Kuroko’s Basketball Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Kuroko’s Basketball Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Kuroko’s Basketball Filler Episodes.

Kuroko’s Basketball Episode List

1I Am KurokoManga Canon2012-04-07
2I Am SeriousManga Canon2012-04-14
3It’s Better if I Can’t WinManga Canon2012-04-21
4Take Care of the Counter Attack!Manga Canon2012-04-28
5Your BasketballManga Canon2012-05-05
6Let Me Tell You Two ThingsManga Canon2012-05-12
7You’ll See Something AmazingManga Canon2012-05-19
8Now That I Think About ItManga Canon2012-05-26
9To WinManga Canon2012-06-02
10I Can’t Have ThatManga Canon2012-06-09
11It’s Not Like ThatManga Canon2012-06-16
12What’s‘Victory’?Manga Canon2012-06-23
13I Believed in YouManga Canon2012-06-30
14You Look Just Like HimManga Canon2012-07-07
15Don’t Make Me LaughManga Canon2012-07-14
16Let’s GoManga Canon2012-07-21
17You’re All RidiculousManga Canon2012-07-28
18No!!Manga Canon2012-08-04
19On to a New ChallengeManga Canon2012-08-11
20I Don’t Want to BeManga Canon2012-08-18
21Let’s Get StartedManga Canon2012-08-25
22I’ll Win Even if it Kills MeManga Canon2012-09-01
23I’m Not Mature!Manga Canon2012-09-08
24Don’t Get the Wrong IdeaManga Canon2012-09-15
25Our BasketballManga Canon2012-09-22
26I Never Thought We’d Meet HereManga Canon2013-10-05
27At The Winter CupManga Canon2013-10-12
28Start!!!Manga Canon2013-10-19
29There is Only One AnswerManga Canon2013-10-26
30I’ve Been Waiting for ThisManga Canon2013-11-02
31I Surpassed It Long AgoManga Canon2013-11-09
32Give UpManga Canon2013-11-16
33We’re the Seirin High School Basketball Team!Manga Canon2013-11-23
34I Will Defeat You!!Manga Canon2013-11-30
35It’s TrustManga Canon2013-12-07
36Don’t Be RidiculousManga Canon2013-12-14
37I Look Forward To ItManga Canon2013-12-21
38Definitely This TimeManga Canon2014-01-04
39Useless EffortManga Canon2014-01-11
40He’s Beside Himself With JoyManga Canon2014-01-18
41Win NowManga Canon2014-01-25
42I Believe in HimManga Canon2014-02-02
43Like I’d LoseManga Canon2014-02-08
44Please Teach MeManga Canon2014-02-15
45Of Course It’s Not EasyManga Canon2014-02-22
46First Score!!Manga Canon2014-03-01
47No QuestionManga Canon2014-03-08
48I Don’t Want to Lose!Manga Canon2014-03-15
49EnoughManga Canon2014-03-22
50Win!Manga Canon2014-03-29
51I’m Just Going at Full StrengthManga Canon2015-01-10
52This Is MineManga Canon2015-01-17
53Don’t You Get In My WayManga Canon2015-01-24
54I’ll Take This For NowManga Canon2015-01-31
55I Know None of ThatManga Canon2015-02-07
56I Will Offer ThemManga Canon2015-02-14
57It Makes Me LaughManga Canon2015-02-21
58True LightManga Canon2015-02-28
59Don’t Belittle Us!!Manga Canon2015-03-07
60In Order to WinManga Canon2015-03-14
61This Time, For SureManga Canon2015-03-21
62He Is The Best PlayerManga Canon2015-03-28
63A Day With Blue SkiesManga Canon2015-04-04
64…SorryManga Canon2015-04-11
65We’re No LongerManga Canon2015-04-18
66What is Victory?Manga Canon2015-04-25
67Final Tip-Off!Manga Canon2015-05-02
68Isn’t It The Best?Manga Canon2015-05-09
69A Miracle Will Not HappenManga Canon2015-05-16
70Weight Of ResolveManga Canon2015-05-23
71In My Own Way, I’m DesperateManga Canon2015-05-30
72A WarningManga Canon2015-06-06
73Why Don’t You Give Up?Manga Canon2015-06-13
74So It Was YouManga Canon2015-06-20
75Many Times OverManga Canon2015-06-30

Kuroko’s Basketball Filler?

Kuroko’s basketball is a Japanese manga covering a high school basketball team and their desperate attempts to make it to the Interhigh. The original run of the manga started in 2008 and it had 25 episodes each season.

The beginning parts of the show don’t even introduce the protagonists of the manga and anime. Kuroko is the main character of the series and has a strong alibi with him named Kagami. Both these boys are young, talented, and shining members of the Seirin basketball team.

The show has a different style of presenting the story to the audience, like in the other series the focus is placed on a hero and a villain, Kuroko basketball is not the same. The show reels in all the characters of the story and utilizes them skillfully, instead of focusing on just one.

As mentioned above no one hero or villain, the story consists of many villains. These villains are not cartoons, these are actual, relatable evil and flawed friends of Kuroko.

The shoe is saturated with dramatic moments and revolutionary character. The basketball games are breathtaking and the whole animation is next level. Just when you think it cannot get better, trust me it does.

All the complexities of the game like charges, free throw-line, dunks, etc., everything is extremely detailed and well researched.

Now, what is a series without some twists! The characters of this thrilling series have some insane superpowers which can get extravagant or a bit too exaggerated.

For example, Midorima has an amazing superpower of never missing a shot he takes. This works to such an extent that Midorima can score a full-court basket while being double-teamed.

One of the characters has the superpower to foresee the future and command other people to their knees, break ankles, and much more.

Last Words

So now you have the Kuroko’s Basketball Filler List that has all Kuroko’s Basketball Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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