Fire Force Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Fire Force Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Fire Force Filler Episodes.


Fire Force Episode List

1Shinra Kusakabe EnlistsManga Canon2019-07-05
2The Heart of a Fire SoldierManga Canon2019-07-12
3The Rookie Fire Soldier GamesManga Canon2019-07-26
4The Hero and the PrincessManga Canon2019-08-02
5The Battle BeginsManga Canon2019-08-09
6The Spark of PromiseManga Canon2019-08-16
7The Investigation of the 1st CommencesManga Canon2019-08-23
8Infernal InsectsManga Canon2019-08-30
9The Spreading MaliceManga Canon2019-09-06
10The PromiseManga Canon2019-09-13
11Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8 / The Mightiest HikeshiManga Canon2019-09-20
12Eve of Hostilities in AsakusaManga Canon2019-10-11
13The Trap is SetManga Canon2019-10-18
14For Whom the Flame BurnsManga Canon2019-10-25
15The Blacksmith’s DreamManga Canon2019-11-01
16We Are FamilyManga Canon2019-11-08
17Black and White and GrayManga Canon2019-11-15
18The Secrets of PyrokinesisManga Canon2019-11-22
19Into the NetherManga Canon2019-11-29
20Wearing His PrideManga Canon2019-12-06
21Those ConnectedManga Canon2019-12-13
22A Brother’s DeterminationManga Canon2019-12-20
23SmilesManga Canon2019-12-27
24The Burning PastManga Canon2019-12-27
25A Fire Soldier’s Fight / A Man’s FightMixed Canon/Filler2020-07-03
26Flames of MadnessManga Canon2020-07-10
27A New FlashpointManga Canon2020-07-17
28Groping Through the FireManga Canon2020-07-24
29Corna (Sign of the Devil) / A Secret PlanManga Canon2020-07-31
30The Time to ChooseManga Canon2020-08-07
31Road to the OasisManga Canon2020-08-14
32Smoldering MalevolenceManga Canon2020-08-21
33The CoreManga Canon2020-08-28
34The Woman in BlackManga Canon2020-09-04
35Dark HeroManga Canon2020-09-11
36Shadows Cast by Divine LightManga Canon2020-09-18
37A Pair of One-EyesManga Canon2020-09-25
38The Ashen ReaperManga Canon2020-10-03
39A Three-Way MeleeManga Canon2020-10-10
40Mind BlownManga Canon2020-10-17
41Boys, Be WeakManga Canon2020-10-24
42The Holy Woman’s Anguish / The Man AssaultManga Canon2020-10-31
43The Oze FamilyManga Canon2020-11-07
44Weapons of DestructionManga Canon2020-11-14
45Enemy ContactManga Canon2020-11-21
46Plot for ExtinctionManga Canon2020-11-28
47FirecatManga Canon2020-12-05
48Signs of UpheavalManga Canon2020-12-12

What Is Fire Force Filler List?

Fire Force is an ongoing series of anime that began in 2019. So far, 31 Fire Force episodes are being broadcast.

Humans have started burning suddenly. It is a terrifying event that has troubled mankind.

This has changed normal citizens. They are unexpectedly flaming due to destructive monsters known as Infernals.

 Although Infernals compose Human Combustion’s first-generation records. The 2nd and 3rd generations were known as pyrokinetics.

People had the power to alter and regulate their flames while remaining human. The series is about the battle for Infernal Risk and finding out the reason.

Young and willing third-generation pyrokinetic Shinra Kusakabe is called Devil’s Footsteps. Shinra becomes a part of the vibrant Special Fire Force Group 8.

It is because of his powerful ability to ignite his feet at will. Shinra is all set to become a hero. He can save the lives of those endangered by the fiery terror.

He can save by maintaining the gang’s responsibility. The responsibility to extinguish the burning Infernals and put their souls to rest.

 It is not the hero’s game that Shinra expected. The Fire Force is a broken mess of infighting brigades.

Abnormal visions of hell are increasing all across Tokyo. A Mysterious organization claims to have responses to the odd fire.

It had caused the death of the family of Shinra 12 years ago. Shinra struggles to discover the reality behind the burning secrets.

The reality that has trapped him in the darkness. To find out what happens next, watch all episodes.

Last Words

So now you have the Fire Force Filler List that has all Fire Force Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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