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In 2017, humanity bore witness to an Earth-shattering occasion — the premiere of The Emoji Movie. After the discharge, Sony Pictures Animation got here below hearth from scathing critiques for having produced such a movie. Regardless of the critiques, the injury was already achieved, leaving exhausted animators with what could possibly be described as a nasty spot of their careers. With this tragedy befalling the animation business, wouldn’t it be price going again in time and altering it? If Star Trek is something to go off of, it may very nicely occur. Assuming Star Trek existed and time journey was attainable, would a determine akin to Spock return in time and cease The Emoji Movie?

As many iterations of Spock exist, the Spock that shall be taken under consideration is from Star Trek: The Original Series. On file, this model of Spock has traveled again in time a minimal of 4 occasions. While these may have been incidental or on goal, Spock purposefully tried to proper any wrongs to make sure a greater future. Since humanity debatably suffered below The Emoji Movie‘s premiere, this will likely appear a possible trigger to alter the timeline. Yet, an issue would happen to Spock when doing so — and it entails his childhood.

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Childhood serves because the stepping stone for each dwelling creature, and Spock is not any exception. As Spock was relentlessly bullied for having a human mom, he spent most of his time other than different Vulcans. On event, Spock typically learn Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to cross the time. While this ebook doesn’t look like a catastrophe by the usual of the twenty first century, the twentieth century mentioned in any other case. With considerable drug references, nonsensical speaking animals, and violence, the ebook was banned from many locations within the early 1900s. Judging from Spock’s old style character, it’s clear that he does not look after any exercise that could possibly be deemed as “illogical.” Illogical actions would come with medicine, talking animals, and useless violence. Yet, this ebook remained untouched by Spock, regardless of the uproar and issues he might deem as inappropriate.

In altering a ebook, Spock would have had a distinct character rising up. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland encourages one to observe their very own coronary heart. If he have been to take away the ebook from historical past, then Spock might by no means have adopted his coronary heart. Likewise, as Spock appears to have old-world tales able to learn/view, then it’s possible that he had come throughout The Emoji Movie. The antics might have even rubbed off on him, offering him with a humorousness. Infiltrating a board room of Sony executives in 2015 would have drastic penalties in his life and the world of animation.

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As it appears, Starfleet and Spock alike have solely time traveled and altered conditions that they deemed harmful to others. So far, none have particularly gone again to alter a chunk of historical past way back to 2016. There can also be the Prime Directive to think about, which prohibits Starfleet from interfering with the pure improvement of alien civilizations. For animators who spent their time on The Emoji Movie and those that felt angered by the discharge, sadly, Spock doesn’t hear their cries. Due to all of the paperwork it could trigger Starfleet, the Prime Directive and the minimal achieve in Spock’s life, it could be unlikely he take motion even when he did. However, if in the future The Emoji Movie have been to blip out of existence, it could not less than cross Spock off the suspect’s listing.



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