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The following incorporates spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince,” which debuted Aug. 28 on HBO.

House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 2, “The Rogue Prince” included occasions that can echo all through the season and the remainder of the already common HBO sequence. The largest reveal was the announcement that King Viserys will marry younger Alicent Hightower, daughter of the Hand to the King. This was an insult to Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake, and a deep betrayal of Rhaenyra Targaryen. Alicent’s marriage is worse than any backstabbing in Game of Thrones and can result in the downfall of House Targaryen.

Alicent Hightower was finest pals with Princess Rhaenyra. She was her closest companion and somebody that the Princess trusted greater than anybody else. But upon her father’s orders, Alicent befriended King Viserys after his spouse’s demise. She acquired near him in order that when the time to remarry got here, she could be his chosen bride. This was a gross betrayal of each House Velaryon and the belief that Rhaenyra had in her buddy and in her father. Alicent’s choice to observe her father’s orders makes her the subsequent Cersei Lannister and is a deeper betrayal than even the infamous Red Wedding.

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In Game of Thrones, lots of the betrayals got here from individuals who have been sworn Lords, morally gray characters or these with no morals in any respect. While these have been arduous to observe at occasions, none of them have been as heinous as what Alicent and Viserys did. Alicent knew very properly what she was doing when she started to befriend the King. It was on her father’s orders, however she nonetheless knew what it will result in. She lied to Rhaenyra, her finest buddy. She even inspired her to maneuver on from her mom’s demise and settle for that she would have a brand new stepmother.

By seducing the King, she additionally endangered the whole realm. Alicent was not the correct partner for the King. Marrying her did nothing to additional the safety of the Seven Kingdoms; it solely fueled Otto Hightower’s quest for absolute energy. Both Alicent and Laena Velaryon have been extremely inappropriate and disgusting matches for the King, with each of them being grossly underage. Yet throughout the context of Westeros’ politics, Laena would have been a greater match. Alicent and Viserys betrayed the Sea Snake and the whole Velaryon home by marrying one another. This created instability within the realm and throughout the Targaryen household.

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This betrayal is a lot extra horrible than something that occurred in Game of Thrones due to how Alicent acted in the direction of Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra was in deep mourning over her mom in “The Rogue Prince.” Viserys had barely spoken to her, and she or he was feeling misplaced and pushed apart. Alicent comforted her, sat along with her whereas she cried and empathized along with her about her loss. She was one of many solely good issues that Rhaenyra had in her life. Yet Alicent — with little regret — took that away and continued to win Viserys’ favor.

To be honest, Alicent was pushed into betrayal by her father. As a lot because it’s her fault, an equal portion of the blame lies with Otto Hightower. Yet Alicent knowingly continued to pursue the King regardless of any hurt it precipitated — or might trigger — to others, together with her finest buddy. Alicent wished to be Queen and her kids to be Kings, regardless of the fee.

House of the Dragon airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams on HBO Max.



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