The following comprises spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 2, “The Rogue Prince,” which debuted Aug. 28 on HBO.

HBO’s House of the Dragon hasn’t wasted time stepping into the sport of thrones that occurred centuries earlier than Daenerys Targaryen sought the Iron Throne. The present instantly positioned Viserys as a flawed king cautious of violence within the Seven Kingdoms, together with a civil dispute that might come up after he made his daughter, Rhaenyra, his successor. However, the regent was blind to the likes of the conniving Otto Hightower jockeying for energy from inside the king’s interior circle.

Not to say, Viserys’ brother, Daemon, appeared to be eyeing the throne as effectively, missing confidence in his older brother’s means to point out power, brute power and total, intimidation. As all these shifting elements started tightening their grip round Westeros, key gamers started making their strikes within the shadows. And come the tip of Episode 2, a sinister pact was set in movement that is poised to alter the complexion of King’s Landing.

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Earlier within the episode, Daemon angered Viserys by stealing a dragon’s egg that belonged to the king’s deceased son, Baelon. Sadly, the new child had died, together with Queen Aemma, after a ugly C-section six months prior, which pressured Viserys’ hand in choosing Rhaenyra. Angered by how he was ignored, Daemon additionally took the island of Dragonstone, leaving a message he was going to interrupt custom, marry his concubine Mysaria, after which give the egg to their child — a mark of blasphemy.

Thankfully, Rhaenyra flew into the hostile negotiations, deescalating issues between her uncle and Otto’s battalion, whereas letting Daemon know if he wished the throne, he’d need to kill her. She acquired the egg again when he retreated, however at this level it turned clear that Daemon wanted another technique of snatching energy as he won’t be cutthroat sufficient to homicide his kin, particularly as he appears to have emotions for his niece. This constructed to a surprising finale the place Corlys Velaryon, the Master of Ships, held a secret assembly with the prince at Driftmark.

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Corlys was mainly backing Daemon as the true successor, urging him to wage battle on the Stepstones and take out the medieval terrorist, the Crabfeeder, who was affecting their delivery lanes. The Crabfeeder’s sabotage of Westerosi ships would not solely harm House Velaryon — the richest within the realm — it’d have an effect on commerce routes for the dominion. Thus, Corlys, as shady as he was, was couching this lethal alliance with some type of altruism. He affirmed that if Daemon took out the Crabfeeder, then the realm would view him because the proactive savior his brother is not. It’s all optics, and utilizing the navy in opposition to the king’s orders will profit them each in massive methods.

This betrayal on Corlys’ half stemmed from him being upset Viserys refused to wed his 12-year-old daughter, Laena, and unite the final of the pure Valyrian homes. Instead, seeing Viserys select Alicent (Otto’s daughter) was an indication Corlys and his household would not get an opportunity to smell the throne that Corlys’ spouse, Rhaenys, was denied years in the past when her cousin, Viserys, was chosen to rule. Corlys’ politicking reached a fever pitch when he indicated to Daemon that to ascend as chief of the Driftwood, aka the Sea Snake, he needed to lower his approach by means of the world similar to him.

Much to Daemon’s shock, Corlys insinuated he even took out his personal brother to take the throne of this clan of mariners. At this level, he urged Daemon to show his price, as a result of as “second sons,” they acquired handed over an excessive amount of on this life. This appeared to be the primary hook to lastly persuade Daemon to grow to be a rogue prince and win over all his doubters by bringing the Crabfeeder to justice; a seditious act that can make Viserys look ineffectual.

House of the Dragon airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams on HBO Max.


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