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Metal Knight Is One-Punch Man’s Least Heroic S-Class Hero

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The S-Class warriors are speculated to be one of the best amongst One-Punch Man’s skilled heroes, however Metal Knight might not befit that title.

The following accommodates spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 167, “Dawn,” by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry and James Gaubatz, out there now in English through Viz Media.

One-Punch Man has a slew of fantastical superheroes, with the S-Class heroes supposedly one of the best amongst them. Even although none of them can maintain a candle in opposition to Saitama, they’re nonetheless highly effective sufficient to defeat Dragon-Level entities. Most of them additionally maintain the civilians’ security and pursuits in excessive regard, which is just pure for skilled superheroes. There is, nevertheless, one S-Class hero who appears to prioritize their very own curiosity above the rest.

After a superb few months, Garo and Saitama’s struggle has lastly come to an finish. Saitama efficiently copied Garo and went again in time, placing a cease to the Hero Hunter earlier than the villain may trigger main harm. However, Saitama’s capacity didn’t merely rewind time; it allowed him to do the inconceivable, although it comes at a price.

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Chapter 167 of One-Punch Man revealed that Garo did not even know what hit him. Saitama’s punch was sturdy sufficient to render him powerless, permitting the remaining heroes to gang up on him. Meanwhile, Bald Cape had a superb chat along with his disciple, who ultimately discovered about Saitama’s experiences by way of his future self’s core. Possibly one other impact of Saitama’s newly-created Zero Punch approach, Garo’s apparition appeared in entrance of Tareo. The previous model of Garo additionally accepted that the mysterious punch knocked away his divine powers, inflicting him to surrender on his goals.

While many of the heroes needed to finish the Hero Hunter’s life, just a few needed him spared. The distinction in opinion precipitated a quick commotion amongst them, solely coming to a halt when King joined within the dialog. Saitama and Bang lectured Garo for a bit earlier than the Hero Hunter fled — and that was the second Metal Knight determined to seem. Despite escaping from Garo’s grasp, everybody current confirmed indicators of acute radiation poisoning. As such, Metal Knight used his machine military to conduct wide-scale testing and decontamination.

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Metal Knight showing on the final second to offer harm management is undeniably befitting of a hero. After all, none of these current would have had addressed and even considered addressing the poisoning drawback — no less than, not earlier than signs begin to present up. It can then be argued that Metal Knight’s due diligence excuses his absence through the struggle. He might even be considered a assist or utility hero greater than a fight hero, and that ought to be okay. However, there may be one element that implies in any other case.

When Saitama pummeled Garo right down to Earth, many of the characters had already handed away — and Metal Knight was nowhere to be seen. There is a risk that the S-Class hero might have suffered from radiation poisoning himself, however it’s unlikely as he has a strategy to monitor his radiation ranges. Chances are that Metal Knight merely did not wish to come up, and it’s extremely doubtless as a result of he would not wish to harm his treasured machines. While Metal Knight’s love for his creation shouldn’t be a secret, the occasions in Chapter 167 One-Punch Man reveals how egocentric the S-Class hero is.

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