Kingdom Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Kingdom Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Kingdom Filler Episodes.


Kingdom Episode List

1The Nameless BoyManga Canon2012-06-04
2Fated MeetingManga Canon2012-06-11
3Friend!Manga Canon2012-06-18
4The King And The SwordManga Canon2012-06-25
5Unbreakable HeartManga Canon2012-07-02
6The Path To Great GeneralManga Canon2012-07-09
7The Terrifying Mountain PeopleManga Canon2012-07-16
8Each One’s DreamManga Canon2012-07-23
9Now, To Kanyou!Manga Canon2012-07-30
10Invading The Royal CapitalManga Canon2012-08-06
11The Fierce Battle BeginsManga Canon2012-08-13
12The Ultimate SlashManga Canon2012-08-20
13The Roar Of Ran KaiManga Canon2012-08-27
14The Power Of The SwordManga Canon2012-09-03
15Qualifications Of A KingManga Canon2012-09-10
16Ryo FuiManga Canon2012-09-17
17First CampaignManga Canon2012-09-24
18Threat Of The Chariot CorpsManga Canon2012-10-01

What Is Kingdom Filler List?

The Kingdom filler list is an ongoing story of anime that began in 2012. 18 episodes of The Kingdom were broadcasted so far.

Kingdom filler list manga won the Guinness World Record for manga published by most individuals on December 12, 2012.

Thanks to its “Social Empire” Initiative. The musicians, fans, and voice actors redrew the entire 26th volume and the album was made possible.

Each of them had selected 1 frame and redrawn it. A special edition of the manga would be given to the top 100.


Xin and Piao are battle-orphans in Qin’s empire. They are raised in ancient China’s Warring States period. They dream of becoming “Great Generals of the Heavens”.

This is to rise from their poor positions in life. One day a minister brings Piao to the palace to be used for a mysterious reason. He leaves Xin alone in a peasant village as a household slave.

Piao returns to the village on the brink of death a few months later. He tells Xin to move to another village. There he meets a child named Ying Zheng.

He is the present King of Qin, who looks almost identical to Piao. Xin discovers that for Ying Zheng, Piao acted as a body double. He was fatally wounded in a power struggle for the throne.

While he was initially furious at Ying Zheng for causing the death of Piao. Xin decides to take the chance and help Ying Zheng defeat his brother. Also, retake the throne of Qin.

He is efficient in this effort. Xin officially begins his life as a Qin commander on the battlefields of China’s Warring States.

He has the aim of becoming the “Greatest General in the World”. He also wants to help Qin’s King Zheng fulfill his dream of total unification, ending the ongoing war once and for all.

Last Words

So now you have the Kingdom Filler List that has all Kingdom Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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