a gaggle of people from the far future, who combat space-based battles in opposition to varied foes of their shiny, winged metallic fits.

The characters are described as “partly metal, partly real,” and combat an escaped alien mob boss who turns right into a hulking armored character named Mon*Star. While many of the Silverhawks had wings and will fly, one of many crew, Lt. Colonel Bluegrass didn’t have wings. Instead, he fought enemies together with his weapons, a super-powered guitar and a lasso. Silverhawks solely lasted as soon as season, however lasted for 65 episodes. There was additionally a Marvel-produced comedian e book collection, and a full toy line, which was very talked-about with children.

13 RoboCop: The Animated Series

1 Season, 12 Episodes (1988)

It’s onerous to imagine that TV executives watched RoboCop and thought that the movie would make an incredible children’ present, however that’s precisely what occurred in 1988. What’s unimaginable about RoboCop: The Animated Series is simply how a lot of the movie makes its manner into the cartoon.

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The present begins, not with a catchy rock music, however with a 30-second recap of the movie, full with explaining to younger youngsters how Alex Murphy is “mortally wounded” by a gaggle of criminals. The collection doesn’t present the grotesque homicide, however the intro does present the criminals open fireplace on Murphy. Heavy stuff for youths! Much just like the film, the present delved into some political commentary, equivalent to racial points, environmental points, and peace within the Middle East. Unsurprisingly, the collection solely lasted 12 episodes.

12 Dino-Riders

1 Season, 14 Episodes (1988)

Dino-Riders has the excellence of getting one of many harder to clarify premises on the record. The collection is a few group of individuals referred to as the Valorians who’re engaged in a warfare with the Rulons. The Valorians, who’re mainly people, are fleeing from the Rulons, a gaggle of grotesque aliens, when the Valorians use their “S.T.E.P. crystal” and are taken again in time 65 million years to pre-historic Earth. There, the Valorians use their AMP necklaces to befriend the dinosaurs and mix forces to battle the Rulons. The Rulons, as a substitute, use “brain boxes” to brainwash different dinosaurs to combat for them. So, mainly, numerous super-powered dinosaurs preventing.

The collection solely lasted 14 episodes, however did spawn a number of, profitable toy traces, in addition to, a miniseries from Marvel Comics. The collection nonetheless lives on with followers, with shout-outs in South Park and Robot Chicken. There had been additionally rumors in 2015 that Mattel was going to try to create a movie based mostly on Dino-Riders, however no information has come out since then.

11 CourageousStarr

1 Season, 65 Episodes (1987-88)

Not too many individuals know that CourageousStarr technically began as a derivative of the animated Ghostbusters collection in 1986. When the writers of Ghostbusters created the character Tex Hex, they determined to create a collection across the character as a substitute of utilizing him in Ghostbusters, and thus, CourageousStarr was born.

The collection tells the story of New Texas, a planet nearly 2000 light-years from Earth, the place CourageousStarr and his trusty horse, Thirty/Thirty, shield residents from the evil Stampede and his sidekick, Tex Hex. The present solely lasted solely a single season, however produced 65 episodes. Each episode contains a ethical on the finish, much like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

10 Defenders Of The Earth

1 Season, 65 Episodes (1986-87)

Defenders of the Earth featured the titular super-team, comprised of Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Lothar, Mandrake’s super-strong sidekick, as they fought a green-skinned model of Ming the Merciless.

Perhaps anxious that the collection that includes heroes from one other era wouldn’t attraction to youngsters, the Defenders additionally had 4 younger teenagers serving to the principle 4 heroes. Each teen was the kid of one of many principal 4 Defenders. Ming the Merciless additionally favored nepotism by having his son combat by his aspect. The collection solely lasted for one season.

9 The Legend Of Zelda

1 Season, 13 Episodes (1986)

The Legend of Zelda animated collection was launched in 1989 and based mostly on the online game of the identical title. The collection follows our hero, Link, as he groups with Princess Zelda to defend Hyrule from the evil Ganon. Unfortunately, the collection wasn’t only a retelling of the primary sport. Instead it had all the identical points that the majority cartoons of the period had, full with Link having his personal signature catchphrase. “Well, excuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!” rendered Link a bit whinier and extra obnoxious than his online game coutnerpart.

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However, the collection additionally gave Princess Zelda an opportunity to shine. She was given a bow and arrow and he or she routinely fought alongside Link. The collection solely lasted 13 episodes, at quarter-hour a bit.

8 Snorks

4 Seasons, 65 Episodes (1984-89)

The hottest present on this record (based mostly on variety of seasons), however nonetheless forgotten by most everyone, is “Snorks.” Lasting a complete of 4 seasons, the present was simply by no means capable of attain the recognition if its sister-show, “The Smurfs.” The similarities between the 2 reveals are fairly apparent. “Snorks” is a few group of a small race of beings dwelling in Snorkland with snorkels on their heads, which they use to journey round. Take away the snorkels on their heads, and the Snorks are just about the identical because the Smurfs, simply underwater.

It’s clear that Hanna-Barbera, the creators of each reveals, phoned it in with “Snorks.” Every facet of the present is simply inferior to “The Smurfs,” and it’s not like “The Smurfs” is Emmy-worthy tv to start with. From character designs to the writing of the present, “Snorks” was clearly only a money seize for Hanna-Barbera and NBC. You can’t blame 80s children for utterly forgetting this collection.

