Crusader Kings III - Engineering a Dynastic Master Race (Strategies)

First create one genetically excellent superhero certified to unlock the ‘Strengthen Bloodline’ choice. This information compares among the methods obtainable to get you there. In my examples I am utilizing a male-inheritance polygamous dynasty.


  • Information Focus
  • Strengthen Bloodline choice
  • Identified Methods:
    1. Marry effectively and let Nature take it is course
    2. Hoovering up the world’s greatest Dynastic blood
    3. Inbreed and Rattling the Penalties
    4. Breeder Households
  • Conclusion

This Information’s Focus

It is a technique information, not a primary information. So I’ve assumed you already know the best way to reinforce congenital traits, how they are often made to look in offspring reliably, and the dangers of in-breeding and so forth.

However for those who want a refresher on all that take a look at this wiki web page:

The Strengthen Bloodline choice

This provides your total Dynasty these everlasting:bonuses:

  • +0.25 Well being
  • +40% likelihood of inheriting good congenital traits
  • +400% likelihood of latest good congenital traits showing

However first it is advisable breed a ruler certified to unlock this choice:

  • He should be the Dynasty Head
  • Haven’t any adverse congenital traits
  • Have one of many third tier optimistic congenital traits (Genius, Lovely or Herculean/Amazonian)
  • Have one optimistic manifestation of “every” of the congenital traits above

Difficult to tug collectively however price it. Combining it with third stage Dynasty Legacy perk in ‘Blood’ offers you one other -30% Probability to inherit adverse traits -30% Probability of latest dangerous congenital traits. From then on you are heading up a dynasty of megastars set to rival even Dame Edna’s.

Technique 1: Marry effectively and let Nature take it is course

I believe you will must be extra pro-active than that breed your superhero with in an inexpensive timeframe


  • It assumes there’s usually appropriate genius/lovely/amazonian wives to be discovered. There ain’t.
  • Does not convey into the your Courtroom any bonus obtainable genetic expertise – particularly any males with this these qualities.

Technique 2: Hoovering up all of the world’s greatest Dynastic blood

By this I imply ceaselessly scouring the wedding lists for the perfect mates to pair with genetically matching dynasty members. Appears apparent – you don’t need all that good sauce wasted on the opposite courts, proper?

But it surely’s problematic:

  • This can finally make it laborious to seek out many good unrelated breeding wives on your King – posing the chance of inbreeding for those who stick with the challenge.
  • Maintain off on this technique till after unlocking The Strengthen Bloodline choice

Technique 3: Inbreed and Rattling the Penalties

As soon as discovering your self caught within the above scenario, it is tempting to threat your kings marrying with shut relations anyway, simply to maintain the challenge going. And if any of your princes are born with handicaps then simply callously eject them from the Courtroom proper?

Two faults with this technique:

  • Recessive genetic traits can nonetheless type, but stay unexpressed for a era or two. So whilst you could suppose you are purging your court docket of all of the dangerous blood, this could be an phantasm.
  • Your kings will doubtless be your dynasty’s largest breeders, so recurring close-relation marriages will finally slim the dynastic gene pool considerably . After a number of generations it will doubtless trigger adverse traits to popping up elsewhere inside your Dynasty.

Technique 4: Breeder Households

This one’s nonetheless a piece in-progress. It goals to allow you to hoard genetic expertise inside your Courtroom, however in a type nonetheless largely usable to your Ruler.


  • Create at the least 3 non-dynastic ‘Breeder Households’ to supply a reserve supply of unrelated breeder wives on your Kings to marry. (Three major Breeder Household varieties: Intelligence, Magnificence and Power)
  • Any genetic hoovering is now directed at strengthening the bloodline of those Breeder Households
  • Your polygamous King can have three secondary spouses..Reserve one slot for every trait.
  • Princes with the very best intelligence-line traits (e.g Genius) must be given choice to succeed the throne. I select this trait as a result of it offers the perfect all spherical advantages for my Rulers through the challenge (use ‘Disinherit’ or ‘take vows’ actions to displace any unsuitable Major Heirs).
  • Embark on an early betrothal of you Inheritor to a Genius spouse. That manner you will have loads of time to seek out the woman who’ll offer you a litter of little Geniuses .His different marriages can wait till he succeeds to the throne.


  • Since inbreeding continues to be attainable, secondary wives should nonetheless be preferentially sought from exterior the court docket. The creation of extra breeder households also needs to assist issues.
  • A seek for exterior your Dynasty for secondary wives could provide you with a really quick record. This simply because a lot of the ladies in Europe have faiths forbidding polygamous marriage.
    The answer is to:
    a) Seek for them as marriage companions for a detailed single relative. who you then marry them to. Now they’re in your Courtroom.
    b) ‘Demand Conversion’ of their religion. Now they’re polygamous, identical to your King.
    c) Order her husband to Divorce her, which he’ll all the time settle for.
    d) Lastly organize her marriage to the King. Callous, however efficient.


In order that’s my ideas on a prolonged course of that I am but to convey to completion, I would have an interest to listen to from anybody who’s pulled it off.

By Sputnik

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