Edens Zero Filler List
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We are supplying you with the final word and up to date Edens Zero Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Edens Zero Filler Episodes.


Edens Zero Episode List

1Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms FlutterManga Canon2021-04-11
2The Girl and the Blue CatManga Canon2021-04-18
3AdventurersManga Canon2021-04-25
4A Man Called WeiszManga Canon2021-05-02
5Clash!! Sibir FamilyManga Canon2021-05-09
6The Skull FairyManga Canon2021-05-16
7Demon King’s BattleshipManga Canon2021-05-23
8Wind Howls on the HighwayManga Canon2021-05-30
9Planet GuilstManga Canon2021-06-06
10The Great Naked EscapeManga Canon2021-06-13
11Sister Ivry Manga Canon 2021-06-19
12New Friends Manga Canon 2021-06-26
13The Super Virtual Planet Manga Canon 2021-07-03
14The Girl on the Hill Manga Canon 2021-07-10
15Great Kaiju Shiki Manga Canon 2021-07-17
16Fireworks Manga Canon 2021-07-24
17The Temple of Knowledge Manga Canon 2021-07-31
18Words Will Give You Strength Manga Canon 2021-08-07
19From the Planet of Eternity Manga Canon 2021-08-14
20Stones Manga Canon 2021-08-28
21Reset Manga Canon 2021-09-04
22My Mother, the Machine Manga Canon 2021-09-11
23Until the Day it Turns to Strength Manga Canon 2021-09-18
24Taking Up the Torch Manga Canon 2021-09-25
25Someone to Love Manga Canon 2021-10-02

What Is Edens Zero Filler List?

Edens Zero Filler is a Japanese anime sequence tailored from the same titled manga  Hiro Mashima.

The story is a couple of fictional universe wherein people, robots, and aliens stay collectively. Most of the characters within the sequence are a little bit parallel to the characters of Fairy Tales, as Hiro was engaged on each the sequence aspect by aspect.

It is a fantasy sequence wherein the universe is split into completely different smaller cosmos with a middle Sakura Cosmo.

The devices and expertise on the planets run on vitality from a particular energy supply referred to as Ether. Everything within the sequence from the setting to the character and different particulars has a futuristic enchantment to it.

Different ranges of talents and powers are gained by pushing the Ether lever past a sure level.

The protagonist of the sequence is Shiki Granbell who’s a human and lives on the Granbell planet. The Granbell planet is a abandoned theme park amongst the Sakura Cosmos.

Another character, Rebecca Bluegargen, and her cybernetic cat named Happy visited the park sooner or later. Shiki can use the ether gear.

Further within the story, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy resolve to go on a search mission to search out the goddess of the cosmos- Mother. While the search is on, Shiki finds the astral warship Edens Zero.

Eden stands for Ether Drive Eternal Navigation System. Shiki’s grandfather- the mechanical Demon King Ziggy was the previous chief of the warship. 

The official announcement for the anime sequence launch was made on June twelfth, 2020.  On September twenty sixth 20202 got here out the announcement of the anime happening air in April 2021 at Konami’s TGS Livestream.

The chief director of the sequence is Shinji Ishihira and Yuushi Suzuki will direct the sequence at J.C. Staff. The characters are designed by Yurika Sako and the sequence composition will probably be below Mitsutaka Hirota.

The first teaser was launched on January 13, 2021and the premiere was set for April 10, 2021. Netflix then procured the streaming rights of Eden Zero.

The sequence is a minimum of Fairy Tail. This precisely what all of us anticipate out of Hiro after the massive success and the brilliant gentle that Fairy Tail noticed. This anime sequence is stuffed with strongly designed characters and a fantasy story that might unfold step-by-step.

Fans will positive bathe their love over the sequence because the plot twists and switch within the upcoming episodes.

Last Words

So now you may have the Edens Zero Filler List that has all Edens Zero Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler checklist of every other anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.


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