7 Challenge Of The GoBots

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes (1984-85)

A collection about two warring factions of remodeling robots that’s not referred to as “Transformers.” Welcome to “Challenge of the GoBots!”

The “Transformers rip-off” as most individuals realize it as is concerning the good robots from the planet Gobotron named the Guardians as they battle the Renegades. Unlike the Transformers, these factions didn’t have any distinguishing marks within the TV present. There wasn’t a cool image for every, as seen in “Transformers,” and the character designs all regarded the identical, which precipitated confusion amongst viewers.

However, that didn’t cease Hanna-Barbera from pushing these robots for 2 seasons and a film. Yes, similar to “Transformers,” the GoBots had been featured in a film, launched the identical 12 months as “Transformers: The Movie,” referred to as “GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.” You could also be let all the way down to know that this film doesn’t have the GoBots crossing over with late 80s rockstars. Instead, the movie has them work together with reworking rocks. Yes, reworking rocks.

Eventually the feud was put to relaxation when Hasbro determined to purchase Tonka, who created the failing property, in 1991 and Transformers canon was up to date to point out that the GoBots lived in an alternate universe.

6 Popples

2 Seasons, 44 Episodes (1986-87)

The solely collection on this record based mostly on an thought impressed by rolling up socks (actually), “Popples” is the pseudo-adorable collection about teddy bear-like animals that roll up into little pouches on their backs. The present follows these Popples as they work together with neighborhood children and persuade the children to get into every kind of mischief. Of course, every thing works out in the long run, however the youngsters conceal the existence of the Popples from any adults.

The Popples’ pouches aren’t only for rolling into and turning right into a ball. These pouches are additionally used as a manner for Popples to retailer something they need. They can actually pull something out of those pouches, irrespective of the scale. In one of many episodes, when a baby seems into the Popples’ pouch, it’s proven that inside their pouches are objects floating in a void. That’s sufficient to offer little children some nightmares.

5 Mister T

3 Seasons, 30 Episodes (1983-86)

Bookended by live-action segments that includes the person himself, Mister T was about Mr. T, the coach of a gymnastics workforce. They would journey throughout and clear up mysteries; one thing alongside the traces of Scooby-Doo.

It’s nonetheless unknown why anybody thought that it will be a pure match for fictional Mr. T to be the coach of a gymnastics workforce, however that didn’t cease the collection from being profitable. Surprisingly, the collection was successful, lasting a complete of three seasons from 1983 to 1986 on NBC.

4 Denver The Last Dinosaur

2 Seasons, 50 Episodes (1988)

Denver the Last Dinosaur was about as 80s because the Nineteen Eighties might get. Featuring a gaggle of California teenagers that uncover and hatch the final dinosaur egg, these children educate the dinosaur, Denver, all one of the best elements of life within the 80s, like skateboarding and carrying tremendous cool sun shades.

In addition to using a skateboard and stepping into hassle, Denver additionally had a bit of his shell that, when used, would permit himself and his associates to return in time to pre-historic Earth. The collection took place in a time when cute dinosaurs had been all the fashion. Unfortunately, the collection solely lasted two seasons.


1 Season, 65 Episodes (1988-89)

Not to be confused with the 1989 actuality collection of the identical title, COPS tells the story of a futuristic group of super-cops who shield Empire City from “Big Boss” Babel and his gang referred to as the CROOKS.

The Central Organization of Police Specialists, aka Cops, have extra in frequent with superheroes than with on a regular basis law enforcement officials. Each member of COPS had a novel capacity, together with their chief Bulletproof, with a cybernetic torso that made him really bulletproof. The CROOKS additionally had particular talents, like Buttons Mc BoomBoom, who additionally had a cybernetic torso. However, his torso hid twin machine weapons. COPS solely lasted one season, but in addition had a 15-issue comedian collection printed by DC.

2 The Centurions

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes (1986)

With ideas and design work by comedian e book legends Gil Kane and Jack Kirby, The Centurions ought to’ve been a significant success. There had been even episodes written by none aside from Gerry Conway. Unfortunately, the collection didn’t be the success that anybody had hoped it will be.

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The Centurions tells the story of a gaggle of heroes referred to as the Centurions that shout “PowerXtreme” and switch into half-mech, half-human weapons and combat the evil Doc Terror and his drones. Instead of working with cheaper animation homes like a lot of the 80s cartoon fare on the time, The Centurions was animated by Sunrise, identified for Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, and a ton of different collection.

1 Dinosaucers

1 Season, 65 Episodes (1987)

In Dinosaucers, 4 teenagers meet a heroic intergalactic group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs named the Dinosaucers. Together, they wage an ages-old warfare in opposition to a gaggle of evil anthropomorphic dinosaurs referred to as the Tyrannos.

As absurd because the premise is, Dinosaucers was created by Michael E. Uslan, the producer of the live-action

As foolish because the premise sounds, Dinosaucers was created by none aside from Michael E. Uslan, higher referred to as a producer of Tim Burton’s live-action Batman. The collection shares a powerful resemblance with Transformers, with its warring factions of aliens from a distant world. The collection solely lasted one season, however stands out from the remainder of the misplaced 80s cartoon crowd with its lack of toy line.

